Redskins, Cousins await MRI on foot

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At a time when the primary focus for the Redskins is the health of starting quarterback Robert Griffin III, their insurance policy suddenly is in danger of not being available.

Kirk Cousins has a sprained foot.  Per Tarik El-Bashir of, the injury has been described as mild, and X-rays were negative.  However, the key test will be the MRI.

“When I first did it, I didn’t feel like it was anything serious,” Cousins said, via El-Bashir.  “It feels almost like a sprained ankle, just in the middle of my foot.”

Cousins was injured on a low tackle by Steelers linebacker Lawrence Timmons.

“I felt it initially, and as I was walking back to the huddle I was trying to self-evaluate,” Cousins said.  “As I started walking back to the huddle and feeling it, I just decided, ‘You know what?’  It’s preseason game No. 2 with a long season to go, now is not the time to try to be a hero.”

While initial signs are positive, coach Mike Shanahan is nervous about a possible Lisfranc situation, especially since the team already has lost rookie safety Phillip Thomas to that specific type of injury.

“I asked if it was a possibility because we felt that way last time – the X-rays were negative [but] it wound up being a Lisfranc,” Shanahan said.  “But they don’t feel that way at this time.”

Regardless, they need Cousins, even if Griffin is healthy.  If his first NFL season is any indication, chances are he eventually won’t be 100 percent, again.

16 responses to “Redskins, Cousins await MRI on foot

  1. “Cousins was injured on a low tackle by Steelers linebacker Lawrence Timmons”? How about Cousins was tackled in the field of play on his second consecutive running play. Timmons was simply making a play on this, the onus for the injury lies with Cousins.

  2. Yes, use one season as a leading indicator for whether or not Griffin will be fit this year.

    Can we also assume that since the Broncos, 49ers, Seahawks, Patriots, etc… didn’t win the Super Bowl last year that they won’t this year? No. You either need a Maths lesson or you need to quit being such a hack, probably both to be fully honest.

  3. As far as I know Kirk’s father hasn’t issued any statements on his son running the ball. Rex’s dad must be proud of his son’s body slam of that Stealer player because I didn’t see any twitters about not letting QBs tackle. The Redskins QBs seem to be developing a case of the grown ups. Normally the father-trainer-life coach would make a statement on Faceplace or MyBook to aid the SuperBowl winning coach on the right was to use the precious boy.

  4. So the ORIGINAL RGIII will be starting for the ‘Skins the first month of the season? GO SEXY REXY (Daniel Rex Grossman III)!

  5. Thank God the best player in NFL history is our starting QB and his backup could start for almost every other team in the league. The Redskins are unstoppable. Super Bowl after Super Bowl. #GodsTeamWillKeeponRollinginBurgandyandGold

  6. 0ffsides says: Aug 20, 2013 10:41 AM

    “Cousins was injured on a low tackle by Steelers linebacker Lawrence Timmons”? How about Cousins was tackled in the field of play on his second consecutive running play. Timmons was simply making a play on this, the onus for the injury lies with Cousins.
    I don’t that implies fault with Timmons. I’m a die hard Skins fan, but he was just playing the game. It’s unfortunate that Cousins got hurt, but Timmons did nothing wrong. Just like when Haloti Ngata hurt Griffin last year, it’s the NFL and freak injuries happen. That said, this is another solid argument against the existence of the preseason. Hate watching star players, from any team, get hurt in a game that doesn’t matter.

  7. I’m not trolling. I am a Redskins fan. I salute Florio for using their name in the article. A tacit recognition from him that the name is entirely appropriate for polite company without an agenda as he himself uses it in his articles. I am an RG3 fan. I’m simply pointing out that Kirk and Rex don’t have daddy fighting their son’s battles. RG3 is going to be great again and wiser too. I think his image took a hit and he was smiling with his coach on camera, cheering Kirk on, defering to the Drs. and “plan”. RG3 respects the view of the people and it was clear we wanted him to cut the apron strings with Dad and listen to the coach and be a Redskins player on a team of Redskins. Which were incidently named after the Boston Braves which celebrates the Tea Party and nothing to do with scalps or whatever kind of nuttiness this site sometimes peddles to be PC.

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