Ex-Bear David Terrell arrested on drug, battery charges

Former Bears receiver David Terrell faces drug and battery charges after he was arrested in Chicago on Friday.

The Chicago Sun-Times reports that the incident began on Friday afternoon when officers responded to a call reporting people smoking marijuana. Police found Terrell and two other people with what were described as “materials to package and distribute narcotics” in plain view.

Police say Terrell struck one officer’s hand and “resisted and attempted to defeat the arrest.”

Terrell was charged with one felony count of manufacture or delivery of 30-500 grams of cannabis and one misdemeanor count of battery. He paid the required 10 percent of his $20,000 bond and was released from jail.

As the No. 8 overall pick in the 2001 NFL draft, Terrell was a disappointment: He lasted four years in Chicago and caught 128 passes for 1,602 yards and nine touchdowns. He caught on with Denver for long enough to play one game in 2005, and that was the last game of his NFL career.

18 responses to “Ex-Bear David Terrell arrested on drug, battery charges

  1. Police say Terrell struck one officer’s hand and “resisted and attempted to defeat the arrest.”

    If only he’d done the same thing with corners.

  2. Sources tell me that Jim Harbaugh posted the bond and will be signing him to a contract tommorow

  3. Another former professional football player since he was in high school, who had NO business being accepted into ANY university/college in the country merely playing out his eligibility, while attaining no degree OR job skill of any sort. He “busts” in the NFL and now is LITERALLY busted. Until the NCAA and institutes of higher learning take their responsibilities seriously, and stop exploiting the “student athletes,” we will never run out of uneducated, jobless brutes with MOST of their lives in front of them, which could be upwards of some fifty years MORE! What in god’s name will happen to just THIS man over the next forty to fifty years?! Whatever it is, it won’t be pretty.

  4. And since he was a moron with the 20 mil or so he would have gotten for his 8th overall contract he now has to sell drugs to have anything close to the lifestyle he thought the NFL would give him for his whole life.

    Stupidity marches onwards.

  5. wait a minute- I could be buying my weed from david terrell? big cat williams and his shwag just lost a customer.

  6. Ron Borges highly criticized the Patriots for drafting Richard Seymour at #6 and passing on David Terrell. In a related item, Borges should be selling Dixie Cups for a living.

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