Bills aren’t looking for another quarterback

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Bills quarterback E.J. Manuel had surgery on his left knee on Sunday morning that is expected to keep him out for the rest of the preseason.

Coach Doug Marrone didn’t get into too many details about the injury that led Manuel to the operating room, but did say that he views “the procedure as minor.” Marrone also said that the team was not planning to add a quarterback to the roster in the wake of Manuel’s loss unless something changes with the prognosis for his recovery.

“We should be able to judge better in 2 weeks when EJ comes back,” Marrone said, via the team.

With no quarterbacks joining the team, the Bills will go with Kevin Kolb and Jeff Tuel for the rest of the preseason. Kolb got the start against the Vikings in the second preseason game and will get ample time to make the case that he should start over a rookie coming off a knee procedure after seemingly falling behind Manuel in the competition to be the team’s starter over the first few weeks of camp. Tuel, who has played well in the preseason, would also seem to stand a better chance at earning a spot on the 53-man roster due to the uncertainty about Manuel’s availability at the start of the season.

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  1. Don’t need another QB. More time on the field will give Kolb a chance to shape up his game in Coach Maronne’s system. And Jeff Tuel looks great, much better than the undrafted rookie that he is. In 2 or 3 weeks, Manuel returns to pick up where he left off.

  2. I guess that’s a good sign… They aren’t really giving any details about the injury besides saying its a “minor” procedure. So saying they don’t need another guy gives me some optimism that its really not serious.

  3. The only thing that might change their minds is if we lose Kolb or Tuel due to injury. Otherwise, this is a good decision with only two weeks of preseason left.

  4. as a number 1 draft pick and face of the franchise, all EJ had to do was not look bad. In two games analysts across the board say he looks really good, has a veteran poise and loves learning. The coaching staff and quarterback will grow together. If he is healthy he will start week 1. Do u realize what Kolb would have to do the next two weeks to beat out EJ?

  5. It wasn’t pretty, but Kolb did have a 62% passing last week 13/21 and he did look rusty, being it was the first game speed practice he has had after he had the “slip” the previous week. I’m really tired of the hatchet job he is getting by the press and everyone else for that matter. He isn’t the only QB that is getting injured. That being said, EJ, does look sharper, faster and more accurate, but Kolb is more than adequate as the backup for now. Buffalo is lucky to have him.

  6. The more the Bills insist that it was only a “minor” procedure and that Manuel will be back in “two weeks or less”, then more apparent it is that it’s worse than what they are saying.

    Doug Marrone couldn’t fool anybody on the foolingest day of the year with an automated fooling machine.

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