Anthony Spencer isn’t running yet


Cowboys defensive end Anthony Spencer is still planning to be on the field when the Cowboys open the season against the Giants on September 8, but he’s got an obstacle or two to clear before he can make his return from last month’s surgery on his left knee.

Spencer has yet to start running since the operation, something that he’ll obviously need to do before he’s going to even think about getting back on the field for a full practice let alone a game. He’s lifting, using the elliptical and doing other rehab work in an effort to stay in good shape while he waits for the chance to move to the next stage in preparation for the season.

“The more strength I build up, the more stuff I’m able to do in the weight room, it’s making me be able to walk a little stronger and feel less pain each day,” Spencer said, via the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “So it’s getting better.”

Spencer’s absence during camp has kept him from getting accustomed to his new role on the defensive line after spending his NFL career as a linebacker up to this point. There’s not much to do other than hope that mental work takes care of enough that Spencer doesn’t struggle while doing it on the fly come the regular season.