Belichick says Tebow is “definitely” improving

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If you watched Friday night’s Patriots game from your couch, you had more passing yards than Tim Tebow.

But Patriots coach Bill Belichick said he’s still seeing progress from his third-stringer, who was 1-of-7 for minus-1 yards passing against the Buccaneers.

Oh yeah, definitely,” Belichick replied to a question about whether Tebow was moving in the right direction, via Mike Reiss of

“I think if you look at the entire week last week, it would look different than the game did,” Belichick added. “In some cases, the game looked better for some players, and in some cases the game didn’t look as good as some other things during the week. So we’ll just have to take all that into consideration.”

Belichick stressed that Tebow can be viewed differently because he’s a different kind of quarterback. He’s not a polished dropback passer (or even a good one), but there are apparently things there they think are worth investing time in.

“I think the passing game is still the passing game,” Belichick said. “But all players have different skill sets. Some guys do some things better than others. You have to look at the total package and what they’re able to do in all areas of the game. I think we see a lot of good quarterbacks in the NFL, they aren’t all maybe the best passers but their ability to run and pass, and make plays however they make them, . . . makes them a high-level player.

“I don’t think there is one specific style you have to have, or don’t have to have. In the end, it’s about production and being able to do enough things to be successful.”

Whether they’re interested in spending the time to create that kind of environment for Tebow remains to be seen. But it’s obvious to even a non-expert that expecting him to run the same kind of offense as Tom Brady (or even Ryan Mallett) is a waste of effort for everyone involved.

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  1. As a patriots fan, stop it BB! It’s a wasted effort that will result in a wasted roster spot that we need for DB’s or special teams players.

  2. Tebow fans will read that as Belichick thinks Timmy is good. And will also stretch the amount of improvment. Just getting a ball near a target is improvement.

  3. After preseason game 4 he’s gone.

    They just have to have some QB there to eat up those game 4 snaps, because Brady will play 2 series and you don’t Mallett getting hurt either.

    It’s like the 3rd catcher in baseball. In some situations you keep him for insurance even though he sucks.

    I have to think that in the final 53 there is no Tebow.

  4. Lies! He just doesn’t want to look like an idiot along the lines of the Albert Haynesworth, Chad Johnson, or Adalius Thomas signings. Tim Tebow is not even a NFL backup. How much more do the Tebow zealots have to see to realize Tebow should just open him a church somewhere and preach the word of God. He is not a fullback or tight end because on special teams against backups he almost allowed 3 or 4 punts to get blocked, so how he going to block All Pro and Probowl d ends or linebackers?

  5. Belichick is the kind of guy that would keep playing Tebow at QB in the preseason despite having every intention in the world of putting him at tight end during the regular season. The only thing you can know for sure is that you aren’t being shown reality. Just saying.

  6. Its stuff like this that scares me as a Patriots fan. Bill falls in love with players, gives them changes against all reason. If they cut someone like Leon Washington or LeGarrette Blount to keep this guy it will be a shame.
    (I only name them because they are rumored bubble guys)

  7. Yeah, you also had “more yards” than The Camel in San Fran. Matter of fact you had “more” more yards than with Tebow. So if the depth chart was released it would read

    1. Random fat sedentary fan on couch

    2. Tebow

    3. Ink stained idiot by the Bay.

  8. Come on Bill. You’ve done enough for Josh already. If he’s tryin’ to convince you that he can make him into a Kaepernick or Wilson it just ain’t gonna happen. Just looks foolish coach.

  9. 1/7 for -1 yards and a pick against the third-stringers of a team that had one of the singly worst pass defenses in NFL history last year.

    Is it safe to assume Belichick was making sarcastic air quotes with his fingers when he said the word “improving”?

  10. .

    Tebow could have value in certain situations, for example : red zone or clock management. A backfield of Tebow, Leon Washington, and Shane Vereen would create some defensive mismatches.


  11. I’m still trying to figure out how Tebow who can’t even throw, torched bobzillas steeler defense a couple yrs ago after big Ben gave them the lead that they couldn’t hold again!

  12. Belichick is a master roster manipulator. I don’t see Tebow making the final 53 but I do see him being added onto the roster at some point in time this season .

    As far as a move to TE, don’t see it. There is a stud FA who is going to make this team by the name of Zack Sudfield.

