Report: Antonio Smith to be suspended for swing at Richie Incognito


Houston Texans defensive end Antonio Smith’s preseason could be over after an incident with Miami Dolphins guard Richie Incognito during Saturday night’s preseason game between the two teams.

Smith forcibly removed Incognito’s helmet and then swung it at him connecting with Incognito’s face in the process. According to Adam Schefter of, the league will suspend Smith Tuesday for up to two preseason games for using a helmet as a weapon.

It’s the second time in the last calendar year the duo of Smith and Incognito have had an incident on the field. Smith was fined $11,000 (after appealing the fine down from $21,000) for a Week One run-in when he kicked Incognito in the head after Incognito grabbed Smith’s ankle as he tried to chase a loose ball.

129 responses to “Report: Antonio Smith to be suspended for swing at Richie Incognito

  1. Two preseason games for attempting to smash a guy’s face in with a helmet? I guess Smith should have tried to stab him too. Maybe they would have made him sit out a couple practices as well.

  2. So bashing another person’s head with a weapon gets him the rest of the preseason off? Nice. Oh btw, his 11,000 fine for that is pretty close to Wes Welker getting fined 10,000 in 2008 for making a snow angel.

  3. “…the league will suspend Smith Tuesday for up to two preseason games…”

    Wow what a HARSH punishment!! The league sure showed smith!!!

    Another cowardly move by the NFL front offices. Suspend him for games that count, or else the suspension is worthless.

  4. You almost took someones head off?

    Ok, we will suspend you for two meaningless games and make sure you are healthy for the start of the regular season.

  5. Suspended for preseason games? Is that a punishment? If true this is absolutely ridiculous. He should be out AT LEAST 2 reg season games. NFL has player safety as a priority in rhetoric only.

  6. Preseason games? thats no punishment…..he wasn’t going to play in the 4th one anyway. Pre-season games no many involved……he is getting away with it…

  7. Whoa……they might get him suspended for 2 preseason games………that will teach him a lesson. Man, these fines are getting steep.

    I think if they really want to get him, they should suspend him for two preseason games this year and 2 next year……..

  8. Suspended for two preseason games? That’s pretty harsh. I’m sure that will really make him think about what he’s done.

  9. Suspend him for a regular season’re almost doing him a favor by making him miss preseason games. Just saw the video and that was DIRTY.

  10. Weak sauce. He should suspended for 2 REGULAR season games, not preseason games. He doesn’t lose a game check by suspending him for preseason games.

  11. I smell Dana White calling these guys,” I have a large cage and $10,000 to the winner” and no NFL fines.And U make guest appearance on Ultimate Fighter.

  12. A guy with “history” gets suspended for two basically meaningless games……….makes sense *sarcasm

  13. That will teach him.He can’t play in a game (that he does’nt want too) and he won’t get paid (for a game that he does’nt get paid for anyway).Quite a statement by the league.

  14. Incognito is not so incognito when it comes to his well documented dirty play. He is despised by just about everyone who plays against him, and quite possibly by those he plays with. He is involved in many of these incidents and it’s just like grade school: the one who responds gets caught. I would wager he deserved both shots from Smith, and I don’t have a dog in this fight.

  15. 2 totally meaningful preseason games? Good work, NFL. Sorry, but this was more egregious than Haynesworth’s face stomping and this perp gets basically a slap on the wrist? Pathetic.

  16. 2 meaningless games after the guy tried to hit a dude in the head with a HELMET!? For a league that supposedly wants to reduce the amount of violence in the game, that is a shameful and pathetic punishment.

  17. Incognito is a chump and derseves to be fined, but that still was a pretty stupid move by Smith. He’s lucky it’s only preseason games. This article also failed to mention the reason Smith kicking Incognito repeatedly in the head last season was bc Incognito could be seen torching on Smith’s leg trying to break it…

  18. Why does he get suspended for a pre season game, should be regular season. Richie is an idiot, who it seems has turned most of his stupidity around from the days with the Rams, but he still does not deserve to be hit in the face with a helmet.

  19. The nfl takes concussions so seriously that removing an opponents head protection and hitting him in the head with it warrants missing nothing of consequence.

  20. So the NFL spares an established vet from participating in meaningless pre season games and think that is a suitable punishment. Please Roger, you’re doing him a favor.

  21. Awesome !! Now what about that knee aiming scrub db ? should be next in line with a fine

  22. Smash a guy with a helmet, get suspended a couple of preseason games. Get wrongfully accused of rape, where no validity is found during the investigation, leading to zero charges, get suspended 4 regular season games. There is the inequity in Roger Goodell’s NFL…

  23. Two preseason games? He probably likes that. At least one regular season game would be more like it. I don’t like either guy, but if you’re swinging a helmet at someone, you deserve to sit for a while.

