Albert Haynesworth: If I have haters, I’m doing something right


In 2011, his final NFL season, Albert Haynesworth was voted one of the Top 5 most disliked players in the NFL. Haynesworth thinks that must mean he’s doing good things.

In an interview to promote a new restaurant he’s opening, Haynesworth told the Knoxville News that he sees all the criticism he takes as a positive sign.

When you’re successful a lot of people are going to come after you. . . . A lot of people call it haters,” Haynesworth said. “If you’ve got haters, that means you’re doing something right.”

Of course, there may be other reasons for people to dislike Haynesworth. Like stepping on an opponent’s helmetless head while wearing cleats. Or inappropriately touching a waitress. Or seriously injuring someone while driving recklessly. Or giving up on his team during games. Or showing up to training camp out of shape.

Or maybe Haynesworth is right, and everyone just hates him because he’s successful.

121 responses to “Albert Haynesworth: If I have haters, I’m doing something right

  1. I hope the employees he hires put out the same work effort for their paychecks as this thief did

  2. I couldn’t work somewhere that was owned by him. In crunch time the staff should just lie down and say they were paying homage to his famous play on the goal line.

  3. The “success” they hate you over Albert is the millions you stole from the Redskins. A shame they can’t put you in jail for the fraud you perpetrated on them.

    Not to mention stomping on a defenseless guy’s head.

  4. As a Vikings fan, I like Brees. He’s a good guy too.
    Although, I do not like Prince Albert.
    Nor, am I fond of Qbs that reneged on a Twitter bet & have major character issues.

  5. This fat loser will flop sooner then later. He has no intellect and I’m sure he’s no business major so look for this restaurant to bomb in the coming months (especially if he serves the food that made him look like a human wall).

    This guy just proves anybody can hit the lottery. Be fat, lazy, play horrible and yet still make some $$$.

  6. Damn first Mcnabb now Haynesworth! Fella’s, keep it quiet. Neither of these cats played well in DC. Donovan and his bounce passes and Albert just flat out quitting on the skins.

  7. He really thinks he’s “successful”? lol Simply having a lot of money does not make one successful. He’s a loser with money that most people hate.

  8. Everyone and their brother knew he was a useless, selfish, lazy blob except when playing for a contract. Everyone but Dan Snyder that is.

  9. let me just say, i don’t hate albert. if i was a redskin fan, i would feel like i had been cheated out of a lot of money. at least if albert had given the redskins a good effort, you would feel like he did something. the problem was his attitude and not giving it his all. no hate involved albert, just seemed like a bad business deal.

  10. If you do something right people are going to hate on you.

    Same reason why guys like Adrian Peterson, Drew Brees, Larry Fitzgerald, Troy Polamalu etc. are SO disliked right?

    Can’t believe this guy is still relevant.

  11. Hate on the guy all you want but Dan Snyder should be partly to blame for giving this guy a massive contract that we all knew would turn this guy into a worthless player on the field..i guess Mr Snyder thought different, smh.

  12. I, flounder said;

    can we, as a society, start punching people in the neck when they say haters?

    Haha yep that proposed rule gets my vote!

  13. s0merand0mguy says: Aug 20, 2013 7:38 PM

    This fat loser will flop sooner then later. He has no intellect and I’m sure he’s no business major so look for this restaurant to bomb in the coming months (especially if he serves the food that made him look like a human wall


    Yeah, selling fattening food in the south, how could that ever work.

  14. As a Redskins fan I absolutely loath this man. One of the last of many horrendous signings from the infamous Vinny Cerrato era (error) and boy was it a doozy. It’s funny that people like Calvin Johnson, Matt Ryan, and yes even Flacco have signed massive contracts and are enormously more successful in football and life than Haynesworth yet they don’t get even up to .00001% of the hate as him. Do you stop to wonder why Albert?

    Damn I was just starting to get over one of the worse free agency signings in Skins and league history and than PFT had to do an article about the fool. Damn you PFT. Ruined my evening.

  15. Fat Albert is the poster boy for teams blowing money on high price FA’s. The only reason I don’t feel bad is that it happened to the DeadSkins and Daniel Snyder, a most deserving idiot.

