Ed Dickson returns to practice


The Ravens are getting healthier.

It looks like they will have cornerback Lardarius Webb and guard Marshal Yanda back in the lineup for this week’s preseason game against the Panthers and now the team has announced that tight end Ed Dickson has returned to practice. Dickson has missed the last couple of weeks with a hamstring injury and he was limited in practice on Monday, but it’s progress toward having him in the lineup once the regular season gets underway.

Should Dickson’s health hold upon his return to the field, the Ravens will have some decisions to make at tight end as they put together their final roster. Coach John Harbaugh said last week that the team was still holding out hope that Dennis Pitta would return at some point during the season and the team has signed Visanthe Shiancoe and Dallas Clark to give them other options at the position in the wake of the injuries to their top two returning tight ends.

That’s not a far better problem to have than replacing both Dickson and Pitta, though, and one that the Ravens will likely be glad to make as a result.

23 responses to “Ed Dickson returns to practice

  1. How does a Steeler’s fan change a light bulb?

    They don’t. They just talk about how good the old one was.

    BTW when’s your tight end coming back again?

  2. Foolish steeler fans. Jealousof6rings doesn’t even know that other cities, including Baltimore, have 6 or more NFL Championship rings. It looks like every team is looking for healthy receivers, especially in the AFC.

  3. hakunamangata says:

    BTW when’s your tight end coming back again?


    Our starting TE is coming back before yours, thats for sure.

    I don’t feel the need to bring up the number of rings the Steelers have won but its always fun to joke and argue about the flaws of each others teams. Injuries suck and the Steelers have their fair share thats for sure. Both teams are going to be very different this year, mostly younger which isnt something we’ve seen in a while. Hopefully, young guys from both teams can emerge and stay healthy so we don’t have to listen to Bengals fans talk about Andy Dalton being a playoff QB anymore…

  4. OK Steeley, I get it. Yes joemontana is a homer, drinking the purple liquid. But, we are all a little guilty.

  5. Why are Steeler fans even talking? They missed the playoffs last year and were beaten the year before by freaking Tebow! Tebow.. Welcome back, Ed! Let’s get this season going!

  6. Because that’ all the Steelers can do anymore….talk. Of course they hate the ravens, NFC North Champs two years in a row. Super Bowl Champs last year. There is a lot to hate!!!!!
    Steelers were, Ravens are.
    With Dickson and Clark we have two legitimate NFL TE’s. Steelers have none.
    There are only 3 players on the Steelers roster that would start for the Ravens this year…..Pouncey, Brown, and Taylor (possible). The rest of that team is smoke, except Ben who hasn’t played a whole season in 3 years. They’ve hung on to old veterans (Polamalu, Woodley, etc.) that haven’t been healthy for years and will likely be good for half a season again. Of course they are hamstrung by a salary cap nightmare and a terrible front office. Hence their demise. Don’t be surprised if they finish 4th in the North this year, sad.

  7. While Looney and Colbert are clunking heads and Roethlisbooger and Haley continue their hatefest, Dickson gets stronger and the Ravens receiver corps keeps getting more deadly. Add Rice and Pierce to the mix and the Steelers defense might as well surrender.

  8. Hahahahaha! Pick six! Kerrigan! LOVE IT! Roethlisbooger shaking his head. Haley cursing under his breath! Thanks, neighbor.

  9. hey jb. did you watch the first half of your game. ben is already throwing picks 6s, no running game no passing game and your fraud of a defense gave up a td to rex grossman. no wonder you cant answe my question…what a joke of a team jb. man you guys are pathetic jb. colbert is burning up the phone lines now. gonna be a long year jb

  10. “Of course they hate the ravens, NFC North Champs two years in a row”

    What’s sadder is that this post got all thumbs up and none down. And by the way, if you were in the NFCN, Detroit would manhandle you with ease. They could call Batch back for old times.

  11. The Ravens were handled up and down the field against the Falcons, but hey the Steelers lost. All is well in Baltimore.

    There’s another game for you on Thursday. Let’s see what happens.

  12. @ jb
    That is true. The Ravens had nothing going against Atlanta. But I think our problems revolve around all the new faces developing a rhythm as a unit. Our D is going to be way better than last year. Our O has a few question marks, yes. We have a couple injuries that have had some guys off the field so far this preseason but overall there is a lot of promise for where we will end up.
    Can Steelers fans say that?

  13. jacktheraven says:
    Aug 19, 2013 6:02 PM
    OK Steeley, I get it. Yes joemontana is a homer, drinking the purple liquid. But, we are all a little guilty.

    13 0 Glad to see Dickson is back

    Don’t agree with you much Jack, but he is not a just a homer he is the dictionary post child for a troll. Gad you along with other raven fans are beginning to see what a fool he/she is. Trash talking is in,but what he does is over the edge… You have earned my respect.

  14. Nofool, we can all, ( Steeler & Raven fans) earn each others respect. We just have to show some, like you. I’ll bet Joemontanaflacco can show some too.

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