Trade sending John Moffitt to Cleveland is voided


John Moffitt will not be the answer to the Browns’ injury-related problems at guard.

Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports that the trade sending Moffitt from the Seahawks to the Browns in exchange for defensive lineman Brian Sanford has been voided. Per Cabot, the Browns had some concerns about Moffitt’s health so they decided to call the whole thing off and retain Sanford rather than add another injured guard to the mix.

The Browns are without Shawn Lauvao, who started camp as the team’s right guard, because he had arthroscopic surgery on his ankle and Jason Pinkston, who replaced him, went down with a high ankle sprain in last week’s preseason game. That may mean another move in the near future unless they are convinced 2012 seventh-rounder Garrett Gilkey is better than any available options.

Moffitt will head back to Seattle, where he will resume a battle he’s been losing with J.R. Sweezy for the right guard job and continue to steer clear of the Lincoln Square Mall when he needs to use the restroom.

14 responses to “Trade sending John Moffitt to Cleveland is voided

  1. He’s being traded to the broncos. Either way Seattle fans live Moffitt and his words of wisdom. Will be missed as a light hearted guy. But will be traded somewhere.

    Good luck and go Hawks.

  2. Man, I was looking forward to seeing what this dude had. I have heard pretty good things from Hawks fans about him. After all he was a former 3rd round pick so he most likely has some talent. Some players just need a change of scenery. Just look at our LG Greco.

    I think this is pretty dumb. Whether he had injury problems in the past or not doesn’t matter, considering what we have up for him. Voiding the trade just to get back a DE that doesn’t for our system is pointless. We might as well have just seen how he holds up, and worst comes to worst, trade him or cut him.

    Obviously the Broncos want him.

  3. scmems07 says:
    Aug 20, 2013 6:25 PM
    moffit probably failed the nfl drug tests…he did play for seattle.


    Using that logic, Troy Polamalu must be a rapist since he plays for Pittsburgh.

  4. @ clebrowns216

    haha…I’ve been known to come with a doozy or two.

    Too bad your Browns voided the trade…I think Moffitt would’ve helped your team out.

    Norv Turner is doing is nice job with your team’s offense, though. As a Seahawks, I wish your Cleveland Browns the best of luck this year…I have them as a sleeper pick to win the AFC North this year.

  5. Petey trying to slide us damaged goods, or he whizzed Aderall upon arrival… or Nickles is pushing all in on Waters? Nah, makes too much sense. He’ll reach for the first stiff to hit the wire…

  6. @mulehead

    Thanks brotha. It’s rare to hear people outside of Cleveland say anything nice about the Browns. For reasons I can’t imagine people seem to love to constantly crap on them and the city haha.

    And the Seahawks are my favorite “non home team” squad. Too bad my boy Bruce Irvin is suspended. One of the most fun pass rushers to watch. He was my personal pick from that draft.

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