Greg Schiano on Jeff Demps: Supposedly he’s coming


When he announced that his client would be missing Buccaneers camp to participate in the IAAF World Championships in Moscow, the agent for Jeff Demps said that the Buccaneers were supportive of Demps’ track pursuits and “excited” to have him on the team when he was done running somewhere in the wake of Usain Bolt.

That may be the case, but coach Greg Schiano didn’t make it sound like he was staying up nights watching for Demps’ headlights to pull into the driveway now that the meet has come to an end.

“Supposedly he’s coming. I don’t know. We’ll see,” Schiano said, via “I don’t worry about guys that are not here, you know? So he’s not helping us get better right now. He’s out there running track somewhere. So, if he’s going to do that — if he gets here and helps us win he will be part of it. If he gets here and can’t help us win, he can go back and run track. We are here to win games.”

The Patriots sent a seventh-round pick to Tampa along with Demps in exchange for LeGarrette Blount. Unless things change in the relatively near future, running back Mike James, the player taken in the sixth-round after the Bucs used the initial pick to trade into the spot, is likely to be the biggest return on the deal.

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  1. unbiasfan says: Aug 20, 2013 2:59 PM

    “Why take Jeff Demps away from something he loves? If he chooses track over football just let him be”

    Because he opted to play in the NFL when he made himself available for the draft. If he didn’t want to play football and instead wanted to pursue his track career, why even put himself in the draft? Why? So he could soak some team for that check (and waste a draft pick as well). Free money and then run to track. Rather then let him get away with that scam (and it IS a scam, where is the quid pro quo?), I’d make life as difficult as possible for him while under a football team’s control.

  2. Track and Field just had their World Championships so I’d bet he was out there competing. Unlike Renaldo Nehemiah this guy actually has some football talent. Before he got injured he showed incredible explosiveness with the Pats.

  3. Belichick wouldn’t trade this guy to his personal friend Schiano if he thought that the guy wasn’t going to play at some point. The Bucs are a future team and the Pats are right now.

  4. In the short-term the Patriots stole this deal. LG looks like a force to be reckoned with so far in the preseason and has all but secured a spot away from Bolden. He should be able to get some meaningful 2nd back reps behind Ridley.

  5. redsghost,

    Demps made it clear before the draft that track comes first. That’s why he went UNDRAFTED.

    Nobody wasted a pick on him. The Patriots apparently swayed him to come as an undrafted free agent. But guess what? He still has track as his first love, and b y far.

    I don’t think he’s mis-led anyone.

    The Bucs were going to cut Blount, apparently, so even they did not use an asset on someone they know to have a wishy-washy commitment to playing football.

  6. Demps is fast and small and was always hurt at UF. He has some track skills and would rather be doing that. Why are the Bucs wasting their time on him?

    Whatever he could do in college, the NFL has bigger and faster players, and he won’t be able to use his speed as effectively. Cut your losses, Dominik. You already got a steal in the James kid from Miami.

  7. All4patriots…you’re correct. I’d forgotten he went undrafted. But, the rest of my premise is still on target. He accepted a check for ….???? Where’s the quid pro quo? If he didn’t want to accept a role with an NFL team, he should never have accepted the check

  8. I’m kinda smitten with that 6th round pick.

    Mike James is a slug teamed up with a stopwatch, but watching him on the field against another team…guy plays fast.

    Good hands, good vision. Looks like the real deal.

    Don’t see anyone else on the roster that’ll threaten as Martins primary backup going into the season.

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