Victor Cruz injured for Giants, too


Victor Cruz was wise to get some chips to go along with his salsa.  (That’s a Kuselias favorite.)  With the Giants now bearing the injury risk on a long-term deal, Cruz is injured.

He quietly exited Sunday’s game between the Giants and the Colts after a first-drive play on which he drew an interference penalty.  Giants radio voice Bob Papa reportedly has said that Cruz sustained a foot injury on that specific play.

Cruz was taken to the locker room for an X-ray on his foot.  He has since returned to the sideline, out of uniform and clearly done for the night.

Giants fans can now worry whether he’ll be done any longer than that.

UPDATE 8:02 p.m. ET:  According to the game broadcast on FOX, Cruz has a bruised heel.

40 responses to “Victor Cruz injured for Giants, too

  1. Ha Ha midgets paying that Clown all that money. This Clown is Soft. 6-10 at best. Bruised heal what a puss.

  2. I’m now officially concerned about his post-football career. He probably has no chance now of winning Dancing with the Former Stars.

  3. This nonsense needs to end. While I realize it may be an exaggerated comparison, I don’t see the military using live ammunition for training purposes even though it would get soldiers better prepared for the real thing.

    Unfortunately the NFL is going to have to see a golden boy or two who they deem more important than Cruz go down before they finally change this stupid four game preseason. Cruz seems like a good guy and I’m glad it’s nothing serious. This time.

  4. Is there any way u can block seeing a commenter? I’m a die hard Redskins fan but this logicalvoice is just awful gives us skins fans a bad name and I try to avoid his comments but they are every where lol

  5. @jakec4: The NFL will only reduce the preseason games when they increase the regular season games.
    Look at when they played a 14 game schedule. They played 6 preseason games then.

  6. 2013 NFC East Final Standings
    Giants/Skins/Cowboys 9-7
    Giants/Skins/Cowboys 8-8
    Giants/Skins/Cowboys 8-8
    Eagles 7-9

    And the division winner gets smoked in the Wild Card round. Thoroughly mediocre division.

  7. Oohhhh!! The skins have one decent season where they can’t even muster a playoff won after 8+ seasons of sucking. Meanwhile , the giants have won 2 Super Bowls in the last five years and have battled with cowboys and eagles for the NFC east, while the skins rotted away. Skins will be last place in the NFC east, the Giants or Cowboys will win the division

  8. tjacks7 says

    How can the NFL preach player safety then play 4 preseason games? It seems that half the league is already hurt.


    Yes and changing 2 of the to regular season games with even harder hitting will create less injuries.

    Right. I’ve got a bridge to sell anyone who believes that.

    Not to mention that teams need the 4 games to properly evaluate their rosters and that cutting it down to 2 preseason games pretty well dooms any team with a new head coach to a terrible first year that could easily be worse than the ones that got the last HC canned for.

  9. The Giants have their SB’s , but only the 1 playoff appearance in the last 4 seasons. Other team in NY has two.

  10. hey “ibleedburgandyngold”: I probably speak for almost everyone when I say I couldn’t agree with you more. I’m just glad he isn’t a Ravens fan , because he would really drive me nuts!

  11. hey giants fans if it wasn’t for pure luck, i.e tyree, that bum on SF dropping what was it 3 kickoffs..i mean come on get over yourselves. your run defense looks like pure thrash, and your pass defense isn’t much better. if you lose one WR your done simple as that. the skins had a great run last year and if they would have taken out RGIII and put in Cousins, They could have beaten Seattle I believe. They would have made it to the championship game. Granted their was no way they were beating SF though.. thumb it down but deep down you know its true. hope you finish last.

  12. If NFL coaching staffs can’t evaluate their talent in scrimmages, team practices, etc. and eventually cut their teams down to 53/54 players, then they shouldn’t be in the biz. College coaches don’t have pre-season, yes they have bigger rosters, but that’s only because billionaire owners don’t want to pay more players.
    Pre-season games 3 out of 4 are a complete joke, the only good outcome is no injuries.
    The season ticket fan base though gets gouged for full price tickets to see bad exhibitions, that they can’t even sell their tickets for.
    Go 18 games, 2 buy weeks, no pre-season games, and 60 player rosters.
    Only problem is , billionaire owners lose a little change, even though when their season is over the don’t have to worry about walking with a life long limp. So it’ll never happen.

  13. The NFLPA has screwed the players twice. Rookie wage scale sounded good…. Now it’s cutting veteran wage and pushing them out of the league (just the next four years of college). Two… limiting the practice is not allowing players (Players) to be in football shape to play without injury. Does’nt seem there was this many guys going down in the 60’s,70’s,80’s, and 90’s when they practiced harder , also played harder.

  14. Everybody wants to talk that preseason is bad. Whats the difference between preseason and the first three or four weeks of the seaso? Besides presumed starters actually play less.

  15. Giants are football royalty. Eli is first family. One of the leagues best franchises. Jealousy expected. Go Blue.

  16. “If all the players just take up my suggestion to shorten the preseason to two games and add two more regular season games, I guarantee there will be fewer injuries during the preseason. It will be a win-win scenario – that is, a win for me and a win for the owners. We won’t even need to adjust the salaries since the same number of games will be played.

    Thi$ make$ lot$ of $en$e from the league’$ per$pective.

    Comi$$ioner Roger”

  17. bleedburgandyandgold says: Aug 18, 2013 8:02 PM

    Is there any way u can block seeing a commenter? I’m a die hard Redskins fan but this logicalvoice is just awful gives us skins fans a bad name and I try to avoid his comments but they are every where.

    I joined a Blog just to agree with you.

    I’m 47 years old.
    A DIE_HARD Redskins fan and I hate that guy.

    I hope Cruz does get better,To be the Best you gotta Beat the best.

  18. bleedburgandyandgold says:
    Aug 18, 2013 8:02 PM
    Is there any way u can block seeing a commenter? I’m a die hard Redskins fan but this logicalvoice is just awful gives us skins fans a bad name and I try to avoid his comments but they are every where lol

    The point of a troll is to bother ppl. The fact that everyone gets so bothered by this guy only feeds into the satisfaction. He’s being so extreme with his posts that it’s obvious you shouldn’t take it seriously. I laugh at his posts bc they are so ridiculous.

  19. Now i’ll give credit where credit is due, however, some of you Giants fans need to get real….your owner is in Goodell’s hip pocket and stuck the Skins with a bogus $36 million cap hit, this to hamper any thoughts of building a top notch caliber team. And even with that they split with you last year, nearly beat you twice with a rookie QB, won the division…now just think if not for the cap penalty the talent they could’ve brought in that would’ve helped especially their secondary. If there is a team i’d be worried about it would be them, they’ve paid the last installment of the cap hit and will be free to hit the free agent market hard next year and with the draft i’d say they are the up and coming beast in the east…

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