Arian Foster won’t return to practice on Monday

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The latest plan in Houston was for Texans running back Arian Foster to make his 2013 practice debut on Monday after missing all of camp as a result of calf and back injuries.

Foster’s not going to make it on the field, however. John McClain of the Houston Chronicle reports that coach Gary Kubiak said Sunday that doctors have informed him that Foster needs a few more days off before he’s going to be ready to join his teammates at practice. Kubiak also said that Foster has had injections in an attempt to lessen the pain in his back, which has also gone into his legs.

All of which means that there’s probably just a slim chance that we’re going to see Foster play in either of the Texans’ two remaining preseason games. The Texans had hoped to get Foster a few carries against the Saints next weekend, but that is likely off the board now that he won’t be practicing until the end of the week at the earliest. The fourth preseason game rarely features starting players doing anything much and the Texans may well decide that the need to have Foster healthy for the regular season is more important than seeing him on the field in August.

While there hasn’t been so much as a whisper that Foster will be sidelined into the regular season, there has to be some concern about the continued movement of the goal posts for his recovery. The Texans offense leans heavily on Foster and the longer nagging injuries keep him off the field, the more one has to wonder if his ability to handle a sizable workload will be affected.

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  1. Everyone is an expert in fantasy football drafts when I take Alfred MORRIS over this China Doll. WAKE UP PEOPLE.!!!!! I would not touch this Clown with a ten foot pole.

  2. I agree, in one of my leagues we get to keep one player from the year before and I went ahead and kept Lynch instead of Foster and everyone was surprised. But its like the article said, his body might be breaking down already. 327, 278, and 351 were the amount of carries this dude had the previous three years. Not to mention all the receptions as well which were 66, 53, and 40. Nobody even comes close to those amount of touches.

  3. I don’t disagree that Foster has been over worked, but Lynch has had a pretty high volume of carries and catches as well and on his career, has over 400 more carries than Foster. As a matter of fact, Lynch is actually pretty close to Foster over the last two years.

    2011: 285 carries and 28 passes caught
    2012: 315 carries and 23 passes caught
    Carrer Carries: 1,452

    2011: 278 carries and 53 catches
    2012: 351 carries and 40 catches
    Career Carries: 1,010

    While not at the same level of Foster, Lynch is no spring chicken and is not somehow less risky than Foster IMO.

  4. But Lynch is less risky than Foster simply because he’s not at the moment injured. And I do agree that if you are a vegetarian your body isn’t getting the nutrients it needs to recover from vigorous workouts and beatings especially the ones football players endure. You can drink all the protein drinks you want but the bottom line is, is that real nutrients and proteins come from eating healthy foods and will benefit your body way more than powder form protein.

  5. I had similar symptoms and my doctors (and even the emergency room) couldn’t get me better. Finally I went to a chiropractor (YES, A CHIROPRACTOR) and he said it sounded like PIRAFORMIS SYNDROME (a nerve inflamation). I changed doctors and got steroids to calm down the Piraformis nerve and within a week I was cured!

  6. I hate to say it, but this may be the beginning of the end for Arian Foster. I predict Ben Tate will be the primary RB this season for the Texans, have a big year and then leave via free agency. Texans will have to draft Foster’s replacement, as I don’t see them paying Tate. They still have to pay Cushing after this season and then JJ Watt will likely break the bank after next season. The contract the Texans gave Foster will likely be seen as an albatross around their collective neck.

  7. He’s not been a vegan since 2012.

    He’ll be fine. Kubiak is the most conservative coach in the NFL. No need to put any wear on those tires in pre-season. See Ed Reed and a slew of other “injured” Texans.

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