Moss closes the door on a return to the field

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If it wasn’t already clear, it now is.  The Hall of Fame career of Randy Moss has ended.

During the fourth quarter of Sunday night’s game between the Colts and Giants, Moss told Joe Buck of FOX that Moss won’t be returning to play football, despite an ongoing rash of receiver injuries.

“I think at 36, I think I’m where I need to be right now,” Moss said.  “I’m enjoying my family life.  I’m enjoying being on FOX with this great cast and just moving on with the next chapter in my life.”

Buck also revisited, without providing the background, a connection with Moss that happened in January 2005.  Specifically, Moss pretended to moon the Lambeau Field crowd after a postseason touchdown, and Buck called it a “disgusting act.”

“I played the game, you analyzed it,” Moss said.  “You said what you said, I did what I did, we moved on from it.  Now we’re working together.  How about that?”

Yes, they’re working together.  But they’re not really working together.  And we doubt they’ll be hanging out at the FOX commissary, or pretty much anywhere else.

But if they do, here’s hoping they invite Artie Lange along for the ride.

65 responses to “Moss closes the door on a return to the field

  1. Don’t care what anybody says, in his prime there was no more feared receiver ever than Moss. My favorite non-Colt ever and one of the players I grew up watching, enjoy retirement Randy.

  2. Randy Moss was amazing even last year, if it wasn’t for Crabtree breaking up and dropping a pass for a wide open Moss in the back of the endzone the 49ers would have the trophy and not Baltimore. Even better I can watch an analyst that wasn’t implicated in a double murder.

  3. Can’t stand Joe Buck. He seems too up tight for me. I put on the other game when he’s on. I thought when Moss pulled down his pants was funny. Glad he put Buck in his place.

  4. Ah… Whatever.
    Can’t call him great when he laid down on his teams so often.
    Defined the diva receiver era…
    Here’s hoping he pulls a Tiki and flops as an analyst.
    Won’t miss him…

  5. Lions fan here – if Moss had the work ethic of Jerry Rice or Calvin Johnson, he’d have had a chance to own those Jerry Rice career WR records. Wish I could watch him play a few more seasons.

    That 2005 game against GB was the day I both learned who Joe Buck was and immediately disliked Joe Buck.

  6. Best WR of all time. Best Packer hater of all time.

    I’ll never forget how many times they had to tear out the end-zone grass at lambeau, too much Moss in it.

  7. Saw him during the Pats preseason game. He was pretty awful. Surprisingly very boring and overtly non-controversial. Hopefully he gets better or he won’t be at Fox long.

  8. I was 9 when he was drafted 15 years ago and to this day he is my favorite player. Still have my very first jersey I got for my 10th bday Jan 28th when they lost to the Falcons. That game made me love football.

  9. I watched the FOX game and Joe Buck acted as if he was absolved of all of his sins by the Pope or something. It was a really awkward how he kept telling Troy Aikman “I feel really good now. I feel really good!” Aikman didn’t know what to say!

  10. Best part was when Joe Buck tried to lead Randy into saying Cris Carter was the reason he was great, and Randy simply said “NO”.

  11. ronrivers, no one has ever had the heart, talent, or work ethic that Jerry Rice did, and that is why he’s the greatest of all time.

  12. “Is cam Newton an athlete? Then Andrew luck is an athlete”

    Quote of the night, moss is going to bring a real, unbiased opinion that is desperately needed (Dion is a good one too) on these shows, tired of all the former players and analysts taking the side of the popular sports figures and current flavors just so they can grow their Twitter and Facebook followers.

  13. I found Moss’ Moon hilarious!

    Goodell probably would have suspended him for two years.

    These sort of antics intensify rivalries, and add a little flavor to a game that’s supposed to be fun!

    Can’t even spike the darn ball anymore under the Puritanical regime.

    I hope the new 84 moons Lambeau too!

    – Bears fan.

  14. Would the noles have won atleast one more championship if Bowden would not have kicked moss off the team?? Coles warrick and moss!!!??? Wowzers

  15. As a nine year old growing up in Minnesota, I was electrified by Randy Moss during his rookie season in 1998. I’ll never forget his three catch, three touchdown game against Dallas on Thanksgiving of that year.

    I wish Randy all the best, but I just wish he would catch the 18 more passes or whatever that he needs to get 1,000 receptions.

  16. Randy needs to start taking notes with the new gig.

    No one will ever have the off the field chemistry that Troy and Joe have had in the booth over the years.

  17. He’s a lot like Brett Favre. Crazy personality aside, he just brought something special to the games he played in. I’m gonna miss him.

  18. Joe Buck annoyed the crap outta me in that interview. I thought Randy did a surprisingly good job today. He’ll be a better commentator than I expected him to be. Kinda sad he won’t be playing anymore though.

  19. @giorgiom3


    Calvin Johnson is in a league of his own, there isn’t a flaw in his game. He is the most COMPLETE wr to ever play the game.
    Unlike moss calvin johnson catches balls in the middle of the field,has heart and is 10x more tougher and is a team player and a stand up guy.

