Bengals dump Aaron Maybin


Here’s a spoiler from the next edition of Hard Knocks:  Linebacker Aaron Maybin gets whacked.

The first-round pick of the Bills in 2009, who busted in Buffalo but then had a bit of a resurrection with the Jets, signed in Cincy during the offseason.

After two seasons with no sacks, Maybin notched six during his first season with the Jets.  But the Jets cut him after eight sack-free games in 2012.

Maybin becomes a free agent, giving him two weeks to find a new team and make a positive impression before the cuts commence from 90 to 75 and then to 53.

The Bengals also waived receiver Tyrone Goard and cornerback Troy Stoudemire, both of whom had signed with the team as undrafted free agents after the 2013 draft.

20 responses to “Bengals dump Aaron Maybin

  1. Since he recorded a rap song while he was holding out on the Bills, maybe he can always fall back on a successful music career. (#sarcasm)

  2. How many 1st round picks have been on what will most likely be 4 teams in 4 years? That is utterly shockingly bad

  3. chc36 says: Aug 18, 2013 4:43 PM

    How many 1st round picks have been on what will most likely be 4 teams in 4 years? That is utterly shockingly bad


    The only way he’ll get his name in the record books.

  4. cho36:

    Too many. There’s enough good players that deserve the selections and every season there’s always that bottom third of the GMs that deserve replacement the most that still have those jobs. The owners of the NFL have a lot of work to do to improve their collective football IQ and the scouting processes that fuel these choices. And there seems to be a disappointingly steep learning curve which unfortunately hampers parity and increased competition.

  5. Good move. The Bengals know a bad linebacker play when they see it, they watch Ray Maualuga in practice every day.

  6. When Buffalo signed him, I was a bit excited knowing how much speed he played with, but then slowly realized that speed was the only thing this kid had. It worked for him in college, because most of their Offensive lineman are big and slow. By the time those big and slow lineman hit the NFL and go through their training process, they turn into bigger and faster lineman. Maybin had very few moves and depending on his speed all the time had no effect on these bigger and much quicker lineman. He refused to put on weight, spent more time working on his look than learning what the Bills coaching staff was trying to teach him. If he would have listened to what he was being told to do, he might be in a very different spot these days. He just doesn’t have the football mentality.

  7. nothing against maybin good luck in the future, but i’m glad they dumped him, it gives our undrafted guys a chance, and two that really intrigue me are dimanche and j. campbell, not to mention our 4th rounder s. porter who was a beast in college, with the exception of rey m. the bengals have a deeper better lb core this year hopefully they will use it to their full potential.

  8. At least he got some quality camera time on Hard Knocks. If it wasn’t for that, I wouldn’t even have known he was in the Bengals camp. I hope they show him getting the news that he was released. If he saved some of the money that he held out for from his rookie contract, at least he wont have to work as a Wal-Mart greeter.

  9. Never should have been a first rounder in the first place.

    Of course, the whole first round of the 2009 draft is rather forgettable, ‘cept for the packers 2. But Maybin has to be the worst.

  10. Another example of how difficult it is to flourish in the NFL.


    ___________________College football

  11. He could always change the “May” in his last name to “Has”…. but, unfortunately he’s not a “Has-bin”, it’s more like a never-was…..

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