Jets will add Marty Lyons to Ring of Honor

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Saturday night’s meaningless game between the Jets and Jaguars included a fairly meaningful announcement.

The Jets will induct defensive tackle Marty Lyons into the team’s Ring of Honor during halftime of the October 13 game against the Steelers.

Lyons, a first-round pick in 1979, played 11 seasons with the Jets.  A founding member of the New York Sack Exchange, he racked up 29 of them after 1982, the year the sack became an official statistic.

The Jets’ Ring of Honor, launched in 2010, already includes Weeb Ewbank, Winston Hill, Joe Klecko, Curtis Martin, Don Maynard, Joe Namath, Larry Grantham, Freeman McNeil, Gerry Philbin, Al Toon, Mark Gastineau, and Wesley Walker.

Lyons, who became a member of the College Football Hall of Fame in 2011, currently serves as an analyst on the team’s radio broadcasts.

8 responses to “Jets will add Marty Lyons to Ring of Honor

  1. Dwight Stephenson is shaking his head in disgust right about now. Will Matt Slauson and DJ Swearinger be the presenters?

  2. A really solid Jet for a long time and no offense intended but I think there are a lot of other former Jets who deserve it before him. Emerson Boozer, Matt Snell, George Sauer, Kevin Mawae, and Aaron Glenn to name a few.

  3. I remember trading football cards as a 6-year-old in 1989 and treating our Marty Lyons cards as a laughing stock because of that enormous beard. Little did we know at the time that he was a beast.

  4. Lyons is the guy who destroyed legit (and classy) HOF’er Dwight Stephenson’s knee and career with the cheapest diving lunge *from behind* that you’ll see on a football field.

    In a twist of cruel irony, years ago – I recall that Lyons and Stephenson were not only college teammates while playing for the Tide at Alabama, but were also roommates — making Lyons’ absolutely inexcusable behind-the-back career-ending torpedo job on Stephenson’s knee even lamer than it already was.

    Lastly, Lyons was not that spectacular of a player by any means – and certainly not Ring of Honor worthy. That Ring of Honor the Jets have just got a bit less “Honorable” for all of the deserving honorees.

  5. Love Dolphin fans chiming in about Marty Lyons, what losers. Gastineau and Klecko got the sacks because HE tied up guys like Dwight Stephenson inside for 11 years and stuffed the run. Consider this our “Nat Moore”guys. Go put Don Strock in next.

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