Ex-Rams G.M. says all Alex Barron likes about football is getting paid


In 2010, former Rams General Manager Billy Devaney traded away Alex Barron, an offensive tackle who had been a first-round draft pick of the previous regime. Devaney didn’t think much of Barron at the time, and he doesn’t think much of him now.

Discussing Barron today on ESPN, Devaney said that Barron doesn’t care about football and only plays because he wants to get paid.

“He’s got the skill to play. He does not have the heart to play football. He does not like anything about the game except getting paid,” Devaney said of Barron, who is currently the starting left tackle for the Raiders.

There’s nothing necessarily wrong with doing a job just for the money — a whole lot of people reading this are doing so at a job they go to only for the money — but when NFL teams are evaluating players, they usually want players who love football, under the reasonable assumption that a player who loves the game is going to work harder at it than a player who’s just doing it to get paid.

Barron has more than $10 million in his NFL career. So if he’s only playing for the money, at least he made a lot of it.

50 responses to “Ex-Rams G.M. says all Alex Barron likes about football is getting paid

  1. Well, after his showing Friday night against the Aints I would have to agree…unfortunately.

  2. Well he certaintly doesn’t like blocking early on in his Oakland tenure …. run blocking is sufficient but his pass protection rivals that of …

    Mario Hendersen
    Kwame Harris
    Willie Smith

    …..Veldheer is missed.

  3. If you can just look past the constant missed blocks, stupid holding penalties, and never ending false starts Barron was a decent football player!

  4. As a fan, it ticks me off to see stories like this. Millions and millions of people fantasize about playing professional football, and to see that some people get the opportunity without having any love for the game is frustrating.

    Of course, I get it at the same time. If someone is willing to pay you millions of dollars to do a job you don’t enjoy but can preform reasonably well at, who wouldn’t take advantage of that opportunity?

  5. Billy Devaney’s performance is worse than Barron. He should have donated his salary after posting up a 10-38 record. He must have done it for the money only because the outcome of his tenure was beyond pathetic.

  6. Well, luckily in the NFL, unlike in the NBA or MLB, players like this may simply be cut and monies not paid…

    So if this guy really isn’t any good, and based of the comments on here I’ve read he isn’t, well the Raiders may simply cut him and their losses and find someone who cares more and plays better…

  7. elliottcovert says:
    Aug 19, 2013 4:22 PM

    Of course, I get it at the same time. If someone is willing to pay you millions of dollars to do a job you don’t enjoy but can preform reasonably well at, who wouldn’t take advantage of that opportunity?

    Bullseye. How many of us would pass up an opportunity to make millions like that? And why is this particular player the scapegoat? All the other 1500 NFL players absolutely love love LOVE the game and would play for $30k a season?

    You gotta be high as Von Miller if you believe that.

  8. In his defense…..it must be hard to love football when you’re stuck on the Rams and Raiders.

  9. Not saying that Barron is in the right here, but owners run the NFL like a business, so no one should get upset when they players treat it like one.

  10. The raiders have had more than their share of these types of players over the years.

    I thought Reggie was supposed to “Change” the culture. Seems like business as usual to me.

  11. Pretty sure majority of the world only works at a certain job for the money. Not many people get to do what they “like” to do without taking a pay cut. Anyone complaining about this is just naive to the world and can only see $ signs. Simple class warfare… and on top of that, this is a business. It’s employees deserve percentages of the profits that they create.

  12. humb0lt says:
    Aug 19, 2013 4:54 PM
    It sucks to be a Raiders fan.

    not half as bad as rooting for a clown team like the Chuggers

  13. Maybe it’s just because he sucks. I mean, I only do my job for money, but I try to do it reasonably well so I can keep the job.

  14. I remember when dallas was in the red zone we were loosing in the 4th quarter romo throws a Td then bam holding ALEX BARRON never liked the guy since

  15. Yeah, I guess owners buy teams because they love football too. Give me a break, these guys are all businessmen but we expect players to not be.

  16. He’s right about Barron, until he says that he has skill. He doesn’t have skill. Or heart. I bet he doesn’t have much of a brain either.

