Saints release Steve Breaston and Patrick Crayton

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Apparently, all those veteran receivers the Saints brought in recently weren’t in play for the third wideout job.

The Saints released Steve Breaston and Patrick Crayton Monday, ending their short stints with the team.

According to Larry Holder of the New Orleans Times-Picayune, the Saints also waived five players: Defensive backs A.J. Davis and Dion Turner, linebacker Chase Thomas, wide receiver Jarred Fayson and guard Ricky Henry.

Clearing out those older wideouts is a good sign the team’s growing more comfortable with players such as Nick Toon and Kenny Stills. They’re looking for a dependable third after Joe Morgan was lost for the season to a knee injury, and Toon showed some deep play ability Friday night against the Raiders, and could take advantage.

21 responses to “Saints release Steve Breaston and Patrick Crayton

  1. Toon showed deep play ability against only one man…Tracy Porter…aka burnt toast.

  2. Hate to see guys getting cut, but at least the Saints did it early so as to allow these guys the opportunity to maybe catch on with another team.

  3. Toon has looked great two weeks in a row, Stills looked great after having the jitters in the first game. These guys have sewn up the #3/4 jobs and Preston Parker is probably the #5.

  4. I really thought they would have bright Devery Henderson back once he was cut from Redskins since he knows the offense and has rapport with Brees, but I guess that’s why the Saints didn’t resign him when his contract expires. Henderson is a speed guy, like Meachum and if the speed goes, so does the job. Meech will be looking for work next year too.

  5. “Apparently, all those veteran receivers the Saints brought in recently weren’t in play for the third wideout job.”

    I think they were in play, but Toon and Stills have been looking good enough that the team was happy keeping them in the jobs.

  6. As a Chiefs fan I thought Toon flashed a lot when we played in the first preseason game. As for Breaston he did well for Haley but was in the dog house all of last year because he couldn’t or wouldn’t learn the play book. I think the Saints are better off

  7. Lesson to be learned from Breaston is be wary of the #3 WR that puts up big #’s. Especially one that does it with a HOF QB, and two top notch WR.

    It’s all well and good when they are on a rookie contract. However, when they are 29-30 and still are no better than a #3 WR, they are not really worth having on the team.

  8. How lucky are these new guys, Toon and Stills, to have Drew Brees being the guy throwing them the ball. They will be much better because of his special ability of putting the ball exactly where the have the best chance to catch it. Saints will score lots of points against the very best teams… as the did in 2009. Another Super Bowl year!

  9. Good to see Toon and Stills land in a good situation, both guys will have the chance to shine with Brees under center.

  10. Breaston’s had 700+ receiving yards 4 out of the 6 seasons he’s been in, including his first year with the Chiefs. Dunno what happened last year, but he’ll be picked up. Belichick should consider him…or the 49ers

  11. Breaston is still relevant! He makes for a good fantasy team name! “Breaston Plants” I won the championship last season under that team name.

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