  24. Two preseason games!! Is this a joke. How about 4-6 real games this is what is needed. If the NFL doesn’t suspened this clown for part of the season,then why suspened him at all. The NFL is almost as funny as the NCAA.

  25. 2 preseason games for yanking a guys helmet off and taking a full on swing at his face with the helmet? Richie has a bad reputation too, but that is extreme in any case. Smith should be suspended for multiple in season games and lose multiple in season game checks for this.

  26. Suspend him for PRESEASON games?????

    That’s like rewarding him.

    That is no punishment at all.

    NFL decision makers are wacky.

  27. Preseason games? They’re doing him a favor, not punishing him. What’s he going to miss 3 series? He doesn’t get paid for pre-season games, so he doesn’t lose any money so it’s more like they’re encouraging players to do this, nor discouraging them.

    If they want to send a message, suspend him for the first two regular season games. If he’s a ‘bubble’ player he will probably get cut (which he deserves) and if not his behavior impacts his team and his pocketbook rather than giving him two nights off.

  28. Missing preseason games doesn’t seem to be very much of a punishment. Is the per-game pay the same as a regular game? At any rate, I wonder why no regular games were subtracted. Can anyone explain?

  29. Suspend him for preseason games. Games he probably doesn’t want to be apart of in the first place. That’ll show him.

    Seriously though, why even bother suspending him in the first place? Preseason only is a joke.

  30. Just so. This man has “anger management” issues and is a threat to other players around him. Also a whiner. The suspended games should be during the regular season.

    The Texans need to better coach their players after also taking out Kellar’s knee in an unnecessary poor form tackle.

  31. Richie actually seems to be the victim in these confrontations. Wait a minute, let me go outside and make sure the sky is still blue. Yep, still blue. OK, I kind of believe it.

  32. I couldn’t imagine if Suh did this. I read a lot of comments about people being ok with his actions. This seems much worse than a “stomp.”

  33. This is some bull. How is this punishment? Smith nor any veteran wants to play in the preseason anyway. Suspending him two weeks of the preseason is doing him a favor. Suspend him one regular season game. That is when his pay kicks in.

  34. Preseason suspensions are a joke.

    If you seriously think he did something wrong, don’t make a mockery out of the infraction by making someone miss a glorified scrimmage.

  35. “The league will suspend smith up to two preseason games”

    I really hope this is a typo. If the league is really trying to protect players from head injuries then I’d think ripping a guys helmet off and hitting him the face with said helmet is a pretty good way to incur a serious head injury. If the only repercussion Smith will face is missing two preseason games, the league is sending the wrong message.

    Most vets would rather not play in the preseason anyway. Missing two preseason games will only ensure that Smith himself will start the regular season fresh, rested, and injury free.

  36. Huh? Goodell just did this guy a FAVOR not a punishment. Oh, he can’t play two meaningless games…that will teach him! I wouldn’t be surprised to see 40 or 50 guys swinging their opponents helmet at them in the next pre-season game! SMH

  37. He gets a full 2 preseason game suspension…wow, glad to see the NFL throw the gauntlet down…are you freaking kidding me?

    Who gives a damn about the preseason, the man swung and connected with a helmet, certainly a weapon in this case.

    He should be suspended for the first 2 games of the REAL SEASON. Suspensions during preseason is VERY WEAK.

  38. I’ve watched the replay like 20 times and incognito, aka the “dirtiest player in the league” moved before getting hit. The man was punching and shoving under the helmet into smith’s face. But to reiterate, he didn’t get hit in the face like your article said. I think smith realized what he was doing at last second and pulled back. Not justifying his actions, but it wasn’t as bad as you’re making it out. He makes contact, then yes, run him up the flag pole, but he did not.

  39. Suspend him for two preseason games, one of which he would not have played in anyway, and neither of which he gets paid for. That should teach him a lesson.

  40. If the league actually cared about player safety, and blows to the head, this guy should be suspended for the year. It remove ones helmet, and subsequently use said helmet to attack the head of another player is above and beyond reasonable…..

  41. only 2 preseason games!?! are you kidding? give him a nice rest before the regular season starts…this is such a joke…SMDH

  42. 2 preseason games? for swinging a helmet at someones face! lol as long as no ones feeling are getting hurt by salutes and spinning balls…

  43. So the widely recognized dirtiest player in the league gets swung at? That’s a shocker.

  44. Nothing says “you’re in big trouble mister”, like suspending a guy for preseason games… So in reality the guy can’t practice since he was going to limited in practice. Way to show him league…

  45. This is not intended as a defense of Smith, but if reports that video shows Incognito grabbing Smith’s facemask are correct, why would Incognito not also be suspended?

