Geno getting better, says competition still open

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Jets rookie quarterback Geno Smith didn’t play last night, but he said he’s close to being well, and still has a shot at the starting job.

Smith told Jane McManus of his sore ankle was “as close to 100 percent as it’s been this week,” and that he still had a shot to be the Jets starter.

I was told the competition is still open,” Smith said.

If it is, he still has a chance, after Mark Sanchez failed to put it away with an up-and-down night against the Jaguars.

Smith pushed himself to practice last week, after injuring the ankle against the Lions a week ago. But he was obviously bothered by it, and had what Rex Ryan described as a “brutal” practice before he was shelved for the week.

“I wanted to be out there in practice,” Smith said. “I wouldn’t allow them to keep me out of practice. . . .

“Any chance I get to complete, I’m going to take full advantage of it.”

He walked in the door with a decent chance to win that competition, so he should feel that way, though playing hurt didn’t help him in practice this week.

15 responses to “Geno getting better, says competition still open

  1. Geno appears to have a good attitude…

    Sanchez is coming off two terrible seasons…

    So I think at somepoint Geno will get his chances to play this year…

  2. His best way to compete is to relax, ice the ankle and let Sanchez take all the reps and play 3q of game 3. That way, by default (Sanchez being Sanchez) Smith steps in as starter by preseason game 4. He better hand off alot in that game too.

  3. No matter who wins the Jets fans lose. Not saying that Smith will be a bad QB before he ever plays a snap, but he is not in an environment conducive to winning with a coach who already has one foot out of the door, and no help at receiver.

  4. It was probably good for Geno to sit and just watch from the sidelines.

    Next week, if he can play a turnover free game and produce some points, this team is his.

    Good luck Geno.

  5. I’ll tell you who opened my eyes was Simms, I’d like to see more of him, he looked poised, and seemed to have a rifle for an arm. His father wasn’t too bad either, maybe it’s in the genes.

  6. I hope he does well enough to see a real competition for QB. Injuries to the Jets and my Dolphins suck. When the two teams play this year I want it to be for something more important then both of them trying not to be in last place. It’s been hard to be a fan of either team lately

  7. You could also say that if Sanchez plays a turnover free game and produces some points in the next preseason game that the team is his!

    So when Sanchez was taking the Jets to the playoffs, what did he do differently? Was he a different player, or was the team a much better team capable of making up for his deficiencies as a quarterback?

  8. Look, this isn’t really a “competition.” That’s just a label they use to provide the appearance of fairness. In truth, Geno’s already won the job. The only question is when they admit it, be it Week 1, 5, 10, etc.

    Bottom line is, Mark’s going, and Geno’s coming. So if you’re Geno, you just start preparing every week as if you’re the starter because, before long, you will be.

  9. Sanchez will start the year as the QB and we’ll see what happens from there. Let’s stop acting like Geno is Andrew Luck. Geno has a lot of work to do to be a starting QB in the NFL. It’s not a knock on his potential.

  10. Sanchez will get the start Week 1. Geno is primed to be the dark horse. Rexy has more than a tattoo riding on Sanchez. And the way Sanchez has read opposing defenses, the Jets have everything riding on Geno being a quick study.

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