Broncos acquire John Moffitt, trade Sealver Siliga to Seahawks


For the second day in a row, the Seahawks have traded guard John Moffitt.

On Monday, the Seahawks shipped Moffitt to Cleveland in a trade for defensive lineman Brian Sanford. But that trade was voided because the Browns had some concerns about Moffitt’s health.

Shortly after that trade to Cleveland was voided, the Broncos announced that they have acquired Moffitt. Denver shipped defensive tackle Sealver Siliga to Seattle to acquire Moffitt.

It is not clear whether the Broncos are aware of Moffitt’s health issue and are not as concerned about it as the Browns were, or if it’s still possible that Moffitt could fail the Broncos’ physical, and that this trade could be voided, too.

A 2011 third-round draft pick, Moffitt started nine games as a rookie and six games last year. Siliga entered the NFL as an undrafted free agent in 2011 and has played in just one regular-season game.

40 responses to “Broncos acquire John Moffitt, trade Sealver Siliga to Seahawks

  1. After the Von Miller episode the Broncos realize they need more experience in avoiding drug suspensions. Bringing in a Pete Caroll trained cheat is a smart move.

  2. As a Seahawks fan, I think Moffitt is a good talent. Unfortunately he can’t seem to stay healthy and he has the maturity of a 7th grader (and that’s with apologies to most 7th graders for the comparison). Maybe a change of coaches, a change of city, and an underlying awareness that this might be his last chance will all work together to get him going again. If you guys can pull it off, I think you will get a talented lineman for yourselves. Good luck!

  3. Moffitt is glad to be on a team where peeing in a mall parking lot while drunk is not even front page news.

  4. So, hey John the reason we booked your flight back to SeaTac through Denver and then asked to call us when you were changing planes…well good news is you don’t have to change planes. You’ve arrived at your destination.

  5. I can’t figure this move out. He doesnt get paid enough for it to be a salary cap move, Siliga has little to no shot of making the team and Moffitt is at least better than the third option at his position in Seattle. So if Siliga gets hurt do they think Moffitt is THAT bad that he couldn’t even be 2nd string

  6. BreakingNews: Moffit trade to Broncos is voided because Broncos team officials had trouble emailing the Seahawks.

    Technology strikes the Broncos once again.

  7. Really hope this trade doesn’t work out, either. The comments get funnier with each trade and we’re just getting warmed up.

  8. schmitty2 says: Aug 20, 2013 6:48 PM

    Moffitt is glad to be on a team where peeing in a mall parking lot while drunk is not even front page news.
    Hey, he played at Wisconsin, in the Peoples
    Republic of Madison. Peeing in a mall parking lot is not only required, it’s applauded.

  9. looks better to cut somebody that didn’t work out than to cut one of your own… Mike Rob is being shopped as well.
    And to answer the question Jared Smith has more upside than Moffitt to back up Unger.. so NO he would not make the club..

  10. I’m guessing that Moffitt wasn’t gonna make the team this year, so why not trade him to a non NFC West team rather than risk having him picked up by the Niners, Rams or Cards?

    I didn’t think Moffitt was that bad of a lineman, so there must be more than meets the eye with this trade.

  11. Moffitt was not a bad lineman unlike some fans are saying. JR Sweezy won the job and we have two late round or undrafted rookie lineman that are proving major potential. He pass blocks far better than he run blocks and can play center if needed. Oh yeah look at where his Moffitt merch goes to for those trying to get on his character. Dude was funny to 90 % of the people that watched Real Rob Report.

  12. Moffit wasn’t going to make the 53-man roster. Sweezy has won the starting spot at RG and Alvin Bailey, Mike Bowie and Jared Smith are already better prospects.

    Moreover, Moffit’s salary wasn’t an issue for the cap this year, but his rookie contract ends this season, and the Seahawks didn’t want to resign him for 2014 and beyond for more money when they can move forward with this year’s OL rookies, all of whom are either low round picks (Smith and Bowie in Rd 7) or undrafted (Bailey) and therefore earning league minimums.

    Also, clubergo and mulehead70 are correct:
    It’s better (and classier) to trade a guy like Moffit now than cut him at the end of the preseason. He’s been a Seahawk for 3 years, and he should have a chance to start working with a new team as soon as possible. Plus, he’s a decent player – decent enough that you’d want to trade him out of the division rather than let the 49ers, Rams or Cards pick him up off waivers.

  13. the DT the seahawks got doesnt seem like hes a lock to make their roster anyway i guess moffitt really didn’t fit into the hawks plans and the broncos just need some Oline help.

  14. Raiders wanted him badly. After thorough assessment by the Seattle organization- it was deemed Oakland could offer nothing of value, ,,,,

  15. How does a team let a guy go out and practice in full pads for a half hour, & then pull him in and say the trade is voided for health issues?

  16. I’m a little bummed.

    I think I’ll call Denver and see if I can trade them some xbox games I have lying around to get him back. I just wanna hang out with the guy, frankly.

    I remember him being interviewed after moving to a new apartment and offering up his tickets for an upcoming game to anyone who could bring him a complete stereo setup to play records on that afternoon.

  17. Why this move?; Once they initially traded/moved him, they couldn’t have him come back….even if they guy they trade for doesn’t have much chance of making the team.

    I think they should have taken him back and kept him on the roster as a back up.

  18. I am Ravens fan, but if I was a fan of any of the teams in the NFC west except Seattle I’d be terrified. Seattle is for real. Those boys can play. I don’t know why San Francisco gets all the hype as the best. They really aren’t at all. Seattle is way more talented IMO

  19. “It is not clear whether the Broncos are aware of Moffitt’s health issue”

    The Bronco’s aren’t aware of anything anymore.

  20. Something tells me that the Browns passing on him and then his being picked up by another team is going to end with him turning out to be a real gem. That’s the luck of the Browns.

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