Lions sign Rocky McIntosh

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After a preseason performance that had coach Jim Schwartz seething, the Lions are calling in reinforcements.

The Lions have signed linebacker Rocky McIntosh to a one-year deal, a league source told PFT.

McIntosh worked out with the Lions last month but didn’t sign at the time. Perhaps the preseason performance against the Browns made Detroit decide it was time to bring in someone who could bolster the defense.

The 30-year-old McIntosh played in all 16 games for the Rams last year, starting nine. Prior to last year he spent six seasons in Washington.

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  1. really? the guy started 9 games and played all 16 and is 30 yrs old isnt really a signing that screams desperation

  2. lionsmark09 says: Aug 17, 2013 9:59 AM

    Should be a solid backup.
    Exactly, although leaning towards rotational starter: definitely not first team, but not a bench-rider either. Rocky McIntosh is a Toyota Camry. He’s reliable, he performs just fine, and there’s nothing wrong with him. At the same time, a Beamer he is not. Which is to say he can be a starting 4-3 linebacker in all but the most elite of defenses– you’ll seldom be thrilled with him, but he won’t let you down either.

  3. Don’t most teams sign key back-ups for their roster before training camp so they can familiarize themselves with the team’s systems?

  4. How is he ruining an 0-16 team? Seriously how could anyone, outside of driving the team bus off a cliff fully loaded, ruin the Lions? Barry Sanders retiring ruined the Lions and that was 20 years ago.

  5. The only reason he was signed was because the people already in camp weren’t performing to expectations. The fact that they are not waiting for salary cap casualties, which usually consists of better talent than current free agents, makes it look like an act of desperation.

    As a Packers fan, I can admit that the Vince Young signing was desperation. Harrell and Coleman had shown nothing in training camp. Neither appeared to take that “next step” this season.

    Fact is, this signing was desperation.

  6. At least they are not sitting on their butts and not doing anything about the defense. They are trying to find players that could contribute and improve the situation.

  7. Fans whose opinion is this was a sign of desperation probably never played a team sport.

    Their LBers did not perform—what are they supposed to do? Last I looked there were still 16 games to play that will actually count.

    Seems a prudent move to me. At the very least it should light a fire to guys who were sure they had this team made.

  8. Desperation is the Lions signing as many FAs this offseason that they have. Seems like almost everyday the Lions sign someone new. Mayhew and Shwartz are doing everything they can to save their jobs. That’s desperation.

  9. lionsblood73:

    How about there is no trying, there is only doing?

    The Lions are sitting on their butts, because they aren’t getting the job done and getting the results. Therefore, they aren’t spending the time where they need to be spending it and in an effective way that solves our team problems. We still have a lot of problems and they don’t appear to be fixing them. That’s where we need the effort, in the form of a working and viable set of solutions.

  10. nananatman says: Aug 17, 2013 11:35 AM

    How is he ruining an 0-16 team? Seriously how could anyone, outside of driving the team bus off a cliff fully loaded, ruin the Lions? Barry Sanders retiring ruined the Lions and that was 20 years ago.

    And the Lions still haven’t recovered

  11. So every free agent picked up by any team ever must scream desperation too. They signed him to upgrade that position. “Desperation” is a term used to attack another team by fans who aren’t smart enough to come up with anything else.

  12. I’m reading that does better in a 4-3 than a 3-4, and is also a special teams performer.

    What I’m hoping to hear is that he’s a run stopper. What our defense really needs is the second coming of Chris Spielman! But that ain’t gonna happen anytime soon.

  13. As long as Gunther is running the defense with his 1972 playbook, the defense is gonna stink no matter who is on the field. Time for a new defensive scheme that involves covering receivers!

  14. As a Redskins fan,

    I liked Rocky, he wasn’t great but he made plays. The problem with him is that HE thinks he is great and was asking too much for his ability.

    I think that is what happened with the Rams, he billed himself as an above average to excellent linebacker.

    He isn’t, he is good but that isn’t worth the money he is asking. I am hoping he has finally figured that out.

    If he has, then he will be a good player for the Lions, and to be honest I hope he is.

    I would love to see the Lions in the mix for their division because it is fun to see all of the teams in my mind do well. I like the competition. It makes watching football more fun.

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