  16. eglsfan says:
    Aug 20, 2013 8:01 PM
    where is logicalvoices in this thread?

    dude I am sure you still have your Heath Shuler jersey
    Please, I had successfully blocked that name out of my mind for years! You just started my therapy all over again!!!! lol

  17. The best part of Shanahan slapping him down was he was putting Snyder in his place at the same time.

  18. Sure, I guess when some people hate you, you’re doing something right.

    But when EVERYONE hates you, you’re doing something wrong.

  19. To some degree, Albert made a lot of money and sucked so people hate him for it. And he’s right. He’s fat and rich while the people that hate him are working their butts off in a job they hate making penny’s compared to Haynesworth.

    On the other hand, people also hate him not because he is good at what he does, but because he isn’t.

    So he’s really good at doing what he shouldn’t and then getting away with it. People hate those kind of people regardless of how much money they make.

  20. I get tired of people talking about how they have haters any time someone has something negative to say about them. No maybe people just don’t like you because you’re a bum.

  21. i would have rather read, “in an interview to promote a new restaurant he’s opening, Haynesworth told the Knoxville news, that he apologizes to redskin fans and management for the failures of his time with the redskins and asks the redskin fans to forgive him for his handling of the situation”. i would believe that would help mend the bad feelings between him and the fans.

  22. Is that what your telling yourself you narcissistic yahoo… You are a rich lazy A-rod… Go fishing with JarMarcus Russell, and shut your pie-hole.

  23. I wish him the best in his future business. As for the effort being in question, I personally don’t know how much or how little effort he gave his team.

  24. you must not have seen him play, but then again even when he was on the field, no one saw him play, he didn’t give much effort with the redskins. that is why shanahan had to sit him down.

  25. Wow did he just figure out what a “hater” is. Up next big Al is fixing to learn “frenemy.” PS I don’t hate him, as a Giants fan he left an awesome hole for us.

  26. What will be the name? How about “Albert’s Big Boy Restaurant? I think he should require payment up front for future service rendered. “Caveat emptor”.

  27. “If you’ve got haters, that means you’re doing something right.”

    Unfortunately, there are way too many people who dismiss “haters” like this in order to avoid having to look into themselves.

  28. How much do Washington fans hate Albert Haynesworth? Given the choice between hanging out socially with Dan Snyder or Haynesworth, most fans would actually prefer Snyder. That much.

  29. where is logicalvoices in this thread?

    dude I am sure you still have your Heath Shuler jersey-
    Yes Mr Illogical is nowhere to be heard-Besides Haynesworth and Shuler you can throw in Snyder himself as another reason the Washington team has not won a title in 21 years-soon to be 22.

  30. 5 PM : Breaking news, Former Redskin great Albert Haynesworth opens his new restaurant.

    5:30 PM: Former Redskin great Albert Haynesworth eats his entire new restaurant.

  31. #HTTR Danny Boy really made a splash with him and McNabb. Then they mortgage their future on RG3… Maybe Danny Boy and Jerrah are long lost brothers?

  32. If we worked out and improved his conditioning to just “subpar”, at 32 years old he could likely play another 2-5 years.

  33. @Slim Charles
    Yeah, selling fattening food in the south, how could that ever work.
    I have lived all over the united states and been around people of all kind and can honestly say most fat rednecks are fat because their southern grandmas wake up at 5am and start cooking. Also it’s a black man owning a restaurant in the south…. Also well….. It’s Albert Hayesworth, he’s going to get a dish returned for being too salty and attack his customer and beat said customer to death with a salt shaker. He has anger problems….

  34. Can you spell denial, if you think you did anything right after you left the Titans you are not only in denial but you are delusional also. What a waste of talent, what makes you think you can run a restaurant? It takes a lot more hours than you were willing to give the man who paid you handsomely, you are not only a waste but you are a thief also. You couldn’t even run a defense which is a lot less work. Forget it you are just a low-life jerk.

  35. What a total lump of dried excrement. This guy will spend the rest of his life being reviled and despised. Enjoy the love, dude!

  36. “If I have haters, I’m doing something right”
    -Albert Haynesworth
    -Bernie Madoff
    -Richard Nixon
    -Pete Rose
    -Charlie Manson
    -Benedict Arnold

  37. Successful? You wanted to be like Reggie White but you didn’t..wanted to win a Superbowl but you didnt, successful?.. Are you referring to the waitress? what I hate is the fact that you had town and you chose not to do anything with it and the fact the team had a bright future for you and you just got lazy and selfish. you go ahead and fill yourself with that false confidence if that makes you feel any better.

