League announces Miller suspension, details remain scant


By now we know that Broncos linebacker Von Miller has been suspended the first six games of the 2013 NFL season.  We still don’t know precisely what he did to merit the suspension under the substance-abuse policy.

“Von has acknowledged making some mistakes in the past and is now being held accountable under the policies the league has in place,” coach John Fox said in a statement issued by the team.  “While it’s very disappointing that we will be without him for the start of the season, we will support him as a football team and organization.”
The last part implies that the team won’t pursue what otherwise would be automatic repayment of more than $1.2 million in signing bonus money.
“All of us will stand by Von and help him however possible as he continues his personal growth off the field,” Fox said.  “Replacing him on the field will not be easy, but every team must deal with adversity.  We will plan accordingly and be prepared.  I am confident our team will step up and meet the challenge.  I expect Von to stay in excellent shape and be ready to play at a high level when he returns to the Broncos.”
Miller has said on multiple occasions that he didn’t generate a positive test.  But he did enough to get suspended for six games, and he has accepted that penalty.

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  1. This and everything else that’s transpired in Denver since January opens the door for the Chargers or Chiefs to take the division title. The Raiders still suck too much to have a chance.

  2. It looks like he tried to fiddle with the test samples. So yes, he wasn’t caught in a positive test … because he intentionally contaminated it. Only in Denver would he be considered innocent.

  3. The real key here is will he come back like Von Miller, or Shawn Merriman? That will pretty much tell everyone if it was pot, or PED’s.

  4. Well, at least the haters that are trolling like crazy on everything Broncos cannot say that Denver is getting preferential treatment. Although those same fools also thought Denver was getting this treatment earlier.. I am still waiting for some examples of this from anybody!

  5. dumbolt you hater, the only choo choo express in the afc west without any bling on the fingers or hardware in the case are you beloved bolts…….who will get derailed again.

  6. Robert Ayers better step up and starting earning it. With Dumervil gone and Miller out the first 6 games- I expect Denver will blitz more and DelRio is a creative enough coach to make it happen. The Bronks are a good team. I expect them to take the division but it will not be a cakewalk. The Chiefs especially have improved.

  7. The real key here is will he come back like Von Miller, or Shawn Merriman? That will pretty much tell everyone if it was pot, or PED’s.


    This comment, like so many, on here is off the mark and ignorant–Miller is allowed at the facility during his suspension, and is allowed to practice as well during the suspension. (If it were PED’s he would not be allowed in the facility during his suspension.) Why? Because he is not guilty of using a PED’s!!!

    He is in the substance abuse program. Being around his team, viewed by the NFL and players association, is granted because they want the player to be around positive influences. He is a drug user. (Mostly pot–which happens to be legal in Colorado.)

  8. The prohibition of marijuana (federal) is absurd. The NFL needs to take it off it’s substance abuse list imo. If anything, weed is a performance inhibitor LOL. It makes most people NOT want to workout and makes them WANT to eat a lot of tasty food that’s bad for you.

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