Tests negative for Derek Wolfe, set to fly home with Broncos

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The Denver Broncos got some good news on defensive end Derek Wolfe Saturday night.

A series of tests returned negative and Wolfe is expected to fly home with the team to Denver tonight after a hit in the first quarter of the Broncos’ game with the Seattle Seahawks led to Wolfe leaving the stadium in an ambulance.

Wolfe went down at the 9:13 mark of the first quarter. Wolfe appeared to be cut-blocked down by Seattle tight end Luke Willson and fullback Michael Robinson delivered a block to Wolfe’s head and shoulder area that left Wolfe down on the field for several minutes while being attended to by the Broncos’ training staff.

They eventually brought a backboard onto the field and tied Wolfe down before placing him into an ambulance and taking him from the field of play.  The Broncos announced that Wolfe was being evaluated for a cervical spine injury but did have movement in all of his extremities after leaving the stadium.

The news continued to get better as Wolfe was released from the hospital and free to return to Denver with the team Saturday night.

“The X-rays were fine. The CT scan was fine and they’re still evaluating the MRI,” head coach John Fox said before getting word Wolfe would be accompanying the team home. “The results of both those tests are positive as far as good news. We’ll see as it goes forward. I don’t want to jump to any conclusions just yet until it’s finalized.”

Fox also said linebacker Stewart Bradley (left wrist), receiver Wes Welker (right ankle), right guard Louis Vasquez (left knee) and cornerback Champ Bailey (left foot) also left the game with injuries.

14 responses to “Tests negative for Derek Wolfe, set to fly home with Broncos

  1. I hope he is ok along with the rest of the players who are dinged up. That was the most intense pre-season game I’ve ever seen.

  2. The NFL needs to look at the play. It was a cheap shot. Wolfe was engaged with another player who went low then the FB went high..helmet to helmet.
    The crew who officiated the game was horrible. Makes one miss the replacement refs.

  3. Thank God he’s ok. It was scary to see him go off the field on a board and not see him wiggle his fingers or anything. So good to hear the tests were negative. Hope he heals fast and strong.

  4. Get better, Derek. We want you to be well because when it’s all said and done, this is just a game. This is your health and that’s much, much more important.

  5. Glad he’s okay. But it’s wrong to call it a cheap shot. He was chopped by a block. And recovered to almost make a tackle on his hands and knees, but was blocked again. It’s football not two hand touch.

  6. Glad to see this guy survived the cheap shots levied by the Seadderall Cheathawks.

    Dude was out of the play, there was no need for the contact that injured him, but when playing in Seattle what does one expect.

    PED capital of the NFL.

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