  38. As a Redskins fan, you quit at the wrong time buddy haha I love it. Reggie White would be so proud of you.

  39. Comes into a large sum of money and decides to protect it by opening restaurants. He’ll be broke sooner than later.

  40. Is your place gonna serve TV dinners? Your to lazy to think up and implement a menu. This is the type person they want to pay in college. Wonder what his major and GPA were?

  41. Not really, Fat Albert. People hate you because you’re a wasted money pit and a dirty player. Nobody hates you because you’re good, because well, you’re not.

  42. Yup, he’s a success. Chim Chim never made that kind of money hiding in Speed Racers trunk.

  43. If fat albert puts as much effort into his restaurant to make it successful as he did playing football, it will be a big flop, just like his NFL career. Except this time, I doubt he will make a $40 million dollar profit before people realize his restaurant sucks.

  44. can we, as a society, start punching people in the neck when they say haters?
    Agreed. People that use that terminology sound like a teenybopper girl. Same thing with LOL. What adult male uses that?

  45. What’s even more amazing is that “Fat Albert” has enough $$$ to pursue any venture! Karma going to take one huge bite out of Fatsworth’s A$$!

  46. His restaurant will likely be as “successful” as his career was.

    Here’s hoping it wipes out his bank account before it closes.

  47. A hater is one who is jealous or otherwise unable to be happy for another person’s success. This does not mean if you are successful and hated, that everyone who hates you is a “hater”. Sometimes you are simply hated for good reason.

    In Albert’s case the hatred is born of a collective disgust for an underachieving, lazy, slovenly thief whose only success was feigning talent long enough to bilk an organization out of a lot of money that he did not deserve.

    So go on and keep trying to make yourself feel better about your “career” and your stolen millions, Al. If dismissing everyone as “haters” helps you sleep, then good for you. Just remember that at the end of the day your name is, and will only ever be, a punch-line.

  48. Or giving up on his team during games.

    Didn’t Mike Shanahan gave up on his team after they lost to the Panthers?

    Without RG3 or Elway, dude is another Jim Zorn.

  49. That is something a moron would say. This is not very surprising coming from Albert. He truly does not get it. Sad to see people go through life like that.

  50. When every fans of the 31 other teams hate you, yeah, you are doing something good.
    But when it’s only the fans from your own team, you are doing things bad. Really bad…

  51. blkmanwtan says: Aug 21, 2013 9:38 AM

    Or giving up on his team during games.

    Didn’t Mike Shanahan gave up on his team after they lost to the Panthers?

    Without RG3 or Elway, dude is another Jim Zorn.
    Hard to see how this is relevant, but either way, Shanahan said the “[rest of the season would be a serious evaluation process about the team]”, which the media spun entirely out of context, the whole team decried the report as a complete misreporting of the information, and subsequently spent the rest of the season on a 7-0 run.

    Moreover, this whole perception is kind of ridiculous. Shanahan was described by Steve Young as the coach most important to his development as a quarterback. He took the Broncos to the AFC championship under Jake Plummer, a journeyman-quality reject unwanted by the rest of the NFL. Most importantly, Shanahan has developed more 1,000+ yard rushers than any other coach in NFL history.

    Shanahan has three rings and has drafted more starters than any other team in the league over the past three years; Zorn held back Flacco’s development for a year, was deemed such a bad coach that he wasn’t even qualified to help Matt Cassel improve his technique, and is currently unemployed.

  52. No Fat Albert…. people talk about you because you are an idiot. I went to games where I saw this dude pacing on the sidelines yelling and mutting to himself by himself (away from all other players) or just sitting by himself 20 feet from anyone. Just sulking and being a big baby. What a clown.

  53. blkmanwtan says: Aug 21, 2013 9:38 AM

    Without RG3 or Elway, dude is another Jim Zorn.
    Walsh: # of Super Bowls won without Montana =0 Belichick: # of Super Bowls won without Brady =0 Shula: # of Super Bowls won without Griese = 0 Lombardi: # of Super Bowls won without Starr = 0
    Noll: # of Super Bowls won without Bradshaw = 0
    Reeves: # of Super Bowls won WITH Elway = 0

    Try not to repeat every tired cliche you hear on talk radio.

  54. one might say fat albert ate his way out of the business, now he is eating his way back into the business. while all the time, he gives us the business. fat and dumb are no way to go through life.

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