Browns acquire John Moffitt from Seahawks


The Browns have made another trade.

It’s the fourth one since April 1, and it involves getting guard-center John Moffitt from the Seahawks, straight up for defensive lineman Brian Sanford.

“We continue to look each day of the year for any opportunity to improve our roster,” CEO Joe Banner said in a statement issued by the Browns.  “We’re committed to a building a team that can consistently compete in this league.”

Moffitt was a third-round pick in 2011; Sanford signed with the Browns as an undrafted free agent in 2010.

“John’s a tough and versatile lineman who will be in the mix for us upfront,” Browns coach Rob Chudzinski said.

The acquisition of Moffitt could be related to a high-ankle sprain recently suffered by Jason Pinkston, one of the three candidates to play guard for the Browns.

Regardless, Moffitt adds some veteran experience to a team with plenty of young players.  The release announcing the trade specifically points out that the Browns have added 11 players this year who are either 26 or 27.

47 responses to “Browns acquire John Moffitt from Seahawks

  1. Your move Niners….

    seriously though, congrats to Sweezy on winning the position. look up his story, amazing transition into the pros

    best of luck to Moffitt… gonna miss his words of wisdom on the RRR

  2. Not sure about his athletic ability but he appears to have a righteous mullet. Hope he works out the guard play on the O line has always been a weakness.

  3. With busts like him and James Carpenter at the top of their recent drafts, it makes the Seahawk rise even more remarkable.

    Somebody is doing a great job of setting the brain trust up in round 2-7 (maybe Scott McCloughan..hmmm)?

  4. Whenever I see the name John Moffitt, I think about the guy who played drums for the Jacksons in the 80’s.

  5. So much promise, so little actual delivery. I hope he can revive his short-lived career in another locale. Best of luck to you, John! I hope you do great things in Cleveland.

  6. @docboss

    Your just sawdy because your trading away your 3rd round pick two years later for nothing. And just because you guys had 1 good year doesn’t give you the right to start looking down on other teams. I love it when a perennial crappy team has 1 good year and then talks down on everyone like they have been contenders for years. Browns are in the same position you were a year ago, a QB away from the playoffs and seeing Weeden in this new offense finally with a real coach, you better watch out.

    Any reasonable Hawks fans out there with anything to say about this Moffit? After around week 3 he will be third on the depth chart but is he capable of filling in until then?

  7. @clebrown216: Moffitt is ok. He can hold the fort just fine till your starters get back, and if he ever takes things truly seriously, he could be a decent starter for you. But he’s never in shape and is a total goofball–which is great for fans, but not so great when he’s busy pizzing in parking lots…

    What about this slow 280 lb DE we got in trade for him? The proverbial bag-o-chips or what?!

  8. As a Seahawk fan, I think Moffit is solid. I heard Dave Wyman, former Hawks LB who is on local sport radio station now, say that Tom Cable, our OL coach, likes JR Sweezy better. Sweezy is college DL that was converted to OL as a rookie last year, he started first game of regular season as a rookie, cuz of injuries, and held his own.

    So I think main reason Seahawks made this trade is to help make sure Moffit leaves the NFC, specifically the NFC West. Solid p/u for the Browns 🙂

  9. @6rings

    Oh yeah we totally got robbed. We have away that all important RE who wouldn’t have even made our roster.

    Why don’t you worry about how old your team is getting.

  10. And dude, Seattle sucked for three or four years due to our idiot ex-GM Timmay! Ruskell, but have made the playoffs 6 out of the last 10 years…despite him. What have the Browns done–I dont think they’ve made the playoffs 6 times in the last 30 years?!

  11. @docboss

    You just realized the Seahawk fans are the most irritating, arrogant, clueless fans in the NFL. Welcome to the club… We’ve had to deal with them since they started winning some games last year. And then.. now their fans think they’re the best in the league. Win something ,anything, first then talk.

  12. As a Browns fan I think this trade helps both teams.Sanford was a good player that had some nasty to him, but switching to a 3-4 took away roster spots for the d-line.And hopefully Moffitt will give us some depth on the O-line with Pinkston and Lauvao being injured.

  13. I like how niner fans try to come over her and talk crap because they Had an ACTUAL BUST in Jenkins. Moffitt is a rotational player in Seattle who has depth at the position.

    Carpenter is a pro bowl caliber player who switched positions in the nfl but consistently get dinged up. DOES not mean he is a bust. He is the strongest biggest mauler on the seahawks team. He’s had two injury ended seasons.

    To call him a bust is ignorant, and just shows or jealousy for our scouting department.

    Try Sherman 5th round, all pro
    Chancellor 5th round pro bowl
    Earl Thomas 1st round pro bowl
    Okung 1st Rd pro bowl
    Max Unger 2nd Rd all pro
    Wagner 2nd Rd, drop 2nd place
    Irvin 1st Rd led all rookies in sacks
    Browner Canadian football pro bowl
    Lynch, traded for from buffalo for peanuts mike rob pro bowl FB.
    Russell Wilson pro bowl qb

    These are Ll withing the last few seasons. We draft studs your niners draft duds, ur current regime inherited these guys, since all you have is aldon, kaep, both studs but are so close to flopping minute 1 player or two that helps them.

