Matthew Stafford’s confidence in offense hasn’t been shaken


In the wake of last week’s game against the Browns, coach Jim Schwartz and running back Reggie Bush both leveled criticism at the Lions for their performance and said that the fact that it was preseason didn’t eliminate the need for concern.

Wide receiver Nate Burleson added his voice to that crew on Monday, saying that the starting offense has to “create some momentum” after failing to score a touchdown in either of the team’s first two preseason games. Quarterback Matthew Stafford admitted that he’d prefer to score touchdowns, but that the offense’s efforts in the two games has done nothing to shake his confidence in a unit that he knows needs to keep getting better all season.

“Anytime you step on the field you want to put points up, no question,” Stafford said, via Chris McCosky of the Detroit News. “This is the time of year when you are still trying to jell, still trying to get better. We want to do that through the whole season. Hopefully you aren’t playing your best in Week 1. You want to play well throughout and be peaking toward the end of the season.”

The numbers for the Lions’ first-string aren’t impressive, but there was a Calvin Johnson-sized hole in the lineup against Cleveland and that certainly makes for a very different offense than the one that Detroit hopes to run this season. While there are issues to sort out on the line and with the receivers other than Johnson, it’s a good bet that a potent Lions offense will remain potent even after slumbering from the gate.

14 responses to “Matthew Stafford’s confidence in offense hasn’t been shaken

  1. calm down….calm down….. you get to play the Packers defense twice so that is atleast 40 points a game to get rolling….all will be fine…

    “nothing matters but the weekend….from a Tuesdays point of view”

  2. Stafford destroyed defenses last season, including the defending SB champs. And then went on to have a mediocre season. Pre-season don’t matter.

  3. The guy is playing scared. Toss it down field a little bit. Throw some picks in preseason. Take some risks.

    I’m tired of the same old vanilla O from the Lions. It seems as though if Calvin wasn’t open, it was dumped off to Bush. If Bush wasn’t open, it was dumped off to Pettigrew who either drops the pass or fumbles the ball.

    Also, stop with the end-around. It rarely works and people are expecting it now. If that’s your one trick play then we’re in trouble.

    We still don’t have a true #2 receiver to follow Calvin…just a bunch of #3’s.

  4. They seem pretty well set at the skill positions except for maybe WR (after Johnson) — the issue likely will be the O-line and Linehan’s vanilla offense.

  5. To anyone who’s saying that they didn’t open up the playbook very much and that the play calling was “vanilla”: You do realize that they play the Browns during the regular season right? And if you realize that then maybe you also realize that NFL teams regularly do this against teams they’ll have to see again in the regular season so as to not give their plays away.
    If your going to criticize them for their play calling you should at least have some kind of awareness of how these things work.

  6. As a long time Lions fan I see a lack of creativity in the offense throughout the regular season, not just in the pre-season. I think there is concern here-way too predictable!

  7. Don’t matter if they score 40 points, the team they are playing against will score more than the lions. What did they win last year, like 4 games and you fools think this year will be any different. Detroit will go straight to the bottom with the joke your team calls its coaches.

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