RG3 embarks on “Operation Patience”


Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III has a mission.  And his marching orders are to not march.

Welcome to “Operation Patience,” the message displayed on the T-shirt worn by Griffin during pregame warmups on Monday at FedEx Field.

The message undoubtedly arises from the ongoing tension between the team and the player regarding whether he’ll play in the preseason.  The next question will be whether the team will clear Griffin to play in Week One of the regular season, three weeks from tonight against the Eagles.

Video displayed by ESPN during Monday Night Countdown shows Griffin moving explosively and fluidly on his surgically-repaired knee.  He’s fast, he’s agile, and he’s apparently every bit as skilled as he was before injuring the knee during the 2012 season.

And now his biggest challenge will be to wait until the right time to show what he can do during a football game.

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  1. He was really nice to that sick kid that the Redskins brought to their facility on that countdown story. Kind gestures like that can go a long way. I want to dislike RG3 but it’s tough. He comes across as very human and down to earth.

    The team he plays for is another story.

  2. The best professional football player in the world wears number 10 for the Washington Redskins. Thank GOD he’s my QB for the next two decades. The RG3urrection WILL be televised. #Superhuman

  3. The shirt actually said “Operation Patient”. The hospital gives them out as gratuity to reliable return patients. It also helps identify them when they wander away from the grounds.

  4. We get it dude, you’re the ultimate competitor. Now realize the Skins sold the farm to get you so sit down, shut your mouth and listen to your employer.

  5. Gotta say, it’s very refreshing to see a player and a team arguing because the player actually *wants* to get some preseason snaps in.

  6. Logicalvoices is wrong, the best professional football player(s) in the world are Aaron Rodgers and Adrian Peterson, the last two League MVPs. Rodgers plays for my team and I get to see Peterson play too. Now that’s a treat 🙂

  7. This dude is a media diva, only t.o or chad Johnson would do something like this, logicalvoices only thing that will be televised is IRG3 return to his Hoveround wheelchair

  8. Number 10 is the best egomaniac in the world. Sick of this clown calling press conferences everyday. Great talent, but won’t last in this league. Too bad his mind doesn’t match his talent. Just another IDIOT who will be forgotten in two years.

  9. Im glad all Luck does is play the game right n isnt in love with himself, IRG3 the media cornball

  10. “The message undoubtedly arises from the ongoing tension between the team and the player”

    or perhaps a message to the media to back off and stop trying to stir the pot continuously.

  11. Is everyone sick of hearing about this kid? At first we admired his dedication now its getting just sickening. Many athletes have had injuries and come back. Just shut up and do what the doctor says. See you when you get better. Oh and get rid of the stupid shirt your not 16.

  12. Better teach him that defensive players in the league are playing for mortgage payments and supporting their families. Have him watch tape on Russell Wilson to learn field awareness and when to get out of bounds.#Overrated P.S.- When you guys get out of salary cap hell in two years – he’ll want a new contract and you’ll be in salary cap hell again… lol!

  13. I don’t think RGIII won’t be ready for Week 1, I say the earliest he plays is Week 3…

    also, there’s NO WAY he lasts 2 decades in the NFL!!!

  14. Skins are not in Salary cap Hell, they will have their money back next offseason unless Roger Goddell decides to steal their money again for no reason.

  15. I am a Griff fan. However, I’m worried about the way he is acting now. Right now, the media loves him because he is coming off his record breaking rookie season. As soon as he starts running into a few challenges though, ala Cam Newton in his 2nd year, the media will be quick to turn on him.

    Robert, you may want to take a step back from the media. They are beginning to see that you have flaws and they will be quick to shove those flaws back at you when things get tough.

    You were warned!

  16. Hey Im just going to enjoy watching this QB mature and hopefully play at a high level for years to come as he played last year. Let time tell and actions speak louder than words, on tshirts or other wise.

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