Eagles still waiting for Kenny Phillips to show he deserves a job


It was regarded as a coup of sorts when the Eagles lured safety Kenny Phillips away from the Giants via free agency.  But Phillips may be back with the Giants soon — or one of the other 30 teams.

As recently explained by Geoff Mosher of CSNPhilly.com, Phillips faces the possibility of being cut, due in large part to a quad strain that has kept Phillips out of action since August 11.  Though he plans to be back on the field Tuesday, Nate Allen and rookie Earl Wolff have taken over the starting job earmarked for the 2008 first-round pick.

“I’m just hoping to get out there as soon as possible,” Phillips said.

Mosher writes that there’s no guarantee Phillips will even make the final 53-man roster.  And Phillips seems to realize that.

“You have to compete day-to-day, but this is a new team, new coaches.  They want to see what you can do,” Phillips said.  “Being on the sideline doesn’t help the cause.”

Phillips says his quad injury is unrelated to knee problems that have plagued his career.  Regardless of the specific problem, an inability to practice and play could get Phillips cut.  But if he can get and stay healthy, Phillips could be in the starting lineup.

It’s a wide range of outcomes for a guy who, when 100 percent, can cover a wide range of ground in the secondary.

12 responses to “Eagles still waiting for Kenny Phillips to show he deserves a job

  1. there is always an injury with him its why the giants just let him walk. if he was healthy I bet you he would be the best safety out there

  2. His knee injury is degenerative. It’s a sad case for a guy who was headed for great things.

  3. We knew he’d end up back with us. Reese just let him go to Phi so we could get some intel on that dopey new system of theirs.

  4. He stays because when healthy he is one of the best. For what we signed him for it would be a good investment to keep him around for depth and see if he can heal up enough to play some games, especially IF the eagles happen to make the playoffs.

  5. just another giant who left NY to early for money and became a nobody. if he doesnt end up with NYG you can call it a career for KP in about 2 years.

    ps wheres steve smith been LOL

  6. I am truly hoping he gets healthy. He is far better, say again…far better then anyone else they have at that position. This would really help the Eagles.

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