Kraft wants Brady to wear a knee brace in practices and games


Patriots owner Robert Kraft has paid tens of millions of dollars to Tom Brady and will pay tens of millions more. And he wants to protect his investment.

So Kraft has strongly urged Brady to wear a protective brace on his knee at all times, both in practices and in games.

Mr. Kraft felt pretty strongly about me wearing it,” Brady told reporters. “He said, ‘What’s the problem?’ I said, ‘I’ll wear it. I’ll wear it.'”

Brady wasn’t wearing a brace when he went down in practice with what turned out to be nothing but was briefly feared to be a knee injury in practice last week. Brady has already learned the hard way once before that one bad hit to the knee can end a season, and if a knee brace makes him even slightly less likely to suffer another season-ending knee injury, he would be wise to take Kraft’s advice.

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    Without Tom Brady the Patriots are not a serious playoff contender. His value to the franchise is almost incalculable. Bob Kraft is only protecting a company asset.


  2. conormacleod says:
    Aug 20, 2013 7:28 AM
    Stick to Mac & Cheese and let the experts make medical decisions there Krafty.

    Yeah……. Here’s a clue……. Kraft IS NOT the mac and cheese guy……. He made his fortune with packaging material…… Cardboard boxes and the like to ship things in.

    And what is wrong with protecting an investment, making sure things won’t happen? I’m sure you and others do things to your vehicle to make sure you will be able to get back and forth to work every day. Along the same lines here.

  3. YO CONNOR,,before you lose your head like some idiot science fiction clown…You do know,,(I guess not),,that you have the wrong KRAFT must be a pittsburg or jets fan….

    Unlike idiots in DC and other places,,,the PATRIOTS do what is best for the team…and the players.

  4. conormacleod says:
    Aug 20, 2013 7:28 AM
    Stick to Mac & Cheese and let the experts make medical decisions there Krafty.
    Good thought in regards to medical decisions but this Kraft has nothing to do with what you can eat.

  5. He’s not the ‘Cheese Kraft’. That was J.L. Kraft (not related). This Mr. Kraft made his money by building a paper corporation. (I think he prints his own money now.)

  6. He should fine him a million dollars each time he doesnt wear the brace, and that should include off field activities too…you never know when someone might just lunge at his knees…./sarcasm

  7. I have always wondered why these big immobile Q.B.’s and all offensive lineman didn’t wear these braces. sounds like a good preventative practice to me.

  8. snowman36 says:Aug 20, 2013 7:58 AM


    I agree they’ll be 18-1 this year… with one regular season loss at ATL. Then they’ll run the table. Good call!

  9. snowman36 says:


    Lol that’s about the weakest smack talk imaginable.

    2007 was an absolutely wonderful season for Pats fans. They set just about every offensive record imaginable and played amazingly all year long.

    And yeah, they lost the SB that year but so what ? They were in it until the very end of the game and even though losing it sucked, that loss does not take away from the months of enjoyment and entertainment that season gave us.

    And you have to give the Giants respect for coming ready to play with a great game plan.

  10. If Brady had the Knee Brace on in the SB he would have still lost to the football GIANTS, twice!

  11. I don’t care if he’s shagging Gisele. I want that brace on his knee 24/7 until he hangs them up.

  12. conormacleod says: Aug 20, 2013 7:28 AM

    Stick to Mac & Cheese and let the experts make medical decisions there Krafty.
    For people that can’t read, much less actually research something, that’s the wrong Kraft, OK skippy?

  13. He shouldn’t have even had to make this request, where are the medical people and coaches. How in their right minds do you allow him in a simulated type game situation, on the field with no brace. Every single quarterback is a team asset. Without their starting QB, most teams would struggle. All these highly paid medical people there and no one says, Why is he practicing with no brace? Hits happen even at practice. I bet he never takes it off again when on the field.

  14. @fanof evil empire
    Hey Einstein, you watch much football?? He’s been wearing the brace every single regular season game and the playoffs since 2008. Get your facts straight.

  15. @patriottony….

    This dumb Jets fan always knew Bob Kraft was not from Kraft Cheese. He has a huge corrugated box factory employing 600 in Israel as well as philanthropic activities from Columbia U. to Mass.

    Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank does not make empty bullets, he founded Home Depot.

    But shine on anyways.

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