Browns’ Greg Little, Josh Gordon caught driving way too fast

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The Browns have a speed-related concern about receivers Greg Little and Josh Gordon, and it has nothing to do with their 40 times.

After reports surfaced today that both Little and Gordon have been caught driving way, way too fast, the team issued a statement acknowledging that the players need to be told to drive more safely.

“We’re aware of the situation involving the players and their unacceptable driving records,” the statement said. “We take matters such as this very seriously. We’ve spoken to both individuals, and will address the issue with the entire team.”

Now, at this point, you may be asking, “What’s the big deal?” Everyone drives too fast sometimes, right? But the details are alarming. Gordon got pulled over for driving 98 MPH in a 60 MPH zone, and he wasn’t driving anywhere near as fast as his teammate.

According to WOIO Channel 19 News, Little admitted he was driving 127 miles an hour when he lost control on the Jennings Freeway, hit a guardrail, knocked down a light pole and left 40 yards of brake tracks.

Little was lucky that neither he, his passenger nor anyone else on the road was killed. He was also lucky that all he got was a $350 fine.

That was in April, but Little apparently hasn’t learned his lesson: On Monday, Little was stopped for going 81 MPH in a 60 MPH zone. He also had expired plates.

84 responses to “Browns’ Greg Little, Josh Gordon caught driving way too fast

  1. These two guys need to be punished by having to sit down and watch A Football Life: Reggie White and Jerome Brown. Hopefully it will open up their eyes and they will realize even football players die in car accidents..

  2. They should be suspended. Not joking they really should be 127 mph and 98 mph and putting the public at risk like t hat is far worse than any “steroid” crime which only effects there long-term health and nobody elses

  3. Those are the guys you laugh at when they pass you on the expressway at 100mph knowing that you’ll see them again in a few minutes… In a ditch. Morons, learn how to drive the car before you pretend to be running in NASCAR.

  4. Gordon can’t stay out of trouble. Something as stupid as speeding but he still gets in trouble. The little stupid things will keep adding up then cleveland will drop him.

  5. It’s not the speed so much. Yes, it’s illegal and wrong. It’s just they did it so poorly. If you’re going to Go up, you need to be able to Whoa up w/o a guardrail!!

  6. UGH! If these bozo’s want to drive fast then they should head on over to Norwalk or Thompson. There they can go as fast as they want and race as long as they want.

  7. IDK why but whenever I read articles like these I always really am dying to know what the make/model was.

  8. What is it about pro sports that sucks the common sense out of these athletes? You have guys driving at potentially deadly speeds, fatal accidents,murderers,DUI’s,domestic assaults, drugs,racial slurs,and everything else you can think of . You’d think that maybe at least a couple would learn from other’s mistakes. Is it all the money that makes them think they are above the law or are they just naturally stupid? I just don’t get it.

  9. Hey everybody, the NFL is making progress here. Neither were fined for illegally tinted windows and smoking weed! We still have to work on the registration process, but we’re getting there!

  10. What’s up with everyone talking about the “Jerome brown tragedy”? That’s not a tragedy. A tragedy is a 5 year old getting hit by a stray bullet. Not a 27 year old man driving recklessly.

    The two browns receivers know better. As did Jerome brown.

  11. WHY on EARTH would they stop….they do it because they feel untouchable like some players often do but a $350 fine?!?!? They probably spend that buying bottles at the club. I forgot which country it is but there is a country that fines you by how much income you make (the higher the income the higher the fine). $350 wouldn’t teach me anything if I was a player.

    NFL is a joke, the older I get the more I notice it…bet Goddell nor the Browns will discipline these players because it doesn’t effect the NFL brand but PEDs and HGH is the beyond important for Goddell. Hope they do not get in a accident for the sake of the person they crash into.

  12. Believe it or not, if the car is built correctly 140 is not a big deal with a person that knows the car.

    I am not saying that what either of these two did was correct, but worse speeding tickets have been had in a rental car.

    Maybe lets just be glad no one was hurt or killed….

  13. If Greg Little leaves Columbus at 4:00 traveling at 127 miles per hour; Josh Gordon leaves Toledo at 4:15 traveling 80 miles per hour; and Brandon Weeden throws a pass towards Akron at 4 mph, who will catch it and when?

