Don Barclay close to taking the right tackle job in Green Bay


When the Packers lost left tackle Bryan Bulaga for the season with a torn ACL, it was presumed that the man who replaced Bulaga last year on the right side would stay inside, with Marshall Newhouse playing right tackle and David Bakhtiari at left tackle.

But plans tend to change when the guy penciled in for the job doesn’t deliver as expected, and so Don Barclay has moved back outside to right tackle.  He could be on the verge of taking the job away from Newhouse.

Barclay, undrafted in 2012 from West Virginia, took every rep at right tackle with the first-team offense on Monday, per Rob Reischel of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.  Barclay also has performed better than Newhouse at right tackle during both preseason games.

As recently as last week, Barclay was spending practice time at guard, and there’s still a chance he’ll be the offensive line’s sixth man.

“It’s tough to bounce around,” Barclay said, via Reischel. “But I’m starting to feel a lot more comfortable. That’s just one of the things I’ve gotten used to.

“I think in my mind, I’ve just looked at it like there’s an opportunity to play and that’s a good thing.  To me, I’m showing I can play more positions.  And if I sit here and get frustrated, that doesn’t do any good.  So I just try and stay positive . . . and hopefully I can eventually settle in at one spot.”

That one spot could be left tackle.  And the time could be coming soon.  As in two weeks and five days, when the Packers play the 49ers to launch the 2013 season.

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  1. The most depleted offensive line in the NFL, expect Aaron Rodgers to be on IR by week 5 while getting dominated by Jared Allen, Kevin Williams, Sharrif Floyd and Everson Griffen..

  2. Good luck to him, stories of undrafted guys are great, even if they play for a different team than mine. They need something to happen to keep Rodgers healthy.

  3. You would think that protecting Rodgers would always be priority one for Thompson. All of the question marks on the o-line only show again that Thompson is at best an average GM. (Que the typical injury excuses)

    Thompson & McCarthy are perfect examples of two football people who are riding an elite QB as long as they possibly can. Take away Rodgers and both would have been long gone years ago.

  4. These Packers OL articles i find deceiving as it sounds like Barclay is some second or third string they are just stuck starting now.

    You do realize that the Packers line down the stretch was Newhouse- Lang- EDS-Sitton-Barclay right?

    The exact same guys but with Bahktiari at LT and Newhouse still an option there. I am not stating its a great line. Just wanted to point this out to people who will post about how the Packers are missing all these guys from last years line. Its basically the same guys who played when the team made that second half push.

  5. He’s looking better than Newhouse now and will get even better with time. And with Bakhtiar replacing Bulaga and his open door policy on the left side, the offensive line should be much improved.

  6. You mean right tackle don’t you?

    Anyway, Id like to see Barclay win the RT job leaving Newhouse as the swing tackle for both sides in case of injury. That’s the best way to go about it IMO.

  7. “So I just try and stay positive . . . and hopefully I can eventually settle in at one spot.”

    That one spot could be left tackle. ”

    Nope. They will put David Bakhtiari in that spot. The Packers are very high on him.

  8. No, that spot could be RIGHT tackle. There is zero chance barring catastrophic injuries that Barclay plays left tackle. His strength, actually bizarre for the Packers, is against the run. He’s also probably a better finisher than Newhouse as a pass blocker, but get it clear – there’s no line of sight for him at LT.

  9. The O-line is in pretty good shape…..all things considered. Looking better than last year too. Combined with the prospects for an effective option at RB and the good rotations demonstrating themselves at practice on the D-side of things, I believe the Packers have made improvements over the team of last year……not major, at least some improvement. I feel good about their prospects this year, but man, what a schedule!

  10. Barclay will be fine. He did a great job last year and he’ ll do a great job this year. Nobody is better at finding talent, drafted or undrafted, than Mr. Ted Thompson.

  11. He’s a big road grader, a much better run blocker than Newhouse and with Eddie Lacy in the backfield, this is the right move.

    Viking fans will be disappointed to learn that the O line will be vastly improved, they will need to find a new whipping horse to rail against.

  12. Competition is good, but the reality is that having two young, relatively unproven tackles protecting one of the leagues best quarterbacks is not a good situation. Hope these guys prove me wrong. Go pack go!!

  13. Keep talking Viking trolls.

    Barclay started at the end of last season – so he should only be better having more experience with the offense. Bakhtiari is an upgrade over Newhouse. Both are young guys just starting in their careers and according to camp watchers both are better this year than they were last year.

    Lacey is also an upgrade. Teams won’t be able to focus just on rushing Rodgers. They have to worry about the run game. This is going to reduce the sack count as well. Furthermore, the play action is going to allow the quicker stuff (quick slants on the outside and Finley up the middle) that teams took away last year.

    overall, I see fewer hits on Rodgers this year.

  14. I’ve said it before, but Vikings fans seem to have forgotten how badly the Packers offensive line MANHANDLED them in the fourth quarter at Lambeau last year. If you go back and watch that tape, a large portion of that dominance came while they were running behind Barclay. He also had his best game of the year in the first playoff game, helping the Packers eliminate an inferior opponent.

    The guy can hold up very well in the run game, and hopefully can show improvement in the pass game. (With the exception of that Week 17 outlier, sack totals were actually down with him in the lineup.)

    I understand that talking is the only thing teams that have never won can do, but at least get educated first.

  15. Aug 21, 2013 12:10 AM
    Sounds like a great plan. What could go wrong?


    What could go wrong with relying on slot machines in airports to fund a new stadium?

    What could go wrong when your owner is being investigated for fraud?

    What could go wrong drafting Christian Ponder in the first round?

    What could go wrong relying on a division rivals castoffs to field your team?

    See a pattern here…………

    Enjoy 7-9 this year Rick…..

  16. The oline played great the 2nd half of last year (after the giant’s debacle)…

    We ran the ball a lot better – protected a lot better.

    Take Newhouse out of the lineup, replace him with someone that’s better and if Don and EDS both improve their game from last year, plus with Lacy/DuJuan/Franklin in the backfield instead of Grant/Alex – if Mike calls more balanced games …

    meh, I don’t see any reason why the oline won’t be good this year (or at least better than 09 and 2012’s unit).

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