Richard Marshall gets $6.1 million for four games


Cornerback DeAngelo Hall once received $8 million for eight games with the Raiders.  Cornerback Richard Marshall has emerged from Miami with an even better per-game rate.

Per a source with knowledge of Marshall’s contract, Marshall exits the Dolphins with $6.1 million — and he played in only four games.

The cash comes from a signing bonus of $3.5 million, a fully-guaranteed 2012 base salary of $2.5 million, and workout bonuses of $50,000 in 2012 and 2013.

The Dolphins will carry cap charge of $1.16 million in 2013 and 2014 for Marshall, who is free to sign with any other team.

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  1. Alright , alright , so they got burned on this one. Look at what some of their Divisional counterparts have wasted on players: Buffalo threw tens of millions at Ryan Fitzpatrick , who never really panned out. Then , they made Aaron Maybin the eleventh pick of the first round , when they could have had Orakpo , Cushing or Clay Matthews (Ouch !)
    The Jets would probably part ways with both Mark Sanchez and Rex Ryan right now , if they could — except then they’d have to back up the Brinks truck and start throwing out sacks of money at both of them for the next year or two.
    Even New England , who has blown about five or six number two picks over the past three years , is not above reproach.
    But I guess since all three of those teams are from the Northeast , like most of the NFL’s beat writers who cover the AFC Eastern division , they don’t want to talk about that too much. I guess continuing to bash the Fins for every move that doesn’t turn out perfect is much more preferable.

  2. Wow just to play a game. Funny how our society works. Some guy is working 80 hours a week at minimum wage to keep his family alive. Guess it pays to be genetically superior/lucky.

  3. carinator come on man…when you are pointing at the jets and bills saying, “we aren’t quite as bad as they are…” something is wrong.

  4. Most of his money was made last season. He was a late season pickup and Miami had thecap room to sign him…

  5. butthatmakestoomuchsense says:
    Aug 20, 2013 11:29 PM
    For every dollar Richard Marshall was overpaid, someone else was underpaid.

    That’s the nature of the salary cap. No sense in getting upset about it.

    How do figure someone was underpaid? Just because there’s a max and min in total doesn’t mean there’s a net equal sum bought by the money. If one person is overpaid it means you had less to pay someone else so got less bang for the fewer bucks left on hand, that is that person got paid what they were worth but was less than they could have had. And even if somewhere somehow underpaid, that means you’ve likely got a malcontented player on your hands.

  6. IRELAND bashers go find a hobby PLEASE!!!!!!! You either do not watch enough football or clearly you do not look at the whole entire landscape of football. NO GM in the NFL is void of bad moves…it happens. The Pats once signed Albert Haynesworth, they also drafted Chad Jackson to be their next top flight receiver, after Jackson did not pan out they continued to shop at the University of Florida…are you going to tell me Bellicheck and squad are a bunch of clowns?!? The Ravens (SB CHAMPS and one of the best GMs-Ozzie Newsome) once drafted Sergio Kindle. Every GM makes bad moves, it comes with the territory, most times having a franchise QB covers up your problems…..Peyton and the Broncos, Luck and the Colts, RG3 and the Skins!!!!!!!

    Either support your team or please go spend your Sundays at the Hard Rock!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Actually it was a good signing by Ireland because Marshall was considered one of better CB available in free agency that year, and at a reasonable amount.

    The problem is he hurt his back and missed most of the season last year, and hasn’t been able to regain his old form the preseason. The GM can’t be blamed for a player getting hurt (unless there was a previous history, which there wasn’t).

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