Lions sign Rashean Mathis

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The Lions have once again brought in some veteran help for their struggling defense.

Rashean Mathis, the veteran cornerback who has been looking for work since becoming a free agent in March, signed with Detroit today.

This represents the third time that the Lions have signed a veteran for their defense in the last 48 hours, coming on the heels of the signings of defensive tackle Justin Bannan and linebacker Rocky McIntosh.

The Lions’ defense has struggled in each of the team’s two preseason games. Mathis, Bannan and McIntosh all have a good chance to make the 53-man roster and provide some useful depth on a unit that needs help.

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  1. The secondary needs to be a lot better. I’m glad Mayhew sees the problem and is trying to fix it.

  2. wait – Mathis left the Jaguars too?
    so Daryl Smith, Mathis – I think some of their D-Tackles … man.

    Well… them dudes get to get Jadeveon Clowney then.

  3. “Their struggling defense”
    I love how one poor preseason showing, mostly by reserve players, means that their defense is somehow struggling.

  4. 34 year old DT with only 7.5 sacks in 11 years, only 1 sack in more than than four years and changing teams for the fifth time in that same period.

    30 year old LB on his 3rd team in as many years who only had 45 tackles last year

    32 year old CB who averaged 35 tackles per season over the past 5 years, played only one complete season in the past 6 years, and is so bad he couldn’t play for the Jags….

    Actually, yeah…those are improvements in Detroit.

  5. jimmylions:

    Our DBs and DB play have been horrible problems ever since Mayhew has had the job. He hasn’t identified the problem yet, he keeps making poor choices that he keeps thinking will solve the problem, but he has always been wrong and he still doesn’t have our problems identified properly, let alone shown any semblance to fix them.

    This issue with our back 7 will NOT be fixed this year. I can assure you of that, I have seen this before and I see what we have now and we are doing the same things each of the last several years. It’s going to be consistently the same thing you have been seeing, so I appreciate the fact that you want to see a silver lining, but you need to be realistic about what we are actually doing. And the plan looks extremely suspect to me. I don’t think Rashean is going to make much of a difference.

  6. Mathis was a stud for long while on the jags, but he started showing his age in recent years. He will still play solid enough but Jacksonville is starting a proper rebuild and drafted corners so he was expendable.

  7. Until they get rid of Gunther – nothing will change.

    With the talent they have in the front line – they should be able to play without DB’s as no QB should last long enough to throw.

    Get rid of Gunther and you’ll be better off.

  8. This mess was created by Mayhew and his inability to draft talent after 1st round of NFL draft….he is just as bad or even worse than Millen but gets free pass from management.

  9. I hope Rashean Mathis has enough left in the tank to get you a few INT this season, but if not, you’re getting a 1st class guy, teammate, and mentor. Good luck up there Rashean. – Jags fan

  10. No, there’s no panic. The Lions continue to try to improve at the very bottom of their roster. None of those guys will start. It’s not like when the Lions cut Peterman and he’s now a starting guard for the Jets. Give the Lions some credit. A lot of teams will just keep the guys they plan on releasing later because they don’t want to pay air fare on their replacements.

  11. Martin Mayhew is the worst GM in the league. He lucked into three players that not even Millen could have passed on and one of them was drafted by Millen. Stafford, Calvin, Suh. Before this FA period…think about this. There is not ONE player on the entire team that is OUTPLAYING his contract. NOT ONE. Think about that. Insane. Reggie Bush and Glover Quinn might be able to outplay their contracts. But too little too late. Fairley may outplay his contract if he is healthy this year….but Fairley is a first round pick on a small salary and should outplay his contract. That is how the new system works. Fairley also happens to play one of the least valuable positions in all of football. Epic fail

  12. @johnelwayishorsefaced…no one thinks the lions defense is struggling because of the preseason. We think the lions defense is struggling based on the past 8 seasons, and especially the last two.

  13. I like Mathis, I’m glad he got a job somewhere, but I swear he made a living picking off Chad Pennington. It seemed like a lot of picks.

  14. DBs were playing badly before Mayhew got the job – this isn’t all on Mayhew. Initially the excuse was that there were a lot of other areas that needed to be fixed. This is the first year in a while where I’ve seen the Lions pay a lot of attention to the problem.

    I don’t think Mathis is a lock to make the team he’ll create some more competition in practice and that may help. If he makes the team, he may be able to help teach the rookies a few things. 10 year vet and Pro Bowler has to know a few things he can share.

    I think there’s reason to be concerned, but I wouldn’t break out the pitchforks and the torches just yet. If we’re looking good at the end of September, then I’ll be happy.

    The drops by Burleson and Pettigrew are the most bothersome thing. If those guys fail to execute during the regular season, then they need to be gone. Nate seems like a cool guy, but I’d rather he focus on catching passes than on his NFL network appearances.

  15. teal379 says: Aug 17, 2013 4:20 PM

    Until they get rid of Gunther – nothing will change.

    With the talent they have in the front line – they should be able to play without DB’s as no QB should last long enough to throw.

    Get rid of Gunther and you’ll be better off.
    Gunther’s not the problem. Get rid of Mayhew.

  16. jimmylions – this year has a slight tweak to the secondary personnel changes. 2 years ago we got that guy CC IDK what his last name was. He was a safety for the Giants and already had a nickname CC – Can’t Cover. Hmmm that didn’t work out. Then troubled Browns corner Eric Wright aka Easy E plays opposite Houston for a year – he gets posterized constantly through 2 games in New Orleans. We’ve been hoping to find the right guy at the ridiculously right price to come in and exceed production. Hasn’t happened. Glover Quinn is a very very serious move to get cover situation a little more under control. If teams drop the crazy bombs on our secondary just 25% less this year because of him, easy to please Lions fans will take it. I will. The peak of success factually includes a sting of healthy games by all. We can have mediocre corner play from Slay or Bartell and normal production from Houston Delmas and Quinn and have a better situation back there than we did last year where we were 13th in the league in allowed passing yards. 14th is not very telling. Teams were ahead constantly last year and pretty much used the pass when they needed. We’re so bad right now and definitely headed for a 5-11 pounding if Stafford doesn’t do get into some sort of method for mowing down teams. For all the talent here he is the only #1 overall. It’s not too much to expect this. I’m just kind of laughing to myself

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