Bears won’t play QBs they care about in finale


There is no more point making a mockery of the NFL’s preseason.

Its teams are doing a sufficient job of it themselves.

The Bears are basically admitting they’d rather not show up for the preseason finale, by announcing they would not play either quarterback Jay Cutler or backup Josh McCown, according to Jeff Dickerson of ESPNChicago.

That leaves Jordan Palmer and Trent Edwards to go against the Browns, with their hours of experience. Palmer was signed Saturday and Edwards Sunday, after third-stringer Matt Blanchard broke a knuckle on his non-throwing hand.

At least if the Bears had signed JaMarcus Russell, who was the third quarterback they worked out alongside Palmer and Edwards this offseason, the game would have had a sideshow quality that some sick individual might have been entertained by.

Instead, they’re going to punch the clock with some guys their teammates barely know.

But rest assured Bears fans, you still get to pay full fare for that ticket.

21 responses to “Bears won’t play QBs they care about in finale

  1. why should they No NFL team really cares about it they should just drop the 4th & let all teams have a week to cut players & get ready for the reg season

  2. @JimIrsay sez Hey Bears fans, just remember it’s a bargain cuz that reg season Packers game should b costing u 3 large…it all evens out!!!

  3. With the amount of injuries sustained by teams across the NFL during preseason and camp, this seems like a smart decision by the Bears.

    They just lost a(n) (albeit third string QB) in a meaningless game, why risk any more?

    Also, they’re looking to replace the Blanchard on short notice, so they need to see them in action in case they do indeed need to bring one of them on to the roster.

  4. Their week 1 opponent (Bengals) are no cupcake. It’s wise to let your starters get prepared early while your 3’s fight it out for final roster spots. Your chances have to be better with 2 weeks prep.

  5. I see you are an idealist kepickle, but it’s all about the money.
    If I had season tickets, I would sure be raising a stink about pre-season ticket prices.

  6. schmokes says: Aug 19, 2013 6:44 PM

    “It must be refreshing for Cutler that the team made this decision. He’s used to being the one that taps out.”

    What NFL fan base is blessed to have a genius like you as a member?

  7. And why should they care? Let me give you reasons they don’t:

    1. Its the 4th preseason game, which is reason enough by itself
    2. It’s the Browns*
    3. They’ve been playing the Browns in the preseason for 10 straight years now, and they play them in the regular season anyway. They have to be getting sick of playing these guys by now.
    4. They QB they actually want to test out that game is injured

    *The Browns are actually in a position to be better this year, and before long they could actually be a legitimately good team, but until that happens, fans hold the right to say “It’s the Browns”

    Also, did you know that Trent Edwards is younger than Brandon Weeden? Only by about 2 weeks, but this is Edwards’ 7th year in the league vs. Weeden’s 2nd. Why again did Cleveland draft him?

  8. I thought that McCown would play at least one quarter. I guess not.

    The more baffling part is that neither Palmer nor Edwards would be able to go on the practice squad, so what’s their plan?

    Just give these guys a free audition, and scoop up a cut QB who can qualify?

    Or are they seriously contemplating carrying a 3rd QB?

    This must suck for the bubble WRs who have no chemistry with these off the street QBs.

    They better decapitate someone on specials or run it back 100 yds.

  9. The Bears job (and every teams job) in the preseason is to prepare for the regular season in whatever manner they deem best. Anything less is reckless and irresponsible team management. Eye on the prize!

  10. No team uses the fourth game as anything but an elimination competition. It’s for giving all the guys who’ll be selling insurance next week one more chance to stick on a roster. Only a truly bad team (and this is coming from a Packer fan!) would use the preseason finale as just another practice for guys that are already a lock to make the team.

  11. ahh good looks like the 12 year olds and partial (fantasy football only) fans are around so i will break it down for you. If you want to see a preview of your team you realy only need to watch the first half of the 3rd preseason game. You often hear this called the “dress rehearsal”. The 4th preseason game teams pick what team they play against. Bears and Browns have had a agreement for a while. If a team has no questions about who is a starter they might see a cameo series. The rest of the game is to decide who will make the 53 man roster or the practice squad and who will get released.

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