Vick on starting job: “It wasn’t given to me”

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Andy Reid was the guy who gave Michael Vick a second chance, but Vick sounded just as grateful to Chip Kelly, who named him the Eagles starting quarterback Tuesday.

I had to come back and work for everything,” Vick said, via Zach Berman of the Philadelphia Inquirer. “It wasn’t given to me.”

In many respects, his winning the job was similar to 2010, when he came back from exile to become a starter again, since Kelly came into the job with no ties to Vick and no preconceived notions.

“There’s a lot of comparisons you can make,” Vick said. “You’re at your best when the best is required. Sometimes, it’s hard to get it out of yourself. Sometimes, you need to be motivated, you need to be pushed.”

Vick said he understood that he could still lose the job, and clearly appreciates the chance Kelly has given him, after talking about learning to love the game again.

“Since day one, I honestly thought he’d fit this offense the best,” wide receiver DeSean Jackson said. “He’s able to go out there, still use his feet, and still throw the ball 80 yards downfield.”

That has been apparent all preseason.

While they’re going to keep Foles — because it would be foolish to not have a safety net underneath Vick — the job is Vick’s because he won it.

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  1. The guy is playing insane ball in practice and games. What more do you want? I can’t wait to see this offense.

  2. At this point in time the haters merely demonstrate their unwillingness to forgive. #Tired #SimpleMinds

  3. Interesting the same individuals who said get over Coopers’ comments are the same ones who’ll bring up comments about dogs with Vick. Amazing, when will we all grow up? Go Eagles “Just win Green People!”

  4. A lot of dumb comments here. Eagles oline is shaping up to be one of the best in the NFL. Vick will be fine, it’s that RG3 fellow you should be worrying about.

  5. @ mb2020

    Point taken except we have all said hurtful things, even hateful things to people we love & to others as well when drunk. Words are just that, they only hurt if you let them.

    Little different situation when an individual buys a property with the sole intent of torturing animals. He goes to this property multiple times a week for 6 years to systematically & ghoulishly torture bloody, crying & howling animals for some sort macabre entertainment.

    Drunkin, stupid words vs the intentional horrid torture of a living thing. Not really much of a contest.

    That being said, the turnover machine is back in business.

  6. @ somerandomguy- Amen re: the O-Line.

    And Peters hasn’t even played yet. Wait til they get a load of these maulers with a chip on their shoulder all hungry to shut people up after being hurt last year. In a run based fast paced offense.


  7. I expected Vick to win the job, that is no surprise. The thing is he can’t stay healthy playing the way he has played. Vick has lots of talent, but if he’s going to stay in the NFL he needs to read, stand, and throw better than he has up to now. If he doesn’t he’ll do well until he gets injured or he’ll struggle trying to play like a mortal man. We’ll see.

  8. “The guy is playing insane ball in practice and games. What more do you want? I can’t wait to see this offense.”


    Said every eagle fan in the preseason since the team was formed.

  9. All you people saying we should get over it just forget how sick the deeds he did were.

    He admitted to providing most of the financing for the operation and to participating directly in several dog fights in Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina and South Carolina. He admitted to sharing in the proceeds from these dog fights. He further admitted that he knew his colleagues killed several dogs who did not perform well. He admitted to being involved in the destruction of 6–8 dogs, by hanging or drowning.

    Go edit wiki if you dispute any of that.

  10. Good foe Vick. He won the chance to go 4 & 14. Of course we doubt he makes it to game six. Man is getting old and slow and has taken a lot of punishment mentally and physically. Has a rocket arm but seems a bit stupid (no malice intended). Most people who play QB know how to slide.

  11. All the haters will surface when a man makes a mistake. “Hit him when he’s down”!!! but adversity breeds character and Vick has proven he deserves the starting spot. So case in point respect his play on the field, and don’t judge the man for his shortcomings. If I watched 1/2 of these critics for 1 Jr I’m sure I can find some things that your pastor wouldn’t approve of. I’m out

  12. @vickwalksmydog

    That ain’t the half of it. I know people who work for the rescues who took in that dog killer’s surviving animals and were involved in the investigation process.

    Many of the “dead” dogs that were buried (after having been electrocuted or being drowned) were not “dead” and were incapacitated/paralyzed and buried alive. They died a horrible, painful death.

