Jamaal Charles not sure if he’ll play this week


Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles isn’t sure when he’ll return to the starting lineup after straining his right foot last week.

In fact, he’s not even sure if his foot is bothering him anymore, or if it’s something else.

“Playing in the NFL you get weird injuries,” Charles said, via Adam Teicher of the Kansas City Star. “This is one of the weird injuries I’ve had. It started in my foot and it travelled all the way to the top of my foot and now it’s stuck in the middle of my right leg.

“I’m getting my treatment so I can be right.”

Charles practiced Sunday, and there’s a chance he plays Saturday against the Steelers, depending on how this week goes.

“I told [trainer Rick Burkholder] that I can’t just be waiting and waiting and waiting,” said Charles, who injured his foot in practice last Monday. “I’ve got to get the reps and continue to see how I feel, whether it’s getting better or worse.”

While the temptation to get him back on the field is real, considering all the new parts around him, they need to make sure he’s healed from whatever’s bothering him first.

9 responses to “Jamaal Charles not sure if he’ll play this week

  1. I hope Charles is okay. He’s fun to watch.

    This kind of thing used to happen with the Eagles all the time:

    – injury to star player >

    -Reports as divergent as “possible season ending” to “negative MRI” appear >

    -Andy says the player is “fine” >

    -but two weeks later the player hasn’t appeared in a game and isn’t getting enough reps in practice >

    – when asked about his injury, the player appears to be totally in the dark and isn’t sure what trainer Rick Burkholder is up to.

    The only part that hasn’t happend yet is:

    – Rick Burkholder sits for press conferences, brings diagrams, generally becomes a part of the story…

    Is it a minor injury being micro-managed by bad trainer who likes to draw attention to himself? Or is really serious injury being handled beautifully by awesome trainer working for a coach who likes to control the flow of information?

    I don’t know what it means. It’s just a pattern I’ve recognized.

  2. seriously, “blood clot”? you know blood is not the only thing that travels from your extremeties to your torso, right? there are nerves that connect every muscle and tendon in your feet to your spine.

  3. Go ahead and play Jamal, under a Reid offense, you’ll get about 5 touches a game even though your best player so your risk is minimal for an injury. Alex smith will lose his arm about week 8 though

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