Smith will appeal his suspension


Texans defensive end Antonio Smith has been suspended for the final two preseason games and for his team’s regular-season opener.  To little surprise, Smith will appeal the penalty.

Per a league source, Smith views the punishment as “way out of line,” especially since Texans believe (we’re told) that the helmet swung at Dolphins guard Richie Incognito didn’t make contact with his face.

Still, the fact that Smith even tried to hit Incognito with the helmet is reason enough to take a tough stance, and it will be difficult for Smith to secure a reversal.

At a base salary of $6 million, Smith will lose $352,941.17 if the regular-season suspension is upheld.  For the preseason, he’ll lose far less — and he’ll gain the ability to not have to play in a pair of meaningless games.

The appeal will be heard by Ted Cottrell or Matt Birk.  Birk recently replaced Art Shell as one of the two internal hearing officers for the appeal of on-field fines and suspensions.

It’s unclear whether the suspension would begin immediately, with Smith banished from all practice until the after the regular-season opener, or whether he can practice with the team for the balance of the preseason before commencing his suspension.  If he’s currently banned from practice, time will be of the essence regarding the appeal process.

For now, the league is making no comment on the situation, explaining that discipline has not formally been issued.

41 responses to “Smith will appeal his suspension

  1. He could have killed him. What a clown. Suspend him the entire season.


    On every play, in every game in this league someone “could” die. Give Rodger his wish: flag football for everyone!

  2. So according to Mr. Smith’s convoluted logic, so if I walk up to him and pull a gun and decide to shoot but miss, that’s not considered severe and the punishment should not be considered “out of line”.

  3. Bad idea, if they think about it a bit longer they could take more games. That was brutal, unprofessional, and uncalled for, I don’t care if Incognito said something about his mama or whatever.

  4. Antonio: You ripped off a player’s helmet and beat him with it, at a time when the NFL is trying to reduce head injuries. You got off EASY.

  5. How can it only be one game…How can he hope to appeal. Should get an 8 game ban following appeal since he clearly believes he did nothing wrong which means we have every reason to believe he’ll do it again.

  6. should constitute a hit to head penalty and fine and more. One real game is a joke, lets try 3-4 regular season games since he clearly doesn’t understand the magnitude…

  7. I give him 3 years post football and he will keep Aaron Hernandez company in prison. That type of aggression is instinctive and will erupt again when he’s in a similar situation.

  8. @unbiasfan
    I know right! I hate when people get mad over that stuff. Like what a wuss, doesn’t want to get hit with a helmet getting swung at him.

  9. Ritchie tried to twist the dude’s ankle off last year, in the same game last year, he did a pile driver to cushings shoulder after an INT. He is a scum bag and knows it. #94 should have bashed him in the head harder.

  10. He did get fined last year for retaliating against Incognito…he has a history. He should learn a lesson and move on and PLAY SMARTER next time he faces Incognito…..

  11. jagwires says:Aug 20, 2013 3:56 PM

    Trashy player, trashy team, trashy city.

    Smith is dirtier than Incognito

    Compared to dirty Jacksonville and the pathetic Jags, Houston is down right paradise.

    Enjoy anohter 2-14 season Jag fan.

  12. If Richie was playing the Steel Curtain, he would have been on a stretcher.


  13. If I did that someone in the street I would get charged with felony assault and couple of years in jail. He got off easy.

  14. denverdougz says:
    Aug 20, 2013 4:12 PM
    Smoke weed? 6 game ban. Bash your opponents skull in with a helmet? 1 game ban? That’s fair. Good job Goodell!

    You know he didnt actually hit him right??

  15. not very smart to appeal. he now jeopardizes being suspended for more regular season games.

  16. Incognito got what he had coming. Now, if only someone would do the same to Cortland Finnegan….

  17. After further review, it is determined that the original penalty was not nearly adequate. Mr smith will be eligible to play starting week 9 of the 2013 NFL season.
    The prosecution rests.

  18. What’s the point of suspending a player for preseason’s games? It’s like a vacation they don’t much money. What he did should be 6 regular season games suspension.

  19. Incognit0 is a goon, like the old hockey goons in NHL, instigates a fight trying to get the other teams player in trouble, Dude is a waste of space. Antonio on other hand is decent player but deserves some sort of suspension, what he did was unacceptable

  20. “8to80texansblog says:
    Aug 20, 2013 4:43 PM
    Its funny reading comments from people who know NOTHING about Antonio Smith and comparing him to Aaron Hernandez….”

    Huh? There was only one poster who mentioned Hernandez.

  21. guys it’s okay.. he didn’t make contact! so he shouldn’t be penalized at all!

    it makes total sense… I coulda cracked his head open if he was 2 inches to the left.. but he wasn’t.. so why punish me!?

    some people defy logic -_-

  22. Suspended the first game of the season uh. Well that’s good news for the Chargers. Between the Broncos and Texans the Chargers will have a winning season

  23. The Texans are looking more and more like a dirty dirty team…It seems like they were the true bounty gate team not the Saints. 1st their safety goes very low on a defenseless player and destroys his knee then a DL rips a player helmet off and tries to hit him in the head with it…all in the same game. Makes me wonder what kinda ship are their head coach running down therl

  24. 1. You swing a punch at a player and miss, you’re not penalized as much as if you make contact. He swung the helmet and missed, so his penalty isn’t as severe as if he actually hit him.

    2. Swearinger’s hit was legal and done every weekend by every secondary player on every other team, so calling it dirty is just being a troll.

    3. Please quit saying this was “attempted murder” as you just sound stupid and childish.

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