    All moss did was run fast in a straight line and catch long balls. Nice career though.

  20. Does anyone like Joe Buck? Does he sleep with one of Rupert Murdoch’s children? He is so boring, he sucks the life out of a football game. Please, help, before another season succumbs to his emotionless droning.

  21. Moss’s comment was spot on. What happened back then is what happened back then. Now they’re were sitting in the same booth. And unlike some parts of the world, they were able to do it without killing each other.

  22. Jerry has made some head scratching, remote throwing decisions (Roy Williams trade, keeping Newman too long, running off coach Johnson costing us at least another ring) but one that literally had me swearing was passing this guy up on draft day. I’ll never forget dreading every game against this guy because I knew he was going to play with a chip on his shoulder. At least he learned his lesson and remembered it when Dez fell.

  23. With a different brain in his skull he could have been the greatest ever with SB rings on every finger…

    But, there’s no point wondering about hypotheticals. Moss was who he was and his career was a result of that; for better or worse.

  24. He should have been the greatest ever by a mile.

    He should have been, but he wasn’t.

  25. It will be appropriate for him to screw up his candidacy for the HOF by doing something self-centered, entitled, irrespective of his friends and family, and basically……well, stupid. He was never the brightest candle in the box, starting with high school.

  26. Someone gave this guy a tv gig? Are you kidding?

    So now Moss, Sapp, Irvin, Keyshawn, Ray Lewis and a host of chicks are on-air talking football? Radio is sounding better and better all the time.

  27. tonyugoh says: Aug 18, 2013 10:30 PM

    Don’t care what anybody says, in his prime there was no more feared receiver ever than Moss.

    See Rice, Jerry

    Randy might have shattered his single-season TD record…..but remember….Jerry set it in TWELVE games.

    Calvin Johnson might have tied his record for 4th place on the AT single season reception list….but remember CJ did it in his 6th year….not his 11th like Jerry.

    Kinda telling how, at the same age, Gonzo ( a TE) is right behind Rice at 2nd on the AT reception list.

    Randy might have been feared ( when he wanted to play), but he was no Jerry.

  28. Here’s hoping we don’t have to see Randy Moss too often on Fox. He was not worth watching or listening to last night. He may have been a great player in his prime, but he isn’t much of a commentator. While he may have been a great football player, his juvenile and unprofessional antics on and sometimes off the field were only tolerated because he was so good. Can’t imagine he and Buck will ever be that chummy……

  29. People forget when he played for New England he scored 50 touchdowns in 51 games…how is that quitting?

    Its too bad that in 2010 Brad Childress treated him so disrespectfully. Releasing Moss didn’t send a message to anyone. Benching Brett Favre would have been a very powerful message.

  30. Randy Moss has done some bone-headed things off the field and could have worked harder instead of carrying on with the attitude of “I play when I want to play.” I do, however, Joe Buck was out of line trying to rehash an incident he deemed “disgusting” and needs to get over it already. I am sure the Packers organization and many of their fans have done so.

  31. As not only a Pats fan but a sports fan I could not be more happy for the guy if he is happy retiring. He wasn’t perfect in handling everything in his career but he did the game right and he is amongst the best wideouts in the game. He is a class act and people that say he took plays off etc. the fact is he is human but he never disgraced the game in my mind he isnt TO etc. Good luck Randy I know as a pats fan our fan base misses ya.

  32. jonny42671 says: Aug 18, 2013 11:10 PM

    Packet fans got what they deserved. Worst fans in the league.

    And Moss got what he deserved: 0 Super Bowl rings.

  33. staffordsyear
    Aug 18, 2013, 9:50 PM PDT


    Calvin Johnson is in a league of his own, there isn’t a flaw in his game. He is the most COMPLETE wr to ever play the game.
    Unlike moss calvin johnson catches balls in the middle of the field,has heart and is 10x more tougher and is a team player and a stand up guy.

    All moss did was run fast in a straight line and catch long balls. Nice career though.
    Sorry, you’re wrong. Jerry Rice is the best receiver to ever play the game. He has the numbers, the championships, and had the work ethic to prove it. He also played during a time when players weren’t coddled. You’re a biased homer. Go sit down now.

  34. You really think Buck and him don’t get along at all? Buck said those things for attention unto himself. The classic faux outrage so befitting their parent network.

  35. I love the fact that BrINT Favre was miffed when he told the Packers to trade for Moss and TT refused. Of course, later on Brad “Knee Pads” Childress did faithfully execute Favre’s orders and traded away a valuable draft pick for a three or four game rental.

    Now it has hardly Childress fault that the catering company was lousy, the most you could pin on Childress was the 12 man in the huddle. Still, in a the short span of three games, Moss managed to not help the team, turn Percy Harvin into a diva, and get kicked off the team. You don’t see that happen anywhere except Minnesota.

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