Slay slides into starting lineup for Lions


When the Lions go to the place that cornerback Darius Slay thought was a car, Slay could be firmly entrenched in the driver’s seat.

Slay, a second-round rookie who was picked despite a knee problem, has vaulted into the starting lineup for the Lions.  Via Kevin Seifert of, Slay spent the weekend practicing as the first-team corner, across from Chris Houston.

Coach Jim Schwartz praised Slay to reporters on Sunday, explaining that Slay has been impressive in man-to-man coverage  and “patient” with the press technique.

“We really don’t have depth charts right now, but we do have rotations,” Schwartz said, per Seifert.  “He’s getting some good reps and that’s because of his play in the preseason games.  The greatest reward is the opportunity to do more.”

Slay will get a chance to do more against a team that can do plenty in the passing game.  The Patriots are next up on the preseason docket for the Lions.

13 responses to “Slay slides into starting lineup for Lions

  1. Good news. Bartell got killed by Gordon on the weekend, he didn’t have the speed to keep up with him.

    Slay should have no problems keeping pace with any WR in the league.

  2. ocdn:

    Or change the scheme to fit the players instead of trying to force a system that isn’t necessarily the best system to begin with. We need to have a QB of the Defense that has a working plan and can execute it.

  3. Strategy:

    That’s my point. I’ve been a Schwartz supporter for years but this last game, there were no adjustments and there’s still signs of no discipline with personal fouls.

  4. ocdn and strategy:

    I’ll join the conversation. Fact is, in preseason, you aren’t trying to scheme to the other team. I will agree on missed tackles and bad penalties, but in preseason you put players in positions to fail, and see what they can do. It’s the only way to find out if a player can play in certain packages.

    If this happens in week one, watch out. Until then, not a big deal. It’s actually really hard to tell if a team looks awful in the preseason due to what I mentioned or due to having a really bad team or the coaching… We’ll see when the play is for something that counts.

    As for Slay…..about time…. Bartell sucks.

  5. people are complaining about adjustments and strategy????? REALLY???? we play the browns in week 6. We aren’t gonna show them much or make crazy adjustments. Are people seriously forgetting that this is PRE season.

  6. Strategy, Simple and irvin,
    It is preseason and I’m not complaining. I’m concerned. We had our first string defense on the field and we gave up way too many yards and big plays. ( Remind you of last years defense? ) And without CJ our receivers looked as though they couldn’t catch a cold. And that was our starters. Concern is the word I’m using.

  7. I’m glad to see Slay move into the #1 rotation. Hopefully he’s paying attention to what the veterans are teaching him.

    As for the rest of the chatter … are you guys kidding? The Lions were not running any schemes, offense or defense. It was all vanilla stuff. But – that’s pretty much what every team is doing in preseason. These are pretty much glorified full contact scrimmages, but it does give you a look at who has the raw talent to keep up and who doesn’t.

    The most important thing is that we’ve stayed healthy so far. The way things are going we may win some games by default, just because the other teams don’t have enough healthy guys to play.

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