Broncos didn’t know about Miller until after Dumervil left


Though the Broncos can’t say much about the circumstances surrounding the six-game suspension of linebacker Von Miller, they haven’t been shying away from scrutiny.

Earlier tonight, both coach John Fox and executive V.P. of football operations John Elway met with the media during a press conference streamed on the team’s official website.

Elway said that the Broncos didn’t know about the possible Miller suspension when cutting defensive end Elvis Dumervil.  Instead, Elway recalls that the Miller suspension first came up in May.  Presumably, if the Broncos knew there was a chance they’d be without Miller for a large chunk of the season, they would have been more willing to pay Dumervil.

So now the Broncos have to move on with neither guy.  Shaun Phillips, signed as a free agent to help fill the void created by Dumveril’s departure, likely takes over for Miller at linebacker.

“I know it’s next man up,” Fox said of Miller, “but he’s a hard man to replace.”

He won’t have to be replaced until after the preseason ends.  Fox said Miller will play in Saturday’s preseason game.

“He’s got two more weeks to get ready after six weeks,” Fox said of Miller.  “Guys are gonna make mistakes.  Everybody makes mistakes, you guys included.”

The key word here is “mistakes.”  Miller didn’t make one mistake.  He made multiple mistakes, and his most recent mistake was enough to claim more than one third of his 2013 season.

30 responses to “Broncos didn’t know about Miller until after Dumervil left

  1. Chiefs 10-6 1st in AFC West
    Drunks/Cheaters 9-7

    Seattle showed the world just how overrated this team of frauds really is.
    Kansas City will do the same.

    Remember in December

  2. So much for stability before kickoff. Drunk executives, banned players and tons of hurt players leaving them w/ begging a retiree to come back.

    Oh and Manning’s patented 1 & done in the playoff’s spell another lost season in the mountains!

  3. sure seems like the inmates are running the asylum in denver. elway is given alot of the credit but it appears that this team is falling apart. not just on the field either

  4. Presumably they would have been more willing to pay Dumervil?

    I thought Fox had agreed to sign him and would have if not for that fax fiasco. Hm… Maybe that whole missed fax deadline story wasn’t such a ‘mistake’ after all.

  5. If I was Dumervil I would be laughing and feel extra motivation when the Ravens play them to open. Dumervil was under contract for 3 more seasons with the Broncos and they could have easily fit him under the salary cap this year but the Broncos got greedy and forced him to take a pay cut despite Doom giving them an 11 sack season last year. That opened the door for fax gate and Doom ending up on the Ravens. If the Broncos would have just honored their original contract with Dumervil he would have never been in the position of getting cut. Serves the Broncos right.

  6. Where is the owner of the Broncos? Everybody in his organization is either drunk or on drugs. Time to clean house.

  7. Can someone tell me why you would play Dumervil ?? He could get hurt and will also deprive the reps of the player who will take his place. Plus, why not get used to playing without him now? I don’t care I’m a Chiefs fan…..and lovin every minute of it.

  8. Is it just me or what? Elway is the “executive v.p. of football operations” but is involved with all of the decision making for the broncos….what does the executive president of football operations do? Do the broncos have one? Do they have a general manager? Seems like Elway is doing it all….

  9. I love revisionist history.

    The Donkeys didnt cut Dumervil, they jerked around in the process and stumbled when trying to get the new contract, extension, whatever. A world of a difference from cutting a player.

  10. Walkinginthewasteland, when you refuse to give a player a contract or give him one that he doesn’t sign and return via fax, then the player is considered cut. Could Denver have extended the same contract again and then do everything correctly in the appropriate time frame? Sure, then they would have signed him. The Broncos refused to reissue the same contract, trying to save pennies, until much later when they were scared they made a mistake. Now we know they did. Dumervil was cut or released if you prefer the nicer word. Broncos were trying to get a more favorable deal and it blew up in Elways face.

  11. How is landing yourself in the substance abuse program for testing positive during the one month of the year that you KNOW they are going to test you, and then intentionally tampering with your samples more than once in an effort to undermine the results a mistake?

    Willfully negligent at the least.

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