Von Miller’s name appears on the witness list for a murder case


Just when the litany of off-field issues regarding seemingly mild-mannered Broncos linebacker Von Miller seems to be as odd it can get, it gets a little odder.

According to 9news.com, Miller’s name appears on a witness list in a quintuple-murder case.

Miller faces no accusations of wrongdoing.  He is listed as someone who could testify about the “prior events” and “attire” of Dexter Lewis, who is charged with killing five people last October inside Fero’s Bar and Grill.  Miller is identified as a “possible acquaintance” of a friend of Lewis.

The Broncos told 9news.com that the team is aware of the possibility that Miller will testify.  The Broncos have been told Miller had no direct involvement in the murders.

Still, for a guy who not long ago could boast launching a poultry empire as his biggest quirk, things have gotten very unusual very quickly for Miller.