    Stop with the hate of the seahawks there has been no team the last few seasons to draft better than them, especially when u look at top to bottom studs like 5th round pro bowls and all pros.

    Get it act together ur disgrace ur fellow niner fans. The seahawks draft excellent trading depth away is what teams do. Ur team traded a loser for another. Figure it out.

  14. @sttbm


    Haha and yeah I seriously doubt Sanford will make your team. He’s a nobody. I know he wouldn’t have made our 53 because we are pretty deep at D-Line and he doesn’t even fit our new 3-4.

    But I know you guys have some injuries at DE and Bruce Irvin being out so who knows. But yeah he’s nothing special at all, sorry.

    P.S. too bad Bruce Irvin is suspended, he’s one of my favorite pass rushers to watch. Could be a stud

  15. And I never said the Browns did anything. We have sucked ill be the first to let you know.

    But the Seahawks haven’t been relevant. More relevant than the Browns, yeah. But that ain’t sayin much haha.

  16. @clebrown216:

    I agree Moffitt is solid but unspectacular. He’s more a technician than raw ability. I got the impression that he’s a bit of a free spirit and doesn’t necessarily hit the books as much as needed to make up for the lack of raw athleticism.

    He had some injury issues which caused some conditioning problems. But by all account he was in good shape. He’s also up to step 2 of the drug suspension thing. He “forgot” to get a use exemption his rookie year and was suspended for 4 games.

  17. And also the Browns were one of the NFL’s best franchises of all time until Art Modell ruined them by moving. Not making excuses but starting over completely ain’t easy. Especially when you have crap owners who didnt care about the team and morons making decisions.

  18. My boy JR SWEEZY wins the hawks job!!! Wooohoooo! Still can’t believe it’s a white dude who has that name…

  19. Moff just didn’t have the nasty edge that Tom Cable needs from his guys. His personality will surely be missed, but he definitely seems to take bacon and beer more seriously than becoming a better football player.

  20. Good trade for both teams!! Cleveland needs an experienced O-lineman until their two guards get back in six weeks and Seattle needs D lineman. Sanford is like the energizeer bunny with a motor that just doesn’t quit, but he had six starters in front of him that he would never pass up. Good luck Brian. I hope you can crack that rotation in Seattle.

  21. Hope there aren’t many malls near the Browns’ stadium. Moffitt has a penchant for urinating in the general vicinity of malls. I am not joking, though it is kind of humorous…sort of!

  22. initially I hate this trade as it doesn’t make much sense but I think that any true Seahawks fan could agree that John and Pete have earned our trust in their scouting ability at this point

  23. I’m really surprised Moffitt didn’t pan out. Dude was an absolute animal at Wisconsin. Seriously, go watch some John Clay/James White/Montee Ball highlights, this dude was in every highlight piledriving defenders into the sun and opening holes the size of trucks.

  24. Hmm maybe we won’t have to worry about no more Moffitt on the Real Rob Report if there isn’t a Rob around to film’s all coming together.

  25. John Moffitt is a loveable guy especially for those Hawk fans that watch him in the locker room in RRR. He is a decent pass blocker and I thought he struggled a bit with stronger lineman in run game. He is excellent depth if not a starter. Sweezy and two talented rookie lineman are the reason this trade is taking place. Its going to be tough for a new DT/DE to make this roster with guys like McDaniel/Jaye Howard on the bubble. Clint McDonald hopefully is safe on the PUP?

  26. realfootballfan says: Aug 19, 2013 6:23 PM

    With busts like him and James Carpenter at the top of their recent drafts, it makes the Seahawk rise even more remarkable.

    Somebody is doing a great job of setting the brain trust up in round 2-7 (maybe Scott McCloughan..hmmm)?


    49er fan without question. Scott McClouglan put together the core of your franchise and is key role here in Seattle. Talk busts, didn’t you just trade bust for bust the other day? Or is AJ Jenkins only sitting being a “stacked” roster…James Carpenter stays healthy he’s better than 3/4 of your offensive line. Davis is one of the most overrated RT in the history of football.

  27. Moffit’s a solid player and a good personality. The Seahawks are thin at DE so I guess this is a stop gap. Moffit’s a legit player though, so it seems like it’s a costly stop gap solution. We’ll see, in Schneider/Carroll we trust.

  28. pathsovglory says:
    Aug 19, 2013 5:55 PM
    Your move Niners….
    Why? Is this move supposed to scare the Niners organization?


  29. @49ermbr says: Aug 19, 2013 6:55 PM


    You just realized the Seahawk fans are the most irritating, arrogant, clueless fans in the NFL. Welcome to the club… We’ve had to deal with them since they started winning some games last year. And then.. now their fans think they’re the best in the league. Win something ,anything, first then talk.
    We are just trying to wish our best to a good guy who’s leaving town, and we get the above. Geesh.


    NFC West Winners last 10 years

    2012 San Francisco 49ers 11-4-1
    2011 San Francisco 49ers 13-3-0
    2010 Seattle Seahawks 7-9-0
    2009 Arizona Cardinals 10-6-0
    2008 Arizona Cardinals 9-7-0
    2007 Seattle Seahawks 10-6-0
    2006 Seattle Seahawks 9-7-0
    2005 Seattle Seahawks 13-3-0
    2004 Seattle Seahawks 9-7-0
    2003 St. Louis Rams

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