  17. Barron was signed as a back up because of the lack of depth and nothing more. He’s no Veldeer obviously. He was only brought in to compete for a back up role. Nothing wrong with that. If he under performs as a “NOW” starter replacing Veldeer, then they put another player in his place off the depth chart, until they do find one who is comparable to Veldeer. In two weeks almost half of these guys will be gone and the Raiders will be using free agency one again to replace missing parts or underperforming players. that’s the great thing about pre-season, the roster never ends up the way it starts.

  18. I watched this clown against the Saints.

    He needs to change his name to ‘Air Curtain’. His power is the same power as walking into a Lowe’s mid winter, you hardly notice he’s there.

  19. Of course they play for the money. Look at all the crappy backup QBs that hang around for years. Do you think David Carr is going to make $925k per year outside of football? If someone offered me that much jack to hold a clipboard and wear a headset I’d stay in the league too.

  20. Some of you are apparently confusing his comments as Barron taking a business like approach.

    Apathetic and lazy. That is what Devaney is getting at.

  21. While I agree with Devaney on Barron, one should remember he is the GM that presided over the Rams when they managed to compile the worst 3 year record in the NFL’s history . . . and hitched his wagon to Steve Spagnoulo who may be the worst head coaching hire ever.

  22. humb0lt says: Aug 19, 2013 4:54 PM

    It sucks to be a Raiders fan.
    There it is. We always suspected humb0lt was a closet Raider fan. I would say it “must” suck to be a Charger fan, suffering through decade upon decade of perpetual failure, but I would never say it sucks to be a Charger fan, because I just don’t know.

  23. I think fans would be shocked to learn how many NFL players don’t necessarily like (and maybe even *hate*) their jobs.

    As fans, we have the luxury of seeing only the entertainment side of the game. We might get upset when the team plays poorly and loses….but then we go back to our regular jobs and regular lives.

    For NFL players, poor performance can be life-altering. An NFL player’s job is in constant jeopardy, and for players on the margin, one or two bad games (or an injury) can be the difference between feeding his family and the unemployment line.

    There’s no question that it’s a privilege to play in the NFL….and I’m sure any one of us would jump at the opportunity. But let’s not pretend it’s a summer boys’ camp; it’s an incredible grind that dominates their entire existence for 8-9 months out of the year.

    For us, it’s a game. But for the guys that do it, it’s absolutely a job…..and I’m sure an awful lot of them are doing it primarily because it’s the only job they’re qualified to do. If they could find a normal job with greater stability that paid half of what they make in the NFL, I’m guessing more than a few of them would file their retirement papers today.

  24. slick50ks says: Aug 19, 2013 5:46 PM

    Why else would ANYONE want to play in oakland?

    You may as well be in a 3rd world country.
    The Chiefs haven’t won anything since 1970. They haven’t won a playoff game in almost 20 years. They were the worst team in the league last year and got swept by the Raiders. The Raiders! Kansas City is a cow-town craphole, and their football team is inept.

  25. 1) This is one GMs opinion…they guy might just suck as others have pointed out.

    2) a few people commented that Barron will have money issues…strikes me that someone who just plays the game for money and not caring enough about money to look after it don’t go together. My guess is that will make those who hate this guy for not loving the game even more upset.

    3) I think GMs who makes personal attacks of this sort are very unlikely to be successful.

  26. So the guy that drafted a first round bust blames the player. Maybe he should have talked about how the system he set up to identify players worth drafting or taking in free agency or trading for, failed over and over again during his tenure with the rams.

    If these comments were from Ozzie Newsome, I’d put complete stock in them and would jump on the band wagon of hating on this guy. But these comments came from a guy with a combined 10-38 record who managed to draft 0 super stars in the 4 years he was in charge of the draft, despite the fact that the rams picked in the top 5, 3 of the 4 years.

  27. Not saying I don’t agree about anyone’s assessment of Barronbut Decant has no right to talk about anyone’s performance. I can’t stand this dude. He gets on the radio ad says he don’t owe fans an explanation of his draft picks when Bradford was in his rookie year 9&7 record like they were paying off at the time. Other than Bradford all your draft picks sucked. That’s why fish and Snead got rid of all your players. He don’t know football. He’s the no talent chump

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