Bradshaw blown away by video tribute from Giants

Getty Images

On Sunday night, Colts running back Ahmad Bradshaw returned to MetLife Stadium for a preseason game against the only NFL team for which he’s ever played.  And while Bradshaw still hasn’t suited up for the Colts due to a foot injury, his former team made it a memorable night.

The Giants put together a video tribute to Bradshaw, who was a big part of a pair of Super Bowl-winning teams.  The video was played on the big board at the stadium.

“Oh man, that was awesome,” Bradshaw said after the game, via quotes distributed by the Colts.  “My heart just dropped when that happened.  It was just heartbreaking, man.  Six years being here and to come and see that, it’s heartbreaking.”

Bradshaw had no idea it was coming.

“I didn’t know,” Bradshaw said.  “It was surprising.  It was awesome.”

The return to his former home stadium otherwise wasn’t awesome.

“[V]ery weird,” Bradshaw said of the experience.  “Like I said, six years, my whole NFL career has been here.  To come from the opposite locker room, it’s something I never thought would come.”

Under the current scheduling formula, Bradshaw will get to do it again during the 2014 regular season.  That’s when the Colts are next due to visit MetLife Stadium for a game against the Giants.

Unless, of course, the Colts end up playing the Giants in Super Bowl XLVIII.