Manning, Welker still working on chemistry

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Last year, Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning did plenty of damage with Eric Decker and Demaryius Thomas on the outside, and aging veteran Brandon Stokley in the slot.

This year, Manning gladly kicked Stokley to the curb for Tom Brady’s favorite receiver, Wes Welker.

Asked after Saturday’s preseason loss to the Seahawks to discuss the chemistry with Welker, Manning said that the key continues to be reps.

“The more repetitions that he and I can get together versus certain coverages — he and [cornerback] Chris Harris have good battles in practice every single day,” Manning said.  “It’s going to make Chris better and it’s going to make me and Wes better.  I do think that we connected on a few plays this week in training camp.  It was very competitive and it was good to hit him on a couple of routes today.  We had a blitz read where he and I were on the same page on a communication.  And then hit him on a play down in the red zone that he’s scored a lot of touchdowns on in his career.  Those were all positive.”

The Broncos have two weeks and four days to continue to hone their chemistry, and then the games count.  When Welker and Peyton can fully get on the same page, the chemistry could be for opposing defenses the equivalent of red phosphorus in the presence of moisture, accelerated by heat.

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  1. In New England the chemistry between Brady and Amendola is working out fine. If Amendola can stay healthy, and I know its a big if, he will out-performed Welker.

  2. i don’t think welker fits into that offense. Manning is more of a down the field thrower and Wes is a short yard type of receiver.

  3. I’m sure he and Welker will put up some decent stats, but it’s a bit surprising it’s this much of a work in progress

    Tom Brady has quickly developed good chemistry with a whole new and younger cadre of WRs including Amendola and a few talented rookies

    3 months ago everyone assumed the Patriots would falter and Manning and Welker would dominate – the opposite now looks more probable

  4. Brady would hit Welker in the hands, in stride. I don’t think Manning has that type of accuracy anymore. Decker & Thomas are huge targets with big wingspans. Welker doesn’t have that.

  5. Here’s what’s wrong with the Manning/Welker chemistry equation:

    Tom Brady + (insert a receiver’s name here) = A receiver who looks more talented than he is with anyone else.

  6. I think the chemistry is fine..He caught 2 passes for 20 yards and a touchdown in less then a half of action. Denver was moving the ball at will until mistakes by young inexperienced players fumbled the ball, one at the goaling that would have made it 17-14.

    In fact the only weakness I see on offense is their inexperienced running backs. Monte Ball actually looks more reliable to me then Tillman, Tillman seems brittle, perhaps should be used like Reggie Bush.

    J Thomas, even though he fumbled, this guy when he gets it together is gonna be great, potentially better then Dallas Clark.

    Finally, Manning’s stats were 11-16 163 yards in a quarter in a half of action. Broncos would have made a game of it, but it was the Seahawks day.

  7. They looked fine to me. Denver’s bigger concern should be injuries to Wolfe, Bailey, Vasquez, and yes, Welker.

  8. Manning has an offensive style and is very set in his ways. Everyone says the he runs his offense. He handles the meetings etc. He basically is his own oc.

    I don’t think he adapts well. Brady is better at recognizing the strengths of his targets and trying to adapt his play to result in the best outcome for everyone. Manning has his style and wants his receivers to adapt to suit his strengths.

    Not sure how well this will end up going unless manning budges

  9. Amendola will have more catches IF he stays healthy but only because Manning has a better group of receivers than the Patriots. The Broncos will make it farther than the Patriots this year.

  10. Wow. After two exhibition games of limited time and action, it’s clear that this was an awful decision. Or not.

  11. What I don’t get, is how Brandon Stokley is an aging veteran compared to Wes? I’m a Pats fan, love Wes and wish they had kept him, but seriously Broncos fans, the last two years you kept hearing “That’s a pass Wes Welker catches 9 times out of 10”, and yet you just heard it on the last two series. The drops have become more and more frequent.

    I guess it’s the fact I keep reading articles about how great the Broncos will be, and when they don’t play well, it’s ‘only a matter of time’ until their chemistry is like …whatever…

    Did they get weaker with Welker and no Stokley – probably not, but they certainly didn’t get overwhelmingly better. Brady to Amendola seems to be working, but who knows.

    Long way to February, but I just don’t see the logic in all the articles crowning the Broncos.

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