  46. What kind of garbage suspension is that?? Two preseason games…Are they rewarding him? Vet / Starters don’t want to play in those anyway.

    This guy is a dirty dirty player, he’s shown it on multiple occasions. The NFL needs to do more.

  47. What’s the point of suspending A. Smith for 2 preseason games? That’s not punishment, he’s probably glad he doesn’t have to play in those, plus it doesn’t cost him anything. Suspend him for 2 regular season games, then let’s see what he thinks about that. He hit Richie in the head with a deadly object for god’s sake. In this new NFL, cracking down on any type of helmet to helmet blow I guess helmet to head is ok.

  48. you could litterally rewrite this headline to “NFL rewards Antonio Smith with two week vacation for helmet hit” and it would be more accurate.

  49. This post by Crabtree is so wrong Smith will be suspended but not for just two preseason game. He will be suspended for a regular season game.

  50. Suh – Stomp somebody’s arm = 2 reg season games
    Smith – Rip somebody’s helmet off and swing it at somebody’s head = 2 preseason games.

    Whoever determines suspensions is a clown.

  51. To all o you talking about Inconito’s dirty reputation: name 1 incident that Incognito was fined or suspended for.

    Now do the same with Antonio Smith

    Now who is the “well documented” dirty player?

    Facts beat fiction every time.

  52. Y’all do realize that the Texans are one of the NFL darling teams don’t you? Heck, if it was the patsies, they probably would have only given him a two-a-day practice suspension (if that).

  53. They are not suspending him for the preseason. This report is wrong. He’ll probably get a 1 game regular season suspension, possibly 2 games.

    An please look at the video…. Incognito has BOTH hands under Smiths facemask almost trying to gouge his eyes out. Incognito is a well known dirty player. What Smith did was reprehensible and he should be suspended. But 1 regular season game….

  54. if he played in the NFC east he would be suspended for the season. Anything to help Mara and the Giants out.

  55. hdahs143 says:
    Aug 20, 2013 10:01 AM
    To all o you talking about Inconito’s dirty reputation: name 1 incident that Incognito was fined or suspended for.

    Now do the same with Antonio Smith

    Now who is the “well documented” dirty player?

    Facts beat fiction every time.

    That’s laughable at best….

    They polled NFL players last year about the dirtiest players and Incognito was #2 only behind Suh.

    Incognito has a very well known rep as being a dirty player. And most people know that its usually the guy that reacts to the dirty player that gets in trouble not the guy taking dirty little jabs the whole game that he knows the ref won’t see.

  56. Everyone missed the point. Antonio didn’t hit Incognito with the crown of his (Antonio’s) helmet. So Antonio gets rewarded (vacation) for following the new crown of the helmet rule. Don’t you people follow football???


  57. If A-Smith hits Tom Brady with a helmet……………. he would be sharing a cell with A. Hernandez right now!!!!

    But, he hit one of the most hated players in the game………… different punishment to say the least.

    By the way Commish…. Hernandez isn’t getting a lighter sentence if he shot ‘bad’ people that no one liked.

    “hint hint… wink wink… nudge nudge”…. Get how justice works Roger???

  58. Ritchie was selected to the PRO BOWL last year by his peers and coaches… I know in my world the least respected, dirtiest people get my vote all the time for promotions. NOT… surely he is looked upon a little better than most of you post!

  59. I’m waiting for the Houston DA to bring attempted murder charges against Smith. That’s what you or I would get for the same thing. And please do not expose your idiocy be claiming this is “part of the game”.

    I say huge fine and at least 8 game suspension if not the year. Anything less and you can claim that the NFL actually condones this type of activity.

  60. OBTW Ritchie is loved and respected by his teammates and viewed as a leader on the team. If what all the Texan fans are saying was true, wouldn’t he be a better fit on Houston? Especially given the TEAM play by the Texans during the ENTIRE game…

  61. So last year Incognito tries to break Smith’s leg, who has to kick him off. Now – and go watch the video again – Incognito punches or pushes up through Smith’s helmet two or three times, then facemasking him before Smith retaliates. If Smith gets fined and suspended, Incognito should get the exact same fine and suspension. One precedent would be the Cortland Finnegan’s history of provoking Andre Johnson and their ensuing fight, where both players were fined $25 (and then reduced to $15k if I remember right). Equal justice is called for.

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