Report: Kirk Cousins’ foot checks out okay in MRI


Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins said that he didn’t feel like his sprained right foot was a particularly serious injury when he sustained it against the Steelers on Monday night and it appears that his impression has been proven correct.

Alex Marvez of FOX Sports reports that the MRI done on Cousins’ foot on Tuesday came back negative for any structural injury or other problem that would keep Cousins from serving as the team’s backup quarterback this season. Cousins was diagnosed with a mid-foot sprain, which can sometimes turn out to be more once imaging reveals what’s going on inside the foot. The Redskins had just such a case earlier this month when rookie safety Phillip Thomas was lost for the year with a Lisfranc injury after initially being described as having a sprained foot.

Per Marvez, he is expected back for the season opener and may even be ready to play in the team’s final preseason game of the summer next week.

That’s obviously good news for the Redskins, even if Cousins doesn’t play in the final tune-up. The team has to feel better about heading into the regular season with their first choice insurance policy against a prolonged absence for Robert Griffin III than they would about having Rex Grossman one big hit away from leading the offense.

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  1. To be fair, Sexy Rexy did QB the Bears to the Superbowl. Also, unfortunately Sexy Rexy was the QB of the Bears in the Superbowl.

  2. Seeing Kirk walk back to the huddle and sit down told me that he was thinking about the issues Griffin had last year and played it safe, it’s all about experience and playing it smart.

  3. Kirk, “My foot hurts.” Robert, “My knee hurts..I mean no it doesn’t my knee is fine!” Coach Shannahan, “Listen ladies, when I played football I burst my kidney and they administered Last Rites to me on the field. So quit your crying and go win me some games.”

  4. Yeah, who would want this guy “one big hit away from leading the offense:

    11 year veteran, 5th year in the offense, 10,000 passing yards, winning record, super bowl starter, heisman-runner up, etc.

    When they could have a second year player with one start there instead?

    Don’t understand all the hate for Sexy Rexy, the original RGIII.

  5. cuda: Yeah, if he could just break this habit he has of drilling these guys in the other uniforms in the numbers two or three times a game, he’d be good to go. You obviously haven’t been watching “Interceptus Rex” much these last few years. And the Bears got to the Super Bowl that season IN SPITE of Grossman, not because of him.

  6. cuda1234:
    Do u even watch football? No one wants Rex on the field because hes a turnover machine and is in no way capable of running the offensive scheme that the Skins want to run.

    Having said that, did anyone else see McNabb on Fox Sports 1 after the game. Claiming the redskins were in “big trouble” because they were now down to their 3rd string quarterback for the season opener. He really needs to shut up because not only does he sound like some bitter old player, but also sounds like he has no idea what hes talking about. RGIII and Cousins will both be fine when the games actually matter

  7. Skins just dodged a major bullet with this news and Cofield, “just breaking his hand”. I hope the Steelers get the same news back for RB Bell.

    Freaking preseason games! If I were Shanahan I’d play the rookies with the entire 2nd/3rd string only for the last two games strictly for back-up evaluations.

  8. I happened to have dominated my neighborhood garageball scene. Garageball is the game we invented where one team is trying to pick up the basketball and shoot it through a basketball hoop. The other team is trying to kick the ball through the open garage as a goal. Injuries were considered an honor. It was a sign you weren’t afraid to to get kicked in the face. So yes, I was a star athlete on the garageball court. PS – you care. It’s a valid point I made. Shanny is from the old school. Kirk and RG3 are great, but I’m sure it grates on Shanahan that he has to take crap about a game he almost died playing. He knows better than anyone what an injury is. He cares about his players and he knows what its like to have the sport he loves taken away from him. Go back to playing Madden keysersoze. PS – you still care.

  9. cuda1234:
    Do u even watch football? No one wants Rex on the field because hes a turnover machine and is in no way capable of running the offensive scheme that the Skins want to run.


    I watch football enough to know Grossman knows the system, he is a tough SOB that doesn’t get hurt, doesn’t miss games and he is the only QB on their roster that does not run the ball. Hes a perfect number 3 that can and has pulled out some big wins. No I don’t want him as a starter but a 3? No problem.

  10. As a long time Skins Fan, I have to admit that Rex just kind of grows on ya. I don’t want him as a starter but the guy just survives it all with his ego intact and he serves a purpose. He knows the system, he’s a good teacher to our youngster QBs, and he’s just a good sport. A good egg all around. I hope he stays again this year. He’d likely make a good position coach too when he gets bored with clipboards.

  11. Glad to hear that it isn’t too serious. This guy has a future ahead of him.

    For the fans not too worried about Grossman possibly starting…

    Let me remind you that after a five interception game in 2011 where he was benched he was unable to beat out JOHN BECK to get back onto the field for a full five games. Let that soak in and be glad you’re getting your top two guys back.

  12. sidepull:

    I cant argue that Rex knows the system and that hes a good 3rd string qb but thats far different from being on the field and running the system well enough to win the division. He’s good to have on the roster but by no means should he be a starter in the NFL as he proves time and again that he will make the crucial turnover when the game is on the line. The Skins offense was so dangerous last year because it was near impossible for defenses to read. Lineman and linebackers were left flat footed trying to figure out if RG3 would throw it, hand it off, or keep it himself. With Grossman out there, that element of the zone read is non existant and practically changes the whole gameplan. Grossman probably never gets hurt because he has a layer of fat to cushion all the hits he takes

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