Kirk Cousins leaves game with foot injury


“Operation Patience” was the message on Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III’s t-shirt before Monday night’s game against the Steelers.

“Operation Grossman” may be the Redskins’ motto for the rest of the preseason.

Kirk Cousins, starting in place of Griffin for the second straight game, went down to the ground and grabbed his right foot after being tackled by Steelers linebacker Lawrence Timmons while trying to run out of bounds in the second quarter. He was taken to the sideline, where trainers removed his shoe and started their examinations.

Rex Grossman replaced Cousins and would presumably remain in the game for the rest of the half at the very least if Cousins doesn’t recover. Pat White is the only other quarterback currently on the Redskins roster, which could mean a job opportunity for a currently unemployed signal caller if Cousins isn’t able to play for the rest of the preseason.

UPDATE 8:58 p.m. ET: The Redskins have announced that Cousins’ return is questionable with a right foot injury.

44 responses to “Kirk Cousins leaves game with foot injury

  1. It’s only week 2 of the preseason. Kirk will be fine. He is the backup anyways. Robert Griffin the 3rd will be under center opening night and the Redskins domination will continue this season as usual. #GodsTeamwillbefine

  2. The Steelers win every game where there is no intervention. Unfortunately, these interventions are greater than ever and the Steelers are forced to play by mortal rules. We will still win the Super Bowl, which will prove to be the most glorious yet.

    Don’t you worry; Steeler Nation is alive and well. Our magnificent trophy case is unblemished. Many of you have questioned our present strength. I will only tell you that we are now reaching a climax in our efforts against an ancient nemesis. This Nemesis’ only goal is to see the Steeler Nation fail.

    Let me provide some background for those with feeble grasps of history. Since the dawn of man, there have been two kinds of men: the common man and the divine man. The common man is the typical one you see today. Their leaders are very cunning and have sought to rid the world of their superiors – the divine man. You would better know this group as the Steeler Nation. We have a lineage of God-blood in our bodies that allow for amazing things in the presence of you mere mortals. We instinctively gather to this group and know our cause, as birds fly south.

    Our goal is to eventually start our own league – the SFL – to fully express our divine abilities without the taint of rat-like humans and their creations of agents and lawyers. Still, we feel an obligation to defeat or at least lobotomize our ancient foes before we set off.

    Be assured, we will defeat them and their political games. Wow, you look up in awe of our splendor.


  3. Not sure who is more of a Mommas Boy, logical or jealous. Either way they both serve it up with weak sauce.

  4. I don’t know what planet you live on, 6 Rings, but the Steelers suck now and are not considered a threat anymore…..wake up Corky! Your posts are lame and make no sense!

  5. great job shanarat….another broken leg having your QB run 2 plays in a row…..they don’t get it.
    grossman will be starter soon….lmao.

  6. Steelers Offensive Line stinks…making the Skins Defense look better than it is….

    The report on Cousins is he suffered a fractured Uterus

  7. Hahah the steelers are old and weak they got dominated. The ravens are going to absolutely eat that o line after I saw what my favorite team the skins did to them oh yea the bengals are def sweeping the old curtain too

  8. Two reasons why I am getting tired with the NFL……Dejon Gomes makes a good hit on a WR on 3rd down and gets a 15 yard penalty……Aldrick Robinson catches a first down pass and gets hit in the knee by a safety…..sick and tired of the way defenders have to play……

  9. Hey, 6rings joker. It would be nice if you could be humble just once. You squad looks awfull and the Skins made it obvious that the Steelers will not compete for anything of importance. Good luck with even making the playoffs.

  10. No worries, the coach will put him in next week and the week after — until his foot falls off.

  11. Btw…

    I love the fact that the two biggest trolls are the first ones to respond to a Steelers/Skins game.

    I wonder if you are both now compelled to step up your game for the rest of this comment section.

    Have at it boys!

  12. Sprained foot, x-rays negative, Redskins will be A-OK…. I wish I knew what RG3 truly felt at that moment…

  13. Wow is right. Like as in ‘wow, these two are idiots.’ I’m guessing you two are still here only because they put that picture on plastic bags warning you not to put them over your head.

  14. Wow, RG will be using a walker for the rest of 2013, and now Cousins shows his fragility?

    Redskins fans might need to consider worshiping Satan if they want a full season out of their horrible QB’s. Because God sure ain’t doin’ them any favors. Maybe its their dedication to a racist nickname? LOL!

  15. logicalvoicesays says:
    Aug 19, 2013 8:58 PM
    It’s only week 2 of the preseason. Kirk will be fine. He is the backup anyways………..
    Don’t worry Dude! Maybe Dr. Frankenstien Can take body parts from each one of your QB’s and make one who could stay healthy for a whole season?

  16. Steeler guy neglected to take his crazy pills apparently. I thought you gave up that nonsense a year ago!

    I’m not sure I am liking where this “master race” dialogue is going. If you start blaming who invented AstroTurf, I’m outta here.

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