Spiller ready to move, and move around, in new offense


It’s no secret that the Bills will use an up-tempo offense this season.  It is a secret regarding the way running back C.J. Spiller will be used.

We know that he’ll be given the ball until he throws up.  (Spiller told me today he won’t throw up, no matter how many times he gets the ball.)  Appearing on Tuesday’s PFT Live, Spiller deflected (with laughter) questions regarding whether he’ll move around in the team’s new offense.

But Spiller ultimately conceded that he’ll have more than one and fewer than five positions in the new high-octane attack.  Once the offense spies a defensive alignment that is conducive to mismatches, look for offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett to put the pedal to the metal — and to slide Spiller around in the hopes of maximizing the gap between Spiller’s skills and those of the men trying to stop him.

For the full interview, including Spiller’s thoughts on sharing a backfield with Fred Jackson, the team’s ongoing quarterback competition, and the new attitude on defense, just click the arrow below.

9 responses to “Spiller ready to move, and move around, in new offense

  1. @ lionsdraftguy

    Funny, I haven’t seen you on any Lions related articles. Could it be that you can already predict where your teams season is going to end? Ringless, worthless and depleted.

    Oh well, a shame though Calvin Johnson like Barry Sanders before him had to waste their careers on a perennial loser like Detroit.

  2. He’ll be in the backfield, and split out wide some. It’s not THAT secret, unless they plan on using him at tight end or quarterback. Should be fun to watch though, he is a dynamic player.

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