  13. Last I heard Vick paid for his crimes…The most severe punishment EVER on a Human being for Dog Fighting AND TO THIS DAY leads the fight as a Public Figure for the protection of the animals, Puts his money and his time behind his cause to make the best restitution for his crimes.
    How many women did Ben RottsBURGER RAPE…Big Ben got … hmm I guess all is forgiven. Iget it though… y’all Haters talk so much about Vick I doubt y’all have done maybe less than 1% of what Mike has done for those same animals… hahahahahaha Please Keep your Hate alive.” Y’ALl arguments just sound like some sad pathetic people that got no life…hahaha KEEP HATE ALIVE .hahahha

  14. Genius move, let’s take a rebuilding team and put it in the hands of a 34 year old injury prone QB who, other than an 8 game stretch two years ago has been an average QB on his best days. The only aspect of his repertoire that made him at all special, was his dynamic athleticism, which is also on the decline…that is unless you are a Vick fan in denial or you didn’t watch football last year, he is not as exlplosive as he once was. I’m sure I will hear from the same people who have been shouting for Vick’s entire career that this is the coach and the system he has been waiting for, its the one that will make him elite! Sure just like every other coach who has been brought in over his entire career. Maybe, at this point, its time to admit that he is what he is, the back of his football card doesn’t lie…he will rush for some yards, make a couple of bullet throws, look great in practice and ultimately make bad decisions, turn the ball over too much, not be ablle to adjust to defenses, and (just like EVERY year of his career but one) he will get injured…probably from not sliding or holding on to the ball too long (which is why he takes so many sacks, not because of the o-line). I saw four first year staring QB’s who showed better command of an NFL offfense and more ability to read defenses last year than Vick has ever exhibited in his career. Bad move for a rebuilding team, should have moved on from a guy on the downside of an average career (look at his passing numbers, calling him average is a compliment).

  15. @thereyougo2 – He’s going to go 4 – 14? So, does that mean that you think that the season was extended to 18 games, or that you only think he is going to throw 14 passes with 4 completions?

    Vick deserved to win the starting job for the Eagles. His accuracy has been excellent this preseason, his arm strength has never been a question, and he is still fast enough to get the edge.

    His failings in the past have been that he gets injured because he attempts to make something out of nothing, he has difficulty making reads of complicated defenses, and he has a tendency to hold the ball too long. Chip’s offense should address two of these problems by keeping the tempo up high enough to prevent defenses from altering coverage and formations and also by setting up plays that are designed as quick one or two reads. Depending on the amount of designed runs and read option type stuff in the offense he may still stand a high risk of injury, however. He’s only had one 16 game season and doesn’t seem like he will be any more durable with age.

    As far as being a bad person: he is. Don’t let it fool you that he’s done work with charities or that he served his time or any of that. If you are the kind of person that can willing hurt or kill something then that’s who you are. Being a good athlete has nothing to do with what kind of person you are. Many of players in the league are likely people you wouldn’t allow in your home and certainly don’t want as a role models for your children.

  16. The Eagles will surprise the league, there are no expectations of superbowls or even playoffs. which allows them to play without any added pressure. Not to mention the fact with the o-line playing top notch I think the run game will be our bread and butter with McCoy, Brown and Polk. Vick will not be throwing for 300 yards guaranteed, they will limit him to a manager at best. and as far as the comment of being to old and slow… My response is are you serious? He beat our starting Rb in a race at the beginning of training camp. And how old was Kurt Warner when he won a SB, John Elway, Phill Simms etc. People should keep it football, personal feelings only bring down the integrity of the game… #Loyal eagle fan #3rd generation

  17. Doesn’t matter if vick is starting or joe Montana,there still a 5-6 win team,there def is toast,no wideouts and remember the turnover machine(Vick)..ridiculous,listening to the local radio the fans have them winning the division winning 10 games,all this after they beat carolina,who stinks worse in a preseason game..people they are not a good football team,period…..

  18. I see so many negative, bitter comments on this site that I think there must be something it that attracts sad loser types with nothing positive in their life. What is so difficult about writing in a normal tone without hate and ugliness? Haters need to get a life.

  19. As an eagles fan, I’m fine with vick starting, because he played well enough to earn the job. Can’t help looking at the big picture, though. How much longer will Vick play? Foles will only get better by playing and he’s prob the future qb of this team. The eagles are most likely not going to the playoffs this year anyway.

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