Bart Scott joins the media

At last check, linebacker Bart Scott was planning to pick a team last week.  He apparently did.  But not a football team.

CBS has announced that Scott has joined the cast of a CBS pre-pregame show, which will be hosted by friend of PFT Adam Schein.

Also on the program will be former Raiders CEO Amy Trask, who will be able to bring a unique perspective to the business aspects of the NFL.

The show will be called That Other Pregame Show, a name that while a bit irreverent is also (in all candor) a bit clunky.

And so ends, presumably, the career of a defense player who spent seven seasons with the Ravens and four with the Jets.  Scott hadn’t drawn much interest, and last week’s report may have simply been the equivalent of a Hail Mary effort to see if an NFL team wanted to sigh him.

The four-hour show launches every Sunday at 9:00 a.m. and continues until 1:00 p.m., which means that the final hour will overlap with The NFL Today.

27 responses to “Bart Scott joins the media

  1. Oh goodie, “can’t wait!”
    Or is it “flabbergasted?”

    PFT is starting to confuse me.

  2. Let’s see, Adam Schein, Amy Trask and Bart Scott…sounds like they’ll be seated at the kid’s table for Sunday Football feasts.

    (Adam Schein? Really?)

  3. Schein and Scott? Congratulations CBS on creating a show that absolutely nobody will watch

  4. Is CBS looking to hand the whole TV audience to NBC? I can see why the media would pick up a player like Warren Sapp, someone who you know will eventually say something crazy, something out of this world, but Bart Scott? Look for that time slot to drop ratings the day it first broadcasts. Nobody wants to hear what Scott has to say. He was hated in College, NFL and now the Media. Bad move CBS! Watch them crumble NBC!

  5. Adam Schein on the Jets pre and post-game shows has been “must see TV.” Seriously, Schein w/ Ray Lucas and Joe Klecko, after a Jets loss (like uh, the butt fumble game), was beyond funny.

  6. Oh you mean this guy?

    “Angered by the media calling the New York Jets a circus, Bart Scott’s self-imposed media boycott went to the intimidation level on Friday afternoon when he threatened a member of the media. Dan Leberfeld, the publisher of Jets Confidential and a host on Sirius XM Radio, was threatened by Scott over the Jets linebacker’s picture being taken in the locker room.”

    Stealing money from the Jets and now stealing money from the media.

    Go home, you clown.

  7. chill out people…it’s the CBS Sports Network (on cable) not your regular CBS.
    most of america doesn’t get it.
    it ONLY has schein and scott to cater to NY.
    the rest of america will let you have them

  8. I guess I’m in the minority and actually like Schein…

    Remember that news story way back about the woman who went into epileptic seizures whenever Entertainment Tonight came on and she heard Mary Hart’s voice?

    Schein’s voice makes me understand the phenomenon.

  9. Isn’t Hines Ward also in broadcasting? I bet Scott flinches everytime he sees Ward in the hallway.

  10. “…former Raiders CEO Amy Trask, who will be able to bring a unique perspective to the business aspects of the NFL;” we all know how “unique” the Raider’s perspective to the business aspects of the NFL are.

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