  13. The only reason the Patriots even signed Tebow is because Belichick and Kraft are obsessed with drawing attention to their perennially overrated football team – a team that hasn’t won jack since cheating, mind you.

  14. rickastleydancemoves says:
    Aug 19, 2013 1:54 PM
    Lies! He just doesn’t want to look like an idiot along the lines of the Albert Haynesworth, Chad Johnson, or Adalius Thomas signings…

    Questionable comparison as Tebow was a cheap signing where NFL contracts are concerned, and probably will not make the roster. And Thomas was not completely useless to the Pats. He was too expensive but at least serviceable to the Pats for a couple of seasons unlike the other three.

    Yes, Belichick has missed on some players, but he does not miss as often as most of the GMs in the league. Why that drives some of you nuts remains a mystery.

  15. The Tebow questions keep the Hernandez questions to a minimum which is just another reason why Bill Belichick is one step ahead of the media and always will be!

  16. In theory, he should be good at running out the clock in the 4th quarter when the Pats have a big lead and they don’t want anyone important to get hurt.

    However, with Ridley, Vereen, Blount and Boldin I’m not sure that’s a big need for the Pats.

    Plus that would mean giving him a spot on the 53-man roster and keeping him active on game days.

    How likely is all that?

  17. Just occurred to me that the Pats signed Tebow to be a good influence for Mallet – whom actually has potential.

  18. I doubt Tebow makes the final roster.

    That said BB is certainly having fun torturing the press with his Tebow comments


  19. Improved? Compared to what? I’m thinking BB is just pulling someone’s leg. There is nobody in football who would look at that “performance” and call it improved.

    So I guess the next game we’ll see an “improved” Tebow get -15? 4 sacks? 6 ground balls?

  20. Can you imagine how hilarious it would be to see Brady have a bad game at home and the crowd starts chanting for Tebow. The look on his face would be priceless.

  21. If the Patriots keep Tim Tebow through final roster cuts, I’d be extremely shocked. Belichick usually goes with two QB’s on the 53 and one or none on the practice squad.

    Who knows though, with Brady getting older and somewhat fragile, he might just fool us all and keep Tebow.

    The biggest reason the Patriots brought Tebow in was money. Having a guy that is so well liked on the team helps greatly from a business standpoint. Jersey sales have to be through the roof, along with ticket sales. I know that the Patriots of lately routinely sell out their stadium, but I bet the Patriots were able to raise ticket prices with some of the new players added to the mix. I know their Training camp fan numbers have to be up also. If not to play, Tebow was all about business.

  22. @trbowman: “Hasn’t won jack since cheating”

    First, if by cheating you mean filming from an unpermitted location, then yes, they cheated. Second – hasn’t won jack: Does jack not include 16 regular season games in one regular season? Or five division titles? Or two AFC Championships? How much jack has your team won lately by the way?

  23. 1-7 passing with 1 INT. Completed the same number of passes to the other team as he did to his own. What is that improvement from?…being unemployed like he was a few months back?

  24. If that constitutes improvement, I can only imagine how badly Ryan and Co. had screwed him up before he got to N.E.

  25. I am not an NFL quarterback by any means, but I do know that he is holding that football incorrectly. I tried holding the football like the picture and it is very awkward.

    His stats are starting to make sense now.

  26. Keeping him on the roster now would be just for show and fluff, then again he did the same thing with Ocho and Haynesworth but I think they need to cut their losses unless they think they’re close to untapping some potential which they probably have a 5% chance of.

    Harbaugh said AJ Jenkins was definitely improving as well.

  27. The sports media will not be happy until the Patriots cut Tebow. If that happens before the start of the season, this site and most others that follow sports will have a party, rejoicing that Tebow has been put out to pasture for good.

    However, if Tebow makes the final Pats roster, I expect the media will have a collective conniption fit.

    I think it would be much more fun to watch the latter.

  28. I like the kid, he’s all you would want as a person and teammate it seems. That said, he’s almost painful to watch , everything is so labored. Meaning you can almost see him doing things “by the book”, there’s no fluidity to his decision making or throwing. Maybe the NYJ were actually protecting him by not playing him at QB.

