Report: J’Marcus Webb has salary reduced

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J’Marcus Webb began the preseason as the Bears’ starting right tackle.

Now, he’s vying or a reserve role, as rookie Jordan Mills has moved into his former spot in the lineup.

What’s more. Webb has taken a salary cut, Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune reported on Sunday.

Instead of making $1.323 million in salary in 2013, Webb’s base salary is now $630,000, Biggs reported.

According to the Tribune, Webb can recapture the lost earnings via incentives tying to his playing time. Of course, whether Webb can get back on to the field with the Bears’ starters remains to be seen — and his roster spot isn’t yet secure, either.

25 responses to “Report: J’Marcus Webb has salary reduced

  1. thestrategyexpert says:Aug 18, 2013 6:52 PM

    He gave up a sack.
    Your football card and also your man card has just been suspended.

    Go back to Sex and the City. You will be required to know more about football by the time the next test is administered.

    It should offend you to your football core that J’Marcus Webb was going to make 1.23Million while about to be losing his job to a 5th rd pick from Louisiana Tech.

  2. Webb has got to be the worst tackle in all of football or one of the worst starting OT’s for sure. He has had 44 starts and is just plain terrible. We keep waiting for him to get better and it’s always the same maybe this year he’ll get it. I say start Mills and let him be a back up swing tackle. Good riddance. Beardown!!!!!!!

  3. If I had to appraise his worth as a tackle based off his performance last year I’d go somewhere in the $0.00 range with a nod towards getting someone (anyone) else to play his position.

  4. He was a 7th round pick and if Jerry Angelo had not such a piss poor job in drafting O Linemen he would have never had made the team in the first place.

    I have not met one single person that misses Angelo and Lovie Smith here in Chicago.

  5. I can’t see Webb making the team if Mills is the starter. If Jonathan Scott gets healthy he can be a serviceable back up and the have Eben Britton who I believe can play guard too, so he’s more versatile than Webb. I think the only reason Webb played so much is because he was Tice’s project

  6. Webb and Doug Free both horrible tackles. Cutler got hammered last year and people got upset cause he ripped his line. Think about Free getting3.5 mil cut down from 7. Both dudes need quarterd and drawn.

  7. Webb was the highest rated offensive lineman on the Bears last year by ProFootballFocus – now think about how bad the other 4 guys were, one of which (Garza) is still a starter – the only one remaining from last year.

    Two rookies are currently slated to start on the right side. I’m sure Suh is licking his chops. That will end when Kyle Long destroys him.

  8. Damb… Bears fans all over this guy. Thought the tackle situation was bad (it is bad).

  9. What a difference under Emery & Trestman. Gotta love that they hold players accountable and making the necessary changes to the O-line (unlike Angelo & Lovie).

  10. I don’t get it. This guy is huge, has all the tools. Size, huge body, good feet but no attitude. Maybe this will piss him off enough to either get it together. Maybe he will play for the Chargers next week….

  11. Why is this guy still on the team? Emery should get rid of him now! and lets move on to a rookie RT someone Kromer can teach to be a good back up player

  12. @gridasassin
    I agree the Bears line was horrendous last year. Having said that, pro Football Focus stats are not very, if at all, meaningful when evaluating OL.

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