Lions release Mike Thomas


The Lions have been looking for consistent receiving threats to match with Calvin Johnson for a while now, but Mike Thomas won’t be the answer to their search.

Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press reports that Detroit released the veteran wideout. The Lions acquired Thomas in a trade with the Jaguars before the trade deadline last year and he had five catches for 28 yards in nine games with the team.

The decision to cut bait on Thomas doesn’t come as much of a surprise. Reports out of Detroit had Thomas struggling badly early in camp, which started the slide toward Monday’s news.

Thomas was a relatively productive slot target for the Jaguars in 2010, when he caught 66 passes for 820 yards and four touchdowns, but that year looks like an outlier next to his middling production in his other four years as a professional. He’s just 26, so there may be another shot with another team but Thomas will have to rediscover that old level of productivity to significantly increase his time in the NFL.

11 responses to “Lions release Mike Thomas

  1. Mike Thomas… best known as the name Gus Johnson was yelling when he caught that pass on that commercial that ran every 10 minutes on NFL Network 2 years ago.

  2. Nice use of a draft pick. An overpaid player that ended up not just costing us the pick to acquire him, but he ate up a huge amount of salary relative to what he was worth. We have made dozens and dozens of moves on poor investments just like Mike Thomas and that has been holding us back quite a bit. It all starts at the top with the guy who is evaluating the talent, and we still aren’t close to solving that dilemma. We need a smart football guy to come in here and lead us to greatness, it’s not that difficult fellas, you just have to pick the right leader.

  3. That was a terrible trade by Martin Mayhew. Thomas wasn’t even worth the 5th round pick the Lions paid to get him.

  4. What a fall. Once upon a time, he was Jacksonville’s defacto number one (I know, not saying much).

    Guess he can call up the other Jaguar fallen from grace receiving “star,” Mike Sims-Walker, and commiserate about how they can’t find a job now that Gene Smith got fired.

  5. What if the Lions signed T.O. to be across from Calvin… talk about an defensive coordinator nightmare.

    You can make jokes about T.O. but I GUARANTEE he would EASILY be the #2 WR on your favorite team*, and could be a #1 on quite a few teams.

    *if your a Falcons fan, your the exception.

  6. ya know it’s rare that a 5th round pick (which i believe is what we gave up to acquire him) actually pans out into a quality player. It happens though and anyone we could have gotten a WR for a fraction of what we were paying this guy. On the bright side we get some cap relief now.

  7. Some of you seem to forget the train the Lions picked up Thomas was Burleson injury & Youngs stupidity we needed him at the time & he only cost a 5th rounder

  8. sounddawg313: Young’s situation would be more accurately described as illness, not stupidity. It’s strange how people like to blame people with mental illness for a biological condition that’s beyond the person’s control.

    But yeah, when we signed Thomas last October we were desperate for wide receivers. He didn’t work out. Life goes on. We’re on the hook for his $1M contract.

    Could be worse. Could be the Edmonton Eskimos.

  9. Jimmy – you’re right, Young’s mania is an illness. His refusal for help is stupidity.

    Therefore, Young is stupid. You can only blame the illness if you’re willing to accept help.

  10. Young’s refusal of help is a common symptom of mental illness. When a person is mentally ill, by definition they are not thinking straight and will make bad decisions–witness his earlier behavior.

    Why would you expect him to think clearly enough to realize he needs help?

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