Snyder: RG3 clearance will come from Dr. Andrews

Getty Images

Last week, we were told that the decision on when Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III will play will be made by coach Mike Shanahan, with input from Dr. James Andrews.   As owner Daniel Snyder tells it, Dr. Andrews will have even greater influence than that.

Per Lisa Salters of ESPN, Snyder said the decision will be made by Dr. Andrews.

It could be a distinction without a difference.  Obviously, if Shanahan isn’t comfortable playing Griffin it won’t matter if Andrews provides the green light.  But Snyder’s comment implies that, from Shanahan’s perspective, clearance from Andrews will be the controlling factor in the decision-making process.

Meanwhile, Griffin seems to be ready to play.  He told Salters he can do everything that he did last year.

In three weeks, we’ve got a feeling that Griffin will get a chance to prove it.