  14. wilbertmontgomery says: Aug 21, 2013 8:28 PM

    RIP Jerome Brown

    Yeah, shocking that you would wish Jerome to RIP and not mention his ten year old nephew that died in the car with him because Uncle Jerome decided to drive like an idiot with a kid in the car.

  15. I am sick to death of these un-educated, overpaid, neanderthal’s thinking they are above the law and so self-entitled that they can put everyone else at risk–whenever they please..

  16. Why do I get the feeling that these two knuckleheads will be out of Cleveland in two years. Little because he doesn’t realize his job is to catch the ball, and Gordon can’t quit smoking rope and injesting cough syrup. I have no problem with 80, but a buck 27 on the Jennings freeway in Cleveland is a suicide run… He’s lucky to be alive. Guess we’ll be drafting at least one WR in 2014…

  17. This right here shows you how absolutely ridiculous people are. People are getting mad over speeding tickets!?

    None of you guys have bet gotten a speeding ticket?

    People will use any excuse to jump up on their high horse and complain and hate on people. The sports world has just turned into a huge overreaction by fans and media while the fans hop into their ivory towers and talk about how horrible the athletes are. It’s so pathetic.

    Words cannot even express how absurd this is.

  18. Since they play for the Browns I can only assume these knuckleheads were driving way from the field as opposed to towards it! They are the Brownies no need to get to practice early, is there?

  19. Look. I drive 75-80 in a 60 every morning on the way to work. With the flow of traffic of course, but still there is some jerk behind me trying to pass me and I am already 10-15 MPH over the limit.

    The 127 is more than a bit much. But 20 over ain’t bad. I don’t know why the speed limit is so low. When I speed I do it safely. I double and triple check my mirrors, I ALWAYS use my turn signals, I only lane change with at least 2 car length space, I also pay strict attention to the rigs because they are bigger than me by staying out of their blind spots and paying attention to their blinkers and where they’d likely change lanes. I may speed, but it isn’t reckless.

  20. A traffic violation is news? I drove from Manhattan to Montreal in 4 hours. You think I was doing anywhere near the speed limit?

    You go as fast as the traffic, or lack or thereof, lets you go. I would think these guys have PBA cards to get out of speeding tickets. I do.

  21. You forget how young these guys are. Looking back, I probably didn’t understood how stupid it was to speed when I was 24 either. Giving someone money and fame certainly doesn’t make them sensible or responsible.

  22. If they are really feeling the need for speed they should work out something with a speedway or some other sort of closed course nearby where they are the only people who would be in danger.

  23. dallascowboysdishingthereal says:
    Aug 21, 2013 7:39 PM
    Greg Little is from NC which is NASCAR country. What you expect?


    As long as we’re stereotyping… I don’t think Greg Little falls into the NASCAR demographic.

  24. This just in: Scientific studies show today’s generation don’t grow up until the age of 40.

    “Hey man relax he’s just a 25 year old kid.”

  25. This is beyond absurd. Are people really getting this upset of speeding tickets!?

    This right here just shows you that people will take any excuse to jump up on their high horse and scold athletes. Like they themselves are saints.

    We are talking about SPEEDING TICKETS!!!

    People want the NFL to punish them? This is a matter of the LAW not the NFL. Remind me the NFL rule that says that players cannot speed.

    And do your guys’ employees fine and punish you when you get a speeding ticket? No that’s absurd. And if they did, you would go on a rant about how ridiculous is.

    Hop out of your ivory towers

  26. I can’t get worked up of 81 in a 60. I don’t care much either way about getting clocked in the 90s in a 60. But 127 on the Jennings is crazy. He’s lucky he didn’t kill anyone or himself.

    But, he didn’t. And he’s already been fined by the court. I’d leave it at that.

  27. 81 in a 60 is a joke. Get on any interstate and go the speed limit and see if you don’t get run over. Get real, every third car is doing 80 at least. However, 127 might be a bit too fast.

  28. I did the same thing little did and had to do 80 hrs com service MADD program even though I wasn’t drunk and 1 year informal probation. And all he gets is a $350 fine?

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