Coughlin doesn’t know severity of Cruz’s heel injury


The Giants got good news when X-rays on receiver Victor Cruz’s injured heel were negative.  After the preseason game against the Colts, however, coach Tom Coughlin had no news.

I don’t know,” Coughlin said regarding the potential severity of the injury, via Ralph Vacchiano of the New York Daily News.  “He runs to make his living and obviously has an issue with his heel.”

More tests are expected.

The Giants open the regular season in three weeks at Dallas, on Sunday Night Football.

11 responses to “Coughlin doesn’t know severity of Cruz’s heel injury

  1. Priceless.

    Coughlin is a funny cat.

    Megatron catches to make a living and played with broken fingers last year.

  2. Salsa boy will be ok! He’ll keep eat his campbell soup! Giants are superbowl bound, #feel it in my bones! Oh and by the way, I ran into Romo a couple months ago and he looked overrated in person!

  3. Are you really comparing broken fingers to foot injuries? News flash, Megatron was not the first nor will he be the last receiver to play with broken fingers. It speaks volumes about him, but don’t even try to compare the two injuries.

  4. Oh No!! Cruz got a boo boo! Quick! Everyone jump on the bandwagon and tell everybody else how the Giants are gonna go 2-14 and made the screw up of the century by signing him!!

    Seriously though, anyone else notice how he was walking just fine after he left the locker room? Or was everybody too busy jumping on their blogs about his slight limp? Come on already. He’s fine. Worst case scenario is he doesn’t play in next week’s PRESEASON game.

  5. After the play where VC was injured, he hobbled around for a second. The Giants sent in a personnel package that Cruz wasn’t a part of. He was a bit surprised by it and ended up sprinting off the field. Also, it didn’t seem to bother him much a bit before that when he was celebrating the PI penalty call. This is not an issue, he is fine.

    Also, Justin Tuck’s hamstring is fine too. He says he is healthy. Dave Baas may be a little worse off, but Jimmy Cordle played very well in place of him.

  6. Obviously during the pre-season coaches and athletes will magnify tiny injuries as much as possible. Yes I suspect Crus is fine. They may hold him out of practice for a day for two reasons. First to be absolutely sure and 2nd to try and ignite a media firestorm about something that isn’t actually relevant.

    We’ll see these little strategy games ramp up quite a bit in the next couple of weeks as we count down to the opener and as we all know life will be totally different once these guys are really playing as opposed to scrimaging.

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