Keenum, Yates making it difficult for Kubiak to pick No. 2 quarterback


As they saying goes, teams with two starting quarterbacks have none.  Teams with two backup quarterbacks have a different sort of problem.

For the Texans, it’s a good problem to have.

Operating as the second quarterback on Saturday night, Case Keenum continued his stellar second preseason, completing 11 of 18 passes for 150 yards and a touchdown.  He generated a passer rating of 106.2.

Last year’s primary backup, T.J. Yates, entered the game on the second series of the third quarter, completing seven of nine passes for 84 yards, with a touchdown.  Yates’ passer rating was 142.6.

“I think it’s making both of them play better,” owner Bob McNair said after the game, via quotes distributed by the team.  “They both had great nights.  I mean how could you complain about either one?  I’m proud of both of them.”

Eventually, one will be anointed as No. 2 on the depth chart, behind Matt Schaub.

“The easy way for me to answer that is to say they’re both doing their job,” coach Gary Kubiak said.  “They are making it really hard on me, they are both doing good things, and that’s a good thing for our team.”

Keenum, undrafted out of Houston in 2012, has become an intriguing presence for a fan base that is beginning to believe it needs more of a spark at the position in order to advance beyond the divisional round of the playoffs.  With a high degree of confidence and a grasp of the playbook, Keenum is trying to climb the ladder.  And that’s possibly nudging seven-year Schaub to a higher level of performance; against the Dolphins, he completed eight of 11 throws for 92 yards, a touchdown, an interception, and a 90.0 passer rating.

According to John McClain of the Houston Chronicle, Schaub is expected to play close to three quarters in the next preseason game, against the Saints.  If Yates replaces Schaub during the game, Keenum likely will start the fourth preseason contest.

As McClain explains it, the performance of the two backups will force Kubiak to keep three quarterbacks on the 53-man roster.  Eventually, Keenum’s performance may force Schaub out the door.

13 responses to “Keenum, Yates making it difficult for Kubiak to pick No. 2 quarterback

  1. Case Keenum is the hometown kid. I’d love to see him eventually take over from Schaub (maybe even next year).
    T.J. was solid when Schaub went down in ’11 but IMO I like what I’m seeing from Case a lot more than T.J. The kid can launch the ball down the field and would really fit in with how young the rest of the Texans are these days.

  2. Doesn’t Yates have a couple wins and a playoff game under his belt? Should be a tie breaker if everything remains even

  3. Let’s see….Matt Schaub = 30 + years old, injury prone, and folds under pressure. TJ Yates = stepped up AS A ROOKIE and won a playoff game. Case Keenum = also a young player with a lot of potential. If I were Schaub, I would be looking over my shoulder

  4. Can we see Keenum play a single snap against a first team defense before we anoint him as Schaub’s replacement? And try to remember that Yates won a playoff game? I get it that everyone is excited about Keenum because he is a Houston product but I think we need a little reality check here.

  5. it doesnt matter, they will be #2 in the AFc south next to my Colts!!!! i hope u guys enjoyed the 2 years layoff, but were back!!!

  6. If Preseason Games really meant something, Babe Laufenburg would be in the HOF. Yates has actually won some real games, including a playoff. Yates will play for somebody.

  7. Watching live I said “wow!” three times. Twice for Case, and once for the Dolphin’s punter.

    OK four times. There was one cheerleader in particular. In fact, I need to go look her up.

    Preseason has its perks.

  8. Re: TJ Yates
    If the Oilers don’t want him, we’ll (Chargers) take him. Rivers isn’t invincible. Besides, he could use some competition.
    Additionally, Rivers went to NC State, while Yates went to Carolina.
    Talk about a rivalry.
    Let the games begin!

  9. lingsun54 says: Aug 18, 2013 4:15 PM

    As long as they keep both backups they can sort it out later. I think either guy is better than the Bears or Packers or Rams backups.

    BUT… either one better than someone else’s starter? That’s where the Texans could conceivably “cash” in.

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