Report: Geno Smith to start against Giants

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While the Browns and Eagles have called an end to their quarterback competitions, the Jets have given no indication that they are close to tabbing either Mark Sanchez or Geno Smith as their man under center.

In the latest sign that things are still up in the air, Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News reports that Smith will start against the Giants in the team’s third preseason game unless he has a setback with his sprained ankle during practice this week.

Smith did not play against the Jaguars last Saturday night, while Sanchez had his second straight inconsistent outing of the preseason. Sanchez moved the Jets down the field well twice, but threw an interception later in his outing and failed to do enough to make further consideration unnecessary.

And that’s probably the best thing for the Jets because there’s not much point in having a quarterback competition if you’re not going to evaluate both players with the starting offense. What Smith will have to do to win the job for the regular season is unclear, although putting forth an effort that hints at a higher level of reliability than Sanchez has provided the team would be a pretty good place to start.

21 responses to “Report: Geno Smith to start against Giants

  1. NICE!!!

    Now Geno Smith can finally show what he can do in a real game situation….all he did in his first preseason game was go 6-7 for 47 yards before hurting his ankle that was only 94.5 qb rating….but i guess he’s a bust according to the trolling idiots who usually post on here….give the kid a chance

  2. Awwww man. Well, I still hope when my Ravens play the Jets, Sanchez is starting. If so, our Total Defense Rank should go 3 spots higher from that game.

  3. Sanchez goes up against the Jags defense and Geno goes up against the Giants defense.

    But life’s not fair, plus if Geno can produce more than Sanchez in less favorable settings, then the Week 1 starter will be pretty obvious.

  4. Has this become a “race” issue with the New York Jets or just another “publicity stunt” to draw more viewers?

  5. @alexb1234
    You’re so right! All he did was go 6/7 for a whopping 47 yards on check downs. We should probably just put him in Canton right now.

  6. I hope they give Simms a look also, he looked great against the Jags, but it was the Jags.

  7. @grndizzle Where did i say put him in the hall of fame?

    I said give the kid a chance….he did well in the few plays he had he didnt make any mistakes like throw a screen pass to the defensive lineman…

    let the kid play a real game(sorta I know it’s preseason) before you get on him so badly like everybody does…it’s not fair to Geno..

    he was the top rated qb in the draft before he sent some text messages…the talent is there…give him a chance maybe he can put it together then again maybe he cant…

  8. @whatnojets .. how is this a race issue? Sanchez is Mexican-American, which draws many fans that aren’t typically interested in the NFL. I don’t understand why people have to turn everything into a racial matter.

  9. Smith/Sanchez is like Foles/Vick. You don’t want to really be the QB to win the pre-season battle, ’cause there’s no way the starter finishes the season.

  10. Still really not a fair comparison since teams game-plan for the third preseason game and the 1st and 2nd is mainly seeing what players will stick (maybe that’s why Sancheezy played so long).

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