  29. I wonder if BB was repeatedly (and quietly) muttering this to himself, before he said that to the press.

  30. Every team was videotaping, not just the Pats, because it was legal. Goodell sent that memo about videotaping to every team in the NFL. If the Pats were the only team videotaping, then why did Goodell send that memo to every team in the NFL? Because EVERY team was cheating.

  31. Watching him in practice while rotating with Brady and Mallet against the TB D-backs was painful. It appears that the more the coaches try to help him with his release and accuracy, the worse it gets. With the wind blowing across the field his passes beyond 25yds. fluttered and wobbled. It reminded me of a kid trying to make a high school team. I like his persona, but he is not an NFL QB. God blessed hm in other ways but throwing a spiral is not one of them.

  32. Tim would have made a great SW tailback if that offense was still used today. He is a hard runner and is a threat to throw the ball, yes a threat, just like there is a threat of rain every day. He cannot drop back, survey a defense and make accurate passes. His game is running linebackers over and running around like a chicken with his head cut off. I actually think Rex and Spar made a good call not involving him in the passing game with the Jets, he would have really hamstrung the flow of the game even more.. he just isn’t a professional QB. There are plenty of good football players that aren’t bound for the majors. He won a playoff game, a Heisman and has money in the bank. He could go into ministry and spread the word and live the next 60 years of his life in bliss. He is a good guy, I always say I would love to have him as a brother in law, but I would hate to have him QB my football team.

  33. metitometin says:

    Every team was videotaping, not just the Pats, because it was legal. Goodell sent that memo about videotaping to every team in the NFL. If the Pats were the only team videotaping, then why did Goodell send that memo to every team in the NFL? Because EVERY team was cheating.

    It wasn’t prohibited before the memo so it wasn’t even cheating at that point. And not every team was doing sideline taping but Jimmy Johnson is on record saying he had done it and abandoned doing so because he felt he got no advantage from it. The Jets did so and other coaches are on record saying they did so.

    Unfortunately the bspn hysteria tin foil hat crowd thinks it resulted in a magical telepathic system when all it did was make it slightly easier to collate the same information they got by having an offensive coaching assistant sit there with a laptop and record what signal the other team used on what play.

    It’s more palatable for them to believe that than acknowledge the Pats were the better team.

  34. “EJ says: Aug 19, 2013 2:56 PM
    If the Patriots keep Tim Tebow through final roster cuts, I’d be extremely shocked. The biggest reason the Patriots brought Tebow in was money. Having a guy that is so well liked on the team helps greatly from a business standpoint. Jersey sales have to be through the roof, along with ticket sales. ”

    What kind of maroons would buy a jersey of a 3rd string QB who is likely not even going to make the team? How many jerseys can Skip Bayless or Gator fans buy?

  35. I’m completely floored there are still people defending this guy taking a roster spot and their reasoning is the usual “he’d make a good TE or TB” or “He’s just not getting a chance” or my personal favorite “he’d be good on goal line or wildcat plays”…. Good lord just accept the guy can’t play! !!!

  36. Every time I see a picture of Tim Tebow I’m reminded of those stories about the lazy pro scouts in the 50’s and early 60’s who used to draft and sign players on how good they looked on the covers of the football magazines. Only to later find out they couldn’t play pro ball at all.

  37. Say what u want about Belichek but they have nothing to gain by signing Tebow (Pats don’t need help drawing tickets, merch, or ratings), yet he’s giving Tim Tebow a chance to play QB , which is all you can ask.

    If the Pats cut him, I have no problem with it because they at least tried him out properly, gave him a shot, and were fair with him.

  38. If Tim Tebow wants to be a difference maker, he needs to realize that he is not a QB. He doesn’t have to be a gimmick only player. Playing TE in the Patriot system seems to be a fast track to being able to effect the outcome of the game. Also doesn’t mean he can’t be thrown in on a gimmick play or two either. Sounds to me that he (Tebow) could be a pretty versatile player. Question is, is Tim Tebow too proud to accept that he wont be a quarterback?

  39. Bill is talking about Tim Tebow, the former Jet, Bronco, Gater QB, right? Cause if it is, I’ve been looking at the wrong guy the past couple of weeks.

  40. I have to laugh at the guy saying this will improve their ticket sales. Are you kidding me, they sellout every game. The season ticket waiting list has about